Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Faves…Baby Fever Edition!!

I know that just because I have a want or desire for something does NOT mean it’s necessarily God’s timing. 

Jon & I are both so excited to be parents some day!! We talk about it a lot, and my baby fever has been in full swing lately!  Don’t tell anybody this (because it’s a little embarrassing), but I cried on the way home from the grocery store earlier this week thinking about how happy I’m going to be when I find out I’m preggo.  Pyscho or sweet??? I can’t decide either.

On Halloween, Big Jon came home from buying candy and said “I saw a little boy dressed up as Superman at the store.  I NEVER thought a day would come when I’d think ‘Man, it’d be real cool to be running around with youngins trick-r-treating.’”  

He’s precious. And is going to be a rock star of a daddy.

We can’t wait for babies!! But we will. 

We’re still seeking the Lord and HIS perfect timing….So till then, I need some babies to hold, and will continue searching all over Pinterest to satisfy my baby desires.  And the world’s going to have to wait a little longer for some Baby Butler’s….
gender neutral
Jon’s favorite- of course, it’s neutral. (His favorite color is grey!)
Love!!love the striped wall
beautiful nursery.Adorable Nursery!NurseryNursery
Love the 4 pictures in the corner. nursery PB


Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I am right there with you sister. It's all about timing, I suppose, we just have to wait our turn :/ I've definitely cried thinking of how cool it will be, to one day be a mommy! Til dust! :) Very cute pins.

Elizabeth Drucker said...

You are going to be a wonderful mommy. Finding out is a wonderful moment. On the 28th it will be 5 years since I found out Damian was on his way and I just think about that moment and smile. I will never forget when I found out about Madelyn rocking Damian to sleep when he rubbed my belly and named his baby "Duck." It gets even better when you are cooking dinner and hear belly laughing from the next room and find your babies jumping on your husband. Also, I LOVE the nurseries. You have a whole lot of fun ahead of you when you do become pregnant!

Brittany said...

Oh goodness I am RIGHT there with you! I usually cry at least once a week about wanting a baby! The hubs and I have decided though, like you, that it's not the right timing. He talks all night long about playing ball and going on family walks with OUR children! We are in the dreaming stage : )

Always Learning said...

You two will make beautiful babies! ;)

Jamie said...

I get baby fever ALL the time too :) Love all those nurseries!

Emily said...

Hi! I just found your blog today through Blonde Ambition and after clicking around and reading your love story and about tab I realized we have some things in common: 1-we got engaged on the same day and 2-we got married on the same day. How fun! Oh and for this post, I clicked on the baby fever label because we have baby fever BAD. Praying for God's perfect timing!