Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blue Christmas!


I have been listening to the Mariah Carey holiday station on Pandora allllll day.  I’ve been in a dumpy mood (thank you, PMS), so nothin’ like a little holiday music to lift my spirits!

I’ve also been checking out a few Pinterest finds for blue Christmas decorations. I really love this color blue and just don’t see red and green going very well with our décor, so I think this is what I’m going to stick with.  We can’t afford to go all out with Christmas decorations quite yet (and we’re starting from scratch), but I am super pumped about decorating for the holidays.

Check out my inspiration:
blue christmas
Blue and white Christmas
Blue Theme for Christmas
For those who like blue at Christmas...
Blue Christmas
Blue Christmas
Blue Christmas
Platinum, teal and white deco mesh for christmas tree decorating from cbdesigns
Beautiful silver blue christmas living room
Christmas Decor

Yep, we are READY for the holidays in the Butler household!!


Emily said...

our old house had that AWESOME green color in it with red accents remember? so everything i bought each year to add to our decoration collection (after christmas, of course) matched those color. The new house...nope! so i'm starting from scratch too :( this year i plan to use all the old stuff and start hunting for deals after christmas to slowly transition to all white and silver ;)

californiadreamin said...

Ive started decorating for Christmas too! Nothing like some Christmas music and decorations to bring your spirits up!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

i am loving the blue this year too! i'm usually a red/green girl, but i'm looking forward to some pops of silver and blue! feel better!!

Jamie said...

I LOVE Mariah's Christmas station too!

The Bases said...

HA! I just found my Tay Swift Christmas CD and will be listening to it on repeat! Love Mariah too!

chelsi tullos said...

Chad and I finally decided on shades of brown and gold for christmas. We are keeping it kinda nuetral and using a woodland theme. I Think it will go good with our house. We bought handmade ornaments that are forest creatures- foxes, birds, ect. I Love it!