Monday, November 14, 2011

What's for dinner??

Check out a few of the recipes I'm making this week.... (from this site:

I don't follow the directions exactly- we use all wheat noodles & I don't cook with butter.  I'll keep ya posted on what we think of them!!

Any good recipes you're trying out this week??


Unknown said...

It all looks delicious. I've been looking to lighten up some of my comfort food classics. I tend to go overboard in the cooler weather with hearty stews and pasta dishes and my waistline is never happy for it. What do you use instead of butter? What do you use for sauteeing? Olive oil or something lighter?

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

I use Olive Oil for sauteeing and as a butter substiture. I use a lot of spices and herbs to give foods flavor in place of the butter. And I have an olive oil pump mister thing that helps me control the amount of oil I use. :) It's definitely easy to make those heavy comfort foods in cooler weather.

The Bases said...

Love this website!! I do Weight Watchers so it is great! So glad I found your blog!

The Goodwins said...

Those spinach lasagna rolls look delicious. The Goodwin's will definitely be trying those next week!