Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miami!!!! My next endeavor….

Well, I did it!!  I booked my next “race trip” with these lovely ladies…
We are heading south at the end of January to run the ING Miami!!!!  I haven’t decided yet if I want to run the half or the full….I have good reasons to choose both.  What do you think- half or full??
Anyway, when Georgia is freezing, cold, rainy, and yucky (yea, I shouldn’t be bragging because I’m going to have to train in that junk!)….I’ll be migrating to the southeastern tip of FL to enjoy some of these lovely temperatures.
After this race I’ll probably take a little break from running and get some weights, plyos, and yoga back in my life.  {Really, I just HATE cold weather and dread the thought of running in it….I need to move somewhere tropical! Anyone wanna sponsor me & my hubby on a relocation? No? Okay.}
But, I'm super excited to have something to look forward to during the gloomy, post-holiday season!!!!
And, there is a $2000 prize for first place female!!!  Who knows, maybe I’ll PR and bring home the bacon.  I only have to shave like 2 hours and forty something minutes off my time. I can do that.  Right??
Or maybe I should just stick to the half.
I have never been to Miami, although I have been to their airport a few times for layovers. I guess it’s about time I get out and stay awhile, right?  And yes, I do plan on putting on my bikini and blinding everyone with my disgustingly pale self, in case you were wondering.  (I gave up the tanning bed a couple years ago….Skin cancer?  No thanks…but everyone knows tan fat is way hotter than pale fat.)
Got any race plans over the winter months??
Any trip pointers for South Beach??


Danielle said...

Josh and I love Miami, we have been a couple of times. My one and favorite pointer, eat at The Pelican on the strip (it's written in green), they have the BEST absolute penne. Really all their food is amazing :) Enjoy and good luck!

Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

I'll be running this race too! I'm doing the half. I signed up a LONG time ago because the race was $35 and I'm a sucker for cheap races.

Get a hotel room soon if you need one. They are booking up fast and they aren't cheap.

Whitney said...

Bring lots of Money! South Beach is very expensive, but it's a different world! You will have a blast! :)

Our Happy Married Life... said...

i ran this race in 2008 and loved it (the half). have a blast!!

Corey said...

Good luck!! Miami is a good time, but don't forget a long sleeve shirt because I have been there when they have gotten random cold fronts in January and I froze! Definitely hit up Espanola Way for lunch/dinner at one of the Italian Restaurants along there.

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Yayy!!!! Thanks for all the great advice ladies, I'll definitely keep those tips in minds and try out some of your suggestions. :)

Sara said...

I use to live in Miami, it is a blast! You def. want to stay I South Beach, the South Beach Marrott is nice, right next to the beach and well priced. The Pelican is really good! If you want to go to a restaurant that is amazing, go to Barton G's. Such a cool place, great food & wonderful desserts!
The only tip I have is make sure you give yourself enough time to get from point A to point B, traffic as I'm sure you know is unreal!! That is what made me leave the city.
Other than that, have a great time, it truly is such an amazing place with amazing people, wonderful food & great shopping!!
Good luck in your race!

Michelle said...

Just stumbled across your blog. LOVE! That header picture is just gorgeous. Beautiful. My race plans aren't much.... I just started training for my 4th marathon (Rotterdam or Prague... or BOTH). We'll see :)