Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kade’s 2nd Birthday

Kade’s official 2nd birthday was on Wednesday, June 14th. We had a fun day at home & Kade loved talking about turning 2 all day. He even helped us sing “Happy Birthday” to himself with his sweet little voice.


We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, June 17th at INK (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids) in Gainesville. His party was from 12-2 (naptime), and we had Jase’s first little baseball game early that morning. It was busy a busy morning and we were up earlier than normal, so I was hoping he wouldn’t be too tired and would be able to enjoy his party. In true Kade fashion, he didn’t disappoint! He had a blast with all his friends and family.


He sang with us again and blew his candles right out. He couldn’t wait for some cake!


That would be his second cupcake. He helped himself to one when we first got there and were setting up. Little stinker!


He got some great gifts- a cute outfit, a bike, some blocks & outside toys,sunglasses, learning cupcakes, and a grocery cart with food. He was so sweet and told everyone “taint tou” for the presents. He spent most of his time playing with the trains by Papa and Granddaddy while all the big kids explored the museum. All of the kiddos had a blast!


I was trying to keep an eye on the boys, talk to everyone, and hold Baby Beau, so I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. But I am so grateful to everyone who was able to come celebrate our sweet Kade with us! (And we missed you guys who couldn’t make it!)

He is so precious and makes life so much fun. He has the sweetest little smile and dimples and the funniest personality. He loves to make us laugh and is so friendly! You have added so much FUN & JOY to our lives over these past two years,and we are so thankful you are ours.

Kade- You are truly a GIFT from the Lord and I just love being your mama! You have added so much FUN & JOY to our lives over these past two years, and we are so thankful you are ours!! Keep shining, sweet boy.

Guests: Mom, Dad, Jase, Beau, Papa, “Jimmy,” Baby Kayton, Uncle RicYou have added so much FUN & JOY to our lives over these past two years,and we are so thankful you are ours.hard & Aunt Jean, Grammy & Granddaddy, Tammie, Zach, & Morgen, Dustin, Amie, DJ, Baby Ellie, Gracie, Chloe, Carsyn, Presley, Colette, Harbor Kate, Laura, Braylon, Baby Mayson, Megan, Levi, Selah

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Feelings Follow Obedience

I think there are some times in life we just have to make the choice to obey first, and then our feelings will “catch up.” If we try to wait on our feelings first before we do what we know is right, that may not ever happen. And the Bible says when we know what is right and don’t do it, that is sin.

“Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.” –James 4:17


I’ve heard people teach that partial obedience or delayed obedience is the same thing as disobedience.  My initial reaction is to argue that or get defensive about it, but when you think about some practical examples, it helps you understand how that is truth. I know with my kiddos for example, I want them to obey immediately. This is not a power trip thing….it’s about THEIR protection. If I ask one of my boys to put his shoes on so we can leave and it takes him 10 minutes and me asking him 3 different times, that sounds like no big deal, right? It’s not life or death. But what if we are on the sidewalk in the front yard and he starts running after a ball into the street? If I yell at him to stop, he must stop immediately! We don’t have time to wait around for 10 minutes and for me to tell him 3 times. It IS life or death if a car is speeding by. Sometimes we don’t consider that, but there is no way to teach a young child that there are times delayed or partial obedience are okay and times it’s not. We have to teach them to obey immediately, every time….and that means we must live that out in our own lives. I know our Heavenly Father doesn’t expect any less from us, and we have to trust that our obedience will ultimately lead to our protection.

I can think of many people whose lives have been ruined because of ONE bad choice, can’t you? One choice to disobey can lead to “death,” both figurative and literal.

Anyway, I was thinking about a few (less serious) examples of times I have had to choose to just do it, and eventually the feelings started catching up. This is encouraging me to step out in other areas, when I know I should (or shouldn’t) be doing something, to be obedient in that area. Without questioning, delaying, or hesitating…

So here are the examples.

*Cooking. I did not know how to cook when I went off to college. I lived off of cereal, salad, frozen veggies, sandwiches, and burnt fish/chicken on the Foreman grill (lol! I’m sure my roommates loved me for that!). I remember my friend Beth telling me how to brown meat because I didn’t know. Seriously…it was bad. And because of that, I didn’t like cooking. Or at least, that’s what I told myself. When I got married, I knew that I was the “nutritional gatekeeper” of our home, and I wanted to eat/feed our family healthy and nutritious homemade meals. That meant I was going to have to learn to cook. So even though I didn’t really want to, and I didn’t really enjoy it (at first), I started cooking. I became a student. I looked up recipes, practiced, made a few #epicfails in the kitchen. But eventually I got better! And I even started to enjoy it. My feelings followed my obedience, and now I love to cook and can be found spending lots of time in the kitchen every day. (I wrote a blog post about this a while back.)

*Exercising. I have always been active and love to work out! But have you ever taken some time off for any reason? Or started a new-to-you workout regimen? At first, it can be pretty miserable. Let’s be honest…it is NOT fun getting back in it when you’re not in shape. But over time, you get better, get stronger, recover faster, have more endurance, and it gets easier. It gets more enjoyable. (And then you can push yourself harder!) I know being active helps me be as healthy as possible (*sitting is the new smoking*), so I do it…even when I don’t feel like it. I always feel better afterwards. So again, those feelings follow obedience.

*Forgiving someone. Whew! This one is a hard one. There have been a few times I’ve had to make the choice (and still have to make the choice- unfortunately it’s not always a once a done) to forgive someone. To forgive someone who didn’t deserve it, or didn’t even ask for my forgiveness for that matter. But when I forgive that person, I feel better. It allows me to let go of anger, hurt, bitterness, and resentment…which means I can replace those feelings with JOY, peace, happiness, & love. It feels really good to be able to forgive and even love (in a Christlike way) those who have hurt you (even if there isn’t a relationship). Your feelings follow the obedience.

But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. –Luke 6:27-28

Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.”- john 14:23

If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. –Deut 28:1

Walk in obedience to all that the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess. –Deut 5:33

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. – James 1:22

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Beau: 3 Months

Baby Beau turned 3 months on May 23rd


Weight/Height: He is super long & lean. He may end up being our tallest boy yet. He was around 14 lbs the last time I weighed him, and I’ve even put him in a few 9 month/12 month onsies! They were a little big of course, but I have a feeling he’s going to be a tall guy.


Health: Sweet baby is healthy & growing. He is such a happy, laid back baby & has the best demeanor! This sounds gross but he gets some crusty skin stuff behind his ears like every day. I gently scrub them with one of his little washcloths & then use coconut oil, but it pops back up in a day or two.


I bought some “natural” diapers that caused him to have a rash. We just went back to Pampers & it’s clearing up already. Nothing a little coconut oil and breastmilk can’t cure!


Sleep: Beau is a great sleeper. He takes really great naps and wakes up one or two times during the night. He is definitely going to be a tummy sleeper. We only swaddle his legs now since he can roll over front to back and back to front. We still use our Snuza & Angel Care monitor.


(For the record, when they are fastened in their infant seat, the chest strap should be much tighter than this. We loosened it a little because we were at a restaurant, but you shouldn’t have any slack like that.)

What Beau is up to: rolling front to back & back to front, drooling & blowing bubbles, laughing out loud, getting a million kisses, stealing hearts


Nursing: Nursing is going well. He nurses about 10-15 min, except at night and it’s much longer for that final feeding. He definitely has a side preference, & sometimes I have to nurse one side to get the other ide to let down. Thankfully we haven’t had any issue though! I haven’t really been pumping at all since our extra freezer is in storage& we don’t really have the space.

He’s obviously not missing any meals! (Those aren’t really his size 6 diapers. He’s in a 2/3. We just needed one and had to borrow one of Kade’s.)

unnamed (27)unnamed

Post-Partum: I feel good. Still sweating all.the.time! I am always hot now which is so unlike me- I’m normally always freezing. Started working out at Fit Body Boot Camp and a few Orange Theory workouts and I feel like I’m really getting back to my normal strength and endurance. I’ve also been doing more research and we are trying to move to a little bit more of a plant-based diet, so shooting for 2 days a week of meatless meals. Still probably need to be getting more sleep, but I’m doing my best to take good care of myself. Growing a lot spiritually. Missing teaching, but try to get my fix through random FB Live videos. Also trying to take better care of my teeth and skin.

Big Brothers Jase & Kade: The boys LOVE their little brother & they take great care of him. They are very sweet and gentle with him and always let me know if he needs something.

imageunnamed (1)unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)


He has his little birth marks in the exact same place Kade does. I feel like he has Kade’s head shape and similar marks, and even some dimples (just not as pronounced as Kade’s), but looks more like Jase with his eyes & coloring.


Thoughts: Baby Beau, you are my sweet, precious boy and my heart is so full loving you!! You have added so much JOY to our family & you’re the perfect Butler brother to add to the mix. I’m  already loving watching you grow and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you. I have no doubt it’s BIG….because you are special. And oh so very loved! Thanks for being such a sweet babe. And for not crying in the car anymore. Winking smileLove being your mama.