Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Butler is 38 Weeks!!

Baby Growth: They compared his length to a leek this week, but he is closer to the size of a watermelon. His organs have matured and he is ready for life outside the womb!

My Symptoms: On Tuesday (4/23), I was 1 cm and 60%.  At Monday’s appointment (4/29) I was 2 cm & 70%. Progress!! I know, it really means nothing till you’re 10 cm & 100%. And it doesn’t really get my hopes up because I know he’ll come when he’s ready anyway. I have heard all kinds of stories- from people who walked around for weeks at a 3-4, to people like Laura who went from a 1 and 50% to giving birth the next day! It’s very exciting knowing he can come ANY TIME & I love that element of surprise!!! As if meeting your sweet baby for the first time isn’t enough!) Our awesome midwife (I seriously cannot rave about them enough- they are both such an answered prayer & I will be thrilled with either one delivering our little man) said she could feel Baby Jase’s head, so he is low. They also said my body is progressing well for a first time mom.

My tummy is getting majorly itchy now, but I’m still using coconut oil & the other oils I have. I put some vitamin E on this morning too and that seemed to help some with the itching. Those “blood vessels” from a few weeks ago (only on the left side of my tummy, under my belly button) look more like stretch marks now, but aren’t deep. Stretch marks are something that you are either going to get or not, depending on your skin type, & there isn’t a whole lot you can do to prevent them. However, it is still important to keep your belly moisturized and lubricated. Try to avoid scented lotions or lotions with lots of chemicals if possible.


I want to cry every 5 seconds- sometimes for no reason at all. Helllllo, hormones!!!

Oh, & I had some colostrum come out, so of course I had to show Jonathan!! He wasn’t as impressed as I was. Ha! I’m excited my body is getting ready to nurse. I have been reading a LOT about breastfeeding lately because it is something I am extremely passionate about (& I know can be very difficult and challenging, so I am doing my best to educate myself now to help as much as possible). Even if you can just nurse in that first hour, that is HUGE!!! Every drop is so beneficial & can have tremendous benefits for your little one.

I know I mentioned last week that I am feeling slightly anti-social, & that hasn’t changed much. I hope no one thinks I am being rude, because it is not intentional- I’m just not up for it. I don’t have much of a desire to text, talk on the phone, e-mail. get on FB, blog or read blogs, make plans, etc. (I know this sounds so terrible, but I’m just being honest.) I am still doing those things; just not enjoying them as I normally do, nor spending as much time doing them as I normally do. (Blog post coming soon on that- the Lord has been dealing with me about my “technology addictions.” I actually have several blog posts in my head and planned to write but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. Hopefully soon!) However, I do still truly APPRECIATE every comment, text, phone call, e-mail, thought, & prayer. Really, just a small two seconds means so much!! I have had my feelings hurt a few times by “friends” who have not even CHECKED on me one time this whole pregnancy. I guess ya learn who your real friends are…it has definitely been interesting! If someone doesn’t reach out to you for 10 months straight, you’re probably not really friends. And that kinda makes me sad. But at the same time, I have become closer to a few people & I feel like God has placed this people in my life “for such a time as this.” It has also made me even more grateful for my true friends and my precious family…and appreciate them on a whole new level!! I think that is important & part of something I have learned during this pregnancy. So thank you to all of you who have been so encouraging, loving, supportive, & thoughtful!!! It was also a good lesson for me to remember. Sometimes an encouraging word, a card, even a FB comment or text to let someone know they are on your mind can go such a long way…and being thoughtful is a trait I definitely want to have.

Weight/Belly: I was up 29 lbs at my 39 week appointment. Sure feels like more- this belly is heavy!!


Maternity Clothes:  Wednesday is my last day of work & I am BEYOND pumped to start wearing workout clothes full-time till lil man gets here! They are SO MUCH more comfortable!!! Even Jonathan’s shirts are getting a little short though, so I have to really scrounge through his closet to find t-shirts that will actually fit over this belly!

I would wear more dresses, but carrying an extra 30 lbs makes me even more conscious of the types of shoes I wear.  Most of my sandals/flip flops do NOT have good support, so I try to wear either Sperries or tennis shoes every day, which means I am still wearing mostly pants. My legs are READY for some sunshine!! I can’t wait to take this sweet baby on walks in our neighborhood. Last night as I was walking with Jonathan I was noticing that it is so peaceful in our area & there are some seriously gorgeous views where we live. We are blessed!!

Movement: Still feeling consistent movement! He is running out of room for sure (I feel like I’ve been saying that for months), but he for real is now. Last night he was practicing riding a bicycle/pedaling on the right side of my belly. He’s going to be a natural!

Sleep: Two times this past week I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep for a few hours. Sleep is getting a little tougher…& it wakes Jonathan up every time I move or get out of bed to potty. He always asks if I’m okay when he hears me fumbling around. And I also kicked the pregnancy pillow to the curb for two body pillows. I am over that thing.

Workouts: Mostly just walking, but a few squats and weights thrown in the mix. I am really looking forward to some intense workouts after I recover!! I miss being strong & pushing my body in that way. The great news is that my FAVORITE types of workouts are all body weight exercises I can do at home while lil man is napping, and of course I plan to go on lots of walks/jogs. I am PUMPED about our yard sale jogging stroller find!! (Even though I KNOW it is something I will use, I did NOT want to pay full price for those beasts!) I walked up and down my driveway 12 times last night after our walk. Have you SEEN our driveway?? I thought I’d be sore today but I’m not.

Cravings: Cereal!! I must need more folate…I have been eating at least two bowls every day. I have also been wanting carbs…having a tough time with meat again, but doing my best to still get in plenty of protein. (This is reminding me of the beginning of pregnancy!)  I’m also eating lots of Greek yogurt and have bought frozen waffles (Kashi & some other organic Chia kind) the last two times I’ve been to the grocery store. Normally waffles & cereal are NOT on my list. Oh, and FRUIT!! I feel like all I am eating is cereal, Greek yogurt, and fruit!

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week: Jonathan did some research early on & decided I needed a water purifier at school (I drink at least 100 oz while at work), so he bought me one of those water purifying pitchers at the beginning of the year. I have been joking with our custodian that if he gets called to Mrs. Butler’s room with a mop he’ll know it’s baby time. Today while I was filling up my water bottle, I spilled the WHOLE pitcher on the floor in the workroom. My shoes and the bottom of my pants were soaked! It was pretty funny to have to call him in for a ‘water spill from Mrs. Butler!’

I have also really enjoyed “group texts” with Larissa & Melissa!! It has been very neat to get to experience this so closely with them & be able to compare notes and share our experiences.

Jonathan & I enjoyed a really lazy weekend together. It was super YUCKKKKKY outside….perfect for lots of napping, cleaning the house (mostly Jonathan- have I mentioned lately that I have the BEST hubby ever?!?!), dinner with both of our parents, long baths, & snuggling while watching movies. It was a perfect weekend for this almost 10 months pregnant chick.

Thoughts: I was reading a little about foods to eat and foods to avoid while breastfeeding & started to get a little nervous. Many of the foods it suggested to avoid are the fruits (like oranges) and veggies (roughage/cucumbers/broccoli) that I eat daily. Hopefully Jase has adapted to them while in the womb, or it may be interesting to try to figure out what to eat after he arrives.

My prayers this week have been focused very specifically on our midwives & nurses, labor & delivery, Jonathan as he coaches me through, & for breastfeeding. I have been praying for these things daily throughout my pregnancy, but I have really been very specific this week.

Goals for the Next Week: I am done with all of the things I need to be done with for Mr. Jase. After tomorrow, I will be done with work & completely caught up with everything there. I paid all of our bills, finished my birth plan & all important lists & info for Jonathan (insurance, maternity leave stuff, etc.). All of our bags are packed and loaded in the truck with the car seat. I have finished thank you cards & have goody bags ready for the nurses and our midwife.  My goals for the next few weeks are: 1)to make a few freezer meals 2) to read more of BabyWise & Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 3) Keep practicing relaxation techniques 4) find someone to DUST some of the places I can’t get to 5) one more trip to Costco to stock up for Jonathan 6) REST lots!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Butler is 36 Weeks!!

9 MONTHS!!!! Woo hoo!! This is the home stretch, friends!  It is so weird/fun to say “I am 9 months pregnant!” Something about 9 months sounds SO different than any of the rest in my mind. {Probably because before my friends started having babies, I thought you were only pregnant for 9 months…}
Baby Growth: Jase is in the 65th percentile at 6 lbs &12 oz!! My AWESOME midwife felt around on my tummy & said if she had to guess, she would say 6 lbs, 12 oz.  You can pretty much feel the entire outline of his body & what is where- I can feel his little booty, his feet, etc., & his head pressing down SUPER low in my pelvic region.  We had an ultrasound right after that, & based on all of his measurements, she was EXACTLY right!! Ha! Is she good or what?!?
We love the ultrasound tech too- she is fantastic! She said Jase has a “good sized head”…& I’m not sure if she was joking with Jon (because when we were looking at his head Jon said “I can tell he’s smart like his Daddy”) or if she was for real.  I’m guessing the latter. I know Jonathan had a pretty big head when he was born, so it’s time to get serious about some perineal massage! Ha!! Maybe Jase will take after me though…I have a little head. I remember growing up that I could rarely find hats or sunglasses to fit me (my body always seemed so much bigger than my head), & I would imagine Jon had the same issue on the opposite end of that spectrum! (Ha! LOVE you babe!) But….thankfully we have both “grown into” our head sizes.

My Symptoms: I feel GREAT this week! MUCH better than last week. I did have a day or two when I was VERY irritable & EVERYONE was getting on my last nerve…(poor Jon!)…but now I feel back to normal. I haven’t had as many Braxton Hicks this week, but the pressure is picking up- especially when I walk.

At my appointment I was around 1 cm & 50%. I know that doesn’t mean much, so nothing to get excited about. (Some women walk around for WEEKS at a 3, & other women can be NOTHING & go into labor the next day- so I’m not banking much on any of that.) Right now I am focused on getting everything finished, praying LOTS, & listening to my body as it is getting closer.

We have learned in our classes that most first time moms who are NOT induced deliver at 41 weeks and 1 day….and many moms who are very active during pregnancy deliver around 39 weeks. I could care less as long as he is fully developed and healthy. I still feel good, so no rush. He can just keep on cookin’!

Oh, and the stretch marks have come. They may have been there, but we don’t have a full length mirror and I can’t see the bottom of my belly so I just now noticed them at the gym. They’re small and pretty light, & Catalyst helps firm skin, so I’m sure it will be fine after. And honestly, I don’t really care. I am just thankful I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to carry this sweet little guy and be his Mama. I know God made my body so I can have babies, and if that includes stretch marks, that’s okay with me! (It is so neat to see how I have changed over the past few years. When I was a little younger- early 20’s- I was pretty dang vain and overly concerned with my appearance.  In the past few years though, and in growing in my walk, the Lord has taught me that what is on the outside is NOT what matters! I take care of my body so I can be healthy & attractive to Jonathan, but it definitely does not take a priority in my life the way it used to. It feels so good to have that release.)

Weight/Belly: I was the same weight at my appointment this week as the week before, so still right around +25 lbs total from pre-pregnancy weight (which was the first appointment where I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant). For the majority of my pregnancy people have commented on how BIG my belly is & how it started poking out so quickly- lots of “Are you SURE it’s not TWINS?” or “Man, he’s going to be HUGE!” or even “Are you sure you’re not due ANY day now? You look like you’re about to pop!” (when I was like 4-5 months!) Other than sweet blog comments (thank you, I love you guys!), no one ever really said “Wow, you look great!” up until very recently.  People are starting to say that I am all belly & that I look cute.  I definitely appreciate the compliments!!  I was starting to get a complex!

The belly is certainly a conversation starter too. It doesn’t matter where I am, EVERYONE wants to talk to me about the pregnancy- even strangers. I love it! (Most of the time- minus those couple days when I was super grumpy.)

I am still working out regularly. I lift weights 2-3 times a week & walk 4-5 times. I try to do as many planks as possible to keep my core strong- I have a feeling that will come in handy those last couple hours of pushing. (I have no pictures this week expect these dumb ones I took myself to send to Jon- wanted to show him I still have the guns “armed & loaded!" Ha. I’m such a loser.)


Maternity Clothes:  are SO overrated. I can think of WAY better ways to spend our money than on clothes- period! I just wear whatever is comfy. Jeans are NOT comfortable right now, & shorts/skirts are a little scary with these white legs. (I’m talkin’ WHIIIIIIIITE! I was outside 15 min one day last week at car rider duty and got sunburnt.) I would wear more dresses, but dresses require sandals (and thus a pedicure) & that I shave my legs. It’s serious business trying to paint my toenails & I’m trying to hold off on the pedicure till I’m a little closer to due date because ya know they say to get a pedicure if you’re close & want to go into labor! (not sure that all these crazy things are true- but I don’t wanna risk it! Jase’s lungs need to keep developing a little longer first!)

Movement: I thought he had slowed down some, but I was wrong. He is still a wild man. Can someone please tell me if there is any truth to the whole “how they act in the womb is how active they will be when they come out” deal?? I have a feeling I am in for a TREAT if there is any truth to that. I feel like this boy never sleeps!! Maybe it’s because he is pressed right up to the front part of my tummy that I can feel his movements so intensely? And if I am on my back for any reason, you can see him straight rolling around like crazy & kicking out over here on my far right side. It’s the CRAZIEST thing!!! Jon has seen it several times now, & I’m glad he’s been able to see it even though it freaks him out a little. I love when I can grab his little foot- he’s probably like “What are you doing, Mom?”

Sleep: Jonathan’s sinuses have been acting up, which means he’s been snoring. He never snores, so that’s been a fun new treat. I’ve had a pretty tough time getting comfy too, but have been waking up a little easier. I feel like I’m resting more being back at work than I did over Spring Break (because I was running around like crazy over SB trying to get everything done- and at work I sit on my ab ball for the majority of the day) so that has helped….but I still need naps sometimes when I get home. (I don’t get home till about 4:30.)

Cravings: I bought ice cream for the first time this week. NOT a good idea. After dominating it a few nights in a row (I was justifying it because it has protein! Ha!), I threw it out & decided not to buy any more. Still just craving sweets & sugar. And pizza when I smell it…but we haven’t eaten any because I’ve been cooking every night.

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week: Loved the doctor’s appointment! His heartbeat was 155, & we were also tested for Strep B at this week’s appointment (I didn’t love that part, but wanted to remind myself). Loved his sweet little ultrasound too. That boy will NOT move his hands away from his face so we can see his little profile though. He’s had his hands in front of his face at EVERY ultrasound so far!! My blood pressure was 115 over 71, which while still in the “normal” range is pretty high for me. I am normally  around 92 over 58-62.

Here is our little man- hiding his face. I can barely tell what anything is anyways.


Loved celebrating the twins’ birthday!

And Brian’s birthday dinner with friends!

This weekend felt like SUMMER! It was gorgeous outside, & we stayed up late Friday night watching a Redbox (Argo). We slept in Saturday morning (till 8:40, if that counts as sleeping in) & enjoyed a morning together at home & sharing Advocare with others. It made me sad to go back to work!!

Thoughts: We are almost all the way ready! We are putting finishing touches on the birth plan & nursery, & the car seat and hospital bags are in the truck ready to go! Just a few little things left to do (like thank you cards! SHEESH! I am NEVER this bad about getting things like that done!) & we will be all the way ready!

Lots of people are asking if I’m nervous.  Honestly, I’m not. And Jon isn’t either. (Normally he’s my worrier too.) I think praying has eliminated the fear for us and now we are just excited. I know that WHATEVER happens during labor & delivery and afterwards is exactly what the Lord intended. We have expressed to both God (what a cool God that He WANTS to hear the desires of our heart) & to our doctors & midwives what an ideal delivery day would look like for us, and now we just turn it all over to HIM. Ultimately, we want His will to be done- not ours. We totally trust that God is leading every step of the way and that He will have his hand in whatever happens. And Jonathan has been praying for both me & Baby Jase DAILY since the get go. We have prayed for every single nurse, doctor, etc. that we will come into contact with even though we don’t know them yet. How can you NOT feel confident when you have the power of the LORD on your side?

Can’t WAIT to meet you, Baby Jase!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My heart is aching today. There is so much hate and evil in our world.

I do not watch the news at all or listen to the radio much, so I typically find out about things like this through social media. Like many of you, it makes me sick to my stomach to hear about these types of tragedies.

Every tragedy breaks my heart for the families who are impacted- especially thinking about bringing precious children into this world. Watching them grow up in these times…thinking about how I will explain things like this when they are old enough to know what is going on…it’s just scary. But I will say, nothing really surprises me anymore. As disgusting and horrific as it is, I am sad to say that I am not shocked. We live in a world that desperately needs Jesus.

Running a marathon is one of the coolest experiences of my life. SO MUCH preparation, hard work, determination, & dedication went into the training.


For me, running a marathon was SO MUCH MORE than a 26.2 mile race. It taught me a lot….and after running one, it really made me believe I can truly do ANYTHING. I think that’s part of why I feel so confident about natural childbirth. Of course it’s very different, but both of them are more of a mental & spiritual thing than a physical one in my opinion. Running a marathon showed me how mentally tough I can be, and allowed me to truly rely on God to help me through something because it was so much bigger than me.  It was THE COOLEST moment crossing that finish line and seeing Jonathan there to cheer me on and give me a hug. He was so proud of me. And it was such a moment of personal triumph in my life. For a moment that should be so exciting and joyful to turn into such tragedy & fear…

Putting myself back in that moment, it just makes me sick to think about Boston…


I’m honestly at a loss for words, & almost didn’t write anything about it. But my heart aches for the running community, for the city, for the families, for the individuals, & for our nation, so I wanted to write something.

Praying for those who were injured; for those who lost their life; and for the family members who are mourning.

Praying for our nation.

Praying that I have a heart to boldly share the Gospel with others.

And praying that I show all of my loved ones DAILY how much I love them and am thankful for them.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Butler is 35 Weeks!!

Baby Growth: Baby Jase is well over 5 lbs now & mostly fully developed. Now he is just gaining weight and growing!

My Symptoms: This week was interesting. I can TELL my body is definitely getting ready!!  I was on Spring Break & had a HUGE to-do list, but I had to take LOTS of breaks & felt like my energy was very easily drained…even during normal activities (like doing dishes, washing veggies, cooking dinner, etc.). I can also feel a LOT more pressure down there (feels like his head is pressing down on something sometimes when I walk- not all the time) & have had some pretty serious Braxton Hicks this week. The intensity & frequency has definitely picked up. I have also had a little more lower back pain, but the adjustments and massage have helped with that. I don’t feel like I’ve progressed any and am really praying he goes to 39-40 weeks because I want his lungs to be FULLY developed, but I can certainly feel my body getting ready and it’s neat to see the changes. SO cool how our bodies just KNOW what to do to get ready…..definitely a God thing! I’m not uncomfortable, but this week has been tougher just because I’ve been getting tired so easy. Guess it’s nature’s way of telling me to SLOW DOWN & REST!

I have no swelling at all. Does everyone take their rings off?? I would rather just leave mine on, but didn’t know if I should take them off.  Suggestions?

Oh, & I think I’m getting 2 little stretch marks right at my belly button. They are super small & light, so hopefully they’ll stay that way. I also have stretch marks on the bottom of my boobs…and thankfully only Jon will ever see those & he could care less! Haha!!

Weight/Belly: My belly is getting wider & I feel like Jase has moved down some, but still not sure if he’s “dropped.” Not all babies do. But, I can tell he is lower for sure. I do a lot of squatting with Bradley and can feel my belly on my thighs now when I squat. I’m right at +25 lbs.  


Maternity Clothes: Whatever. (Those in the picture are all normal clothes. I am over maternity.)

Movement: Oh gosh, it is MADNESS in there! Lil man is so outta room, & he is squirming like crazy! I can straight up feel BODY parts!! (I grabbed his little foot the other day- totally weird!) One night I was in the bath tub and he pushed something out that was about the size of my FIST on the left side of my tummy! It was NUTS (seriously, one of the strangest/coolest things I’ve ever seen!!!). I immediately went to take a pictures because that seriously needed to be documented…but quickly realized I was naked & in the bathtub, so it was highly inappropriate & decided not to capture it. I can also feel some movement going on all the way on my sides, which is definitely new. Still, the majority of the action takes place in the center of my belly where he is constantly moving around & pressing out. There is definitely a distinct difference between the Braxton Hicks & him pushing his back or booty out.

Oh, & I got my teeth cleaned over the break…so that was the first time I’d been reclined or on my back in a while. He moved NON-STOP the WHOLE time….like jello! Wish I could have gotten the video while I was at the dentist!

Sleep: I miss sleeping well. Even though it was Spring Break, I only averaged around 5 hours a night because I couldn’t fall asleep and still woke up super early. Boo for that! It’s getting a little more uncomfortable & oddly enough I prefer my right side. I know you’re supposed to be on your left (better oxygen supply), & typically I am a left side/tummy sleeper, but it’s not comfortable. I got up about 1 am a couple nights and fell asleep on the couch watching recordings of Dr. Oz.

Cravings: Mostly chocolate.  Last night I made protein peanut butter bites after dinner.

I had a banana split blizzard from DQ one night too…

Other than than, tomato & cucumber salad! I finally made some yesterday…SO good! I make mine with sliced tomatoes & cucumbers, vinegar & olive oil to taste, sea salt & ground black pepper, & a pinch of sugar. YUM!

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week:

Crossing off a TON on the before baby to-do list! I was just telling Jonathan that I SERIOUSLY could not have done this without my mom. She has been a Godsend (my whole life, but especially in helping me with this pregnancy). I am SO thankful for her & Jonathan and how they have both stepped up to take care of the things I HATE doing…like putting stuff together, taking doubles back, figuring what I still need, etc. I make poor Jon a new list every few days and he just takes it like a champ! And my mom has helped me more times than I can even count! That has made it so much easier for me to relax, rest, & focus on the things I have to get done that no one else but me can do.

The BEST prenatal massage! I’m ready for another one!!

Taking Laura & Brian’s maternity pics….they are beautiful!! Baby A is coming ANY day now!!


Except for the creepy photographer’s assistant photo bombing! As least he’s HOT!! Haha!


Thoughts: I am LOVING preparing for the Bradley method!!! I feel way more excited than I do nervous/anxious because I feel so prepared. Obviously you never know what will happen, but I am thankful for the feelings of calmness about labor & delivery for sure.

Also, I LOVE going to the gym. I feel my VERY best when I am working out and just after. It helps me sleep better & have more energy for the next few hours. Everyone in the gym (there are a lot of regulars we’ve been working out with for the last year or so) is so tore up about me being there…it’s hilarious!

Made me happy to see this come through on my e-mail though…


We are so excited to meet our sweet little man!

Jase, you are SO LOVED already buddy!!!! I don’t feel like I can love you any more than I already do right now, & I haven’t even met you yet! Your daddy & I (along with SO many other friends & family) talk about you all the time and cannot WAIT to welcome you into this world!!! Enjoy your last few weeks in there…sure has been a fun journey with you!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Last Shower for Mr. Jase

We are very blessed to have had a few different showers, and that gave people an opportunity to come to one if they couldn’t come to another for some reason.  I don’t think it’s any secret that my family LOVES throwing parties & showers…

This was more of a “friends shower” and we had it at our house, which worked out well because several of our friends haven’t even seen our house yet!  A few of our sweet friends & family members worked together to make it INCREDIBLE & we had such a blast! LOVED seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while, and wish I could have spent more time talking to them and catching up! (That is the one thing I don’t like- I feel like you don’t get quality time with people.)


I didn’t get pictures with everybody (BOO!), but here are a few of our friends who came to celebrate with us!


We are so incredibly thankful for ALL of the love and support we have received as we get ready to welcome Baby Jase!!! Our family and friends have been SO beyond helpful, & we appreciate it beyond words. We are truly blessed, and our lil man already has so many people anxiously awaiting him to love on him!! Now he just has to finish “baking” in mommy’s tummy till it’s time for him to make his appearance in the world!

Thank you again to all of our precious loved ones for EVERYTHING.  (And huge shout out to my mama….party planning queen! She’s the bomb!)