Thursday, February 7, 2019

My Fave Smoothie Recipe

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We started drinking smoothies again every day during the Daniel Fast, and we forgot how much we LOVE it! I highly encourage everyone to drink at least one green drink a day….whether it’s a smoothie, you’re juicing, or it’s a greens powder.

This is my current fave recipe:

-Start with leafy greens. Be sure to mix it up & don’t use the same types of greens every day. I use kale, spinach, arugula (very strong taste), bok choy, swiss chard, etc. I typically but Super Greens mix,Power Greens Mix, or Protein Greens mix so I can change it up. I fill the container 3/4 of the way full of greens (shred it so it takes up less room).

- LiveFit Superfood Powder contains things like broccoli, tomatoes, beets, hemp/chia, & some other things I typically wouldn’t put in my smoothies in their whole food form, but you can’t even taste it. I also like that is has some protein. I usually do 3-4 scoops. I found it at Costco originally, but I’ve heard some people say they found it at Wal-Mart.

-Collagen. SO MANY BENEFITS! Gut health, skin elasticity, supports healthy joints. Give me alllll the collagen! Sometimes I drink it plain or mixed with my AdvoGreens/Reds powder, but sometimes I’ll drop it in my smoothie.

- Spices: Turmeric (read benefits of turmeric here), Ginger (read some of the benefits of ginger here), & Cinnamon! (all powerul, preferably all organic)

-Choose your frozen berries. Sometimes I do wild blueberries (pwerful for brain health), sometimes strawberries, and sometimes these acai packs. Blackberries/raspberries are great too…they are just “seedy.” I try to mix it up, but only do less than a cupped handful of whatever I choose. They are all organic and I found them at Costco & Kroger. **side note: you may want to add 1/3 of a banana if you’re new to smoothies and the greens are a little much for you.

-Choose your healthy fat. I always pick between 1/3 or 1/2 of an avocado (typically what I choose), liquid organic coconut oil, or almond butter (where the only ingredient is almonds). Be mindful of serving size with healthy fats, but don’t skip them. Your brain is made up of over 80% fat, so it needs them!

-Dulse flakes. (Check out all the benefits here!) SUPER beneficial!

- Depending on your goal, you can use unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk, or water. (I always opt for water so I don’t overdo it on the calories, but my hubby will add almond milk & chocolate Muscle Gain if he’s on the gain train.)

- I don’t blend until it’s totally smooth. It has just enough texture that I can somewhat “chew” it, which actually releases digestive enzymes to help you better absorb the nutrients.

Jonathan makes smoothies almost daily too. His taste WAY better than mine, but they also have way more calories (which is fine for him). I’ve acquired a taste to mine & actually crave them. They are SO nutritious!

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Hope you ENJOY!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A Little of My Adoption Story

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I know not everyone knows my story.

I haven’t always told it because i wanted to protect the reputation of my biological mom. But her choice to choose adoption speaks far more to who she is than anything else.

And my story needs a voice.

I am adopted. I was adopted at birth. My biological family & my adopted family are both incredible.

My bio mom already had twin boys when she found out she was pregnant with me. She was a single mom at the time, unsure of who the father was, not really in a great place, & she knew she couldn’t raise another baby at that time.

She didn’t tell any of her family...only her friends. When i met her in 2012, she told me they drove her to a clinic more than once, but she couldn’t go through with an abortion. Instead, she called one of her best friends (my mom, whom many of you know & love) and asked if she could help. My parents are saints, & even with an 11, 13, & 14 year old, they said yes without hesitation. Turns out, they had actually been trying for another baby for years, but were unsuccessful. (Sometimes God’s “not right now” prayers are because He has a different plan.)

My biological mom and her 2 boys moved in with my family to finish out her pregnancy. My biological mom delivered me with my mom in the room...where my sweet mama named me and even cut the umbilical cord.

I’ve always known I was adopted. My whole family has always made me feel so special and loved. They are all so welcoming, so sacrificial, & treated me 100% like I was flesh & blood.

God also redeemed that for my biological mom in allowing her to have another daughter several years later.

I often describe my adoption story as God “plucking and placing” me.

I don’t know if that’s too many details, but I can assure you there is nothing but honor and gratitude for the woman who carried me and chose LIFE. Even when it was hard. Even when she was scared. Even when she didn’t think she had any other options. I’m so inspired by her courage & her sacrifice and grateful beyond words.

Because one thing I know about God...He always provides a way out. There are ALWAYS options.

You just never know the miracle that might come from that obedience.

I, for one, am forever grateful that my biological mom “couldn’t go through with it” and chose adoption over abortion. My life, to me, is a miracle.

Because I know the Lord had his hand on me, even in the womb, I will always sing of his praise and glory. I will always proclaim his name and talk to others about his saving power. He rescued me & saved me. I am forever grateful.

I don’t know that my story will ever sway the opinion of someone, but my prayer is I can touch enough lives & have a ripple effect big enough that people might consider “what might not have ever been.” ❤️

Ways I Avoid Excessive Spending

Thankfully Jonathan and I are 100% on the same page when it comes to our priorities and the areas we want to invest in.  We are very clear on what we want for our life & spend time seeking the Lord for vision and praying about direction.  We believe that any money we earn is God-given through us being a good steward of our time, talent, and resources, so we wan to be mindful of how we steward his resources. We have to prove we can be trusted with little before he will give us more.

So for example, because health is such a priority for us, food + quality supplements rank in the top. Because giving is a priority, we manage our money in a way that allows us to give beyond our tithes.  (We made it a habit years ago to write our tithe check immediately when we get paid for several reasons, and this is what we will teach our boys to do also.) We both prefer experiences over things & prefer family time over hobbies. It’s important to me to drive a safe car since it’s carrying our most precious cargo and people are more distracted than ever.  I also want to have as “non-toxic” of a home as possible, so things like our water filter, air purifier, and personal care products are something I don’t mind splurging on (thankfully some of the biggies are a one time purchase). I do still try to avoid paying full price by stocking up during major sales, buying from Costco & Thrive Market, pre-loading coupons for Kroger, etc., but we agree these are important areas & somewhere we’re not willing to go the cheap route. Of course we aren’t perfect and there is always room for improvement, and I know everyone has different priorities. Not everyone has the same long term goals, same circumstances, etc., so obviously this is going to be unique to each person. (And yes, I’m well aware that putting yourself out there as much as I do welcomes criticism, but my goal is always to share what works with us so it may encourage or help someone else.) SO, here are a few of the ways we avoid excess spending.

- Decide what are priorities for you and your family, & if it’s not something getting you closer to the person you want to be or the lifestyle you want to be living in five years, cut it. I know there is a balance of enjoying life & planning wisely for the future, & I think that’s sometimes an area we forget to seek the Lord in. There are lots of things we’ve been able to cut that weren’t really adding any value to our lives when we stopped to think about it.

- Plan your meals/snacks for the week (or month), create a grocery list, then stick to it as closely as possible. We spend a good bit of money on groceries since we eat at home most of the time and mostly eat organic, so planning in advance helps me not to be wasteful. There is nothing worse than throwing away an unopened box of $6 organic baby spinach that has expired…again. (By the way, we started making smoothies again every day during our Daniel Fast this year, so we have started using all greens! I’ll share my fave smoothie recipe in the next post.)

- Cut cable. It saved us over $1200/year by cutting cable. Honestly, most of what’s on tv is garbage anyway. Even the few decent things have ridiculous commercials, and even if you can fast forward through them, I found that I wasn’t nearly as productive when I wasted time watching tv. I know I’m probably what most would consider extreme or ultra conservative when it comes to entertainment choices (we don’t even let the boys watch lots of Disney movies that contain false gods/witchcraft/disobeying parents), but I believe what you allow into your home & head matters. People probably make fun of me for some of the ways we’re pretty hard core, but I believe Galatians 1:10 & Phil 4:8 & fortunately I’ve developed a pretty thick skin when it comes to things like this. If everybody else is doing it,most likely I don’t want to be! (I wish I would have adopted this mentality as a teenager and college student. Sure would have saved me some time, struggles, & money!) I will never forget a few years ago watching a Friends rerun. It had become mine & Jonathan’s “thing” when we were living in the rental house. We’d watch an episode late at night while laying in bed after all the boys were asleep, and one day I was super convicted about it. Would I want my boys behaving in the way they were? Sleeping around, having multiple partners outside of marriage, etc.? When the answer was a big fat NO, I realized that I had no business letting that in my home. Again, I know that might sound extreme, but if you run it through the filter “God, am I honoring you in watching this? Would I be excited or embarrassed if Jesus came back right now? Would I feel comfortable watching this if the Lord himself were sitting on the couch with me?” My goal is constantly be moving more towards righteousness and less like the world in every area, and entertainment was the first place I started.

-Buy quality when you can: it lasts forever. Make up brushes, shoes, classic clothing items, purses/wallets…I try to buy quality when it comes to things like that. The workout pants I wore today? I got them for Christmas when I was 20. (I’m 33 now.) They’re still cute (I mean, maybe not as cute as the skin tight nude leggings some people are wearing, but that’s a whole notha post)& they still work just fine, so why would I buy more? (Clearly I have several pairs, but they have lasted so well. Tip: Don’t dry them in the dryer!) My best friend bought me a designer purse for my birthday several years ago (I know, jackpot) because she said she knew it was something I wouldn’t buy for myself, and it’s still the purse I carry today. Jonathan bought me a nice wallet years and years ago, and that’s my wallet. Yep- one purse. One wallet. Since I’ve taken care of them both, I don’t feel the need for something new & I don’t really care if it matches everything or not (although it usually does). AdvoCare gave me a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses on one of the trips we earned, but before that I just wore cheap sunglasses that didn’t squeeze my head (y’all know what I’m talking about). They’re all still classy & timeless. I may not be totally cutting edge, but I’m okay with that. I also don’t have any real jewelry other than my engagement ring & wedding band. Designer/name brand stuff is not that important to me (anymore). I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, but remember the whole goal of the post is ways to avoid excessive spending. Not about condemnation, (because there was a time when I did NOT do all of these things & was pretty much the opposite), so it’s just tips that have helped me. I’m sure as I’ve aged my priorities have changed too…I guess that’s “adulting” (AKA: maturity). By the way…The last two tops I bought were at Costco & Super Kroger (bwhahha, yes I’m serious, and yes I know my fashion friends are rolling their eyes), but they’re cute & you’d never know they came from a grocery store.

- I quit getting my nails done. I honestly stopped because I learned how toxic so much of what they use and the polish is, but I realized that I’ve actually saved a GOOD bit of money my simply doing them myself. (I have some non-toxic fingernail polish recommendations if you’re interested!) I’m not saying I won’t ever get them done again….I still will for special occasions, but it definitely isn’t a monthly deal like it used to be.

-Don’t wash your hair every day. Hahhaa!!! (But for real. If you’ve known me for a while, you knew this was coming.) Saves money on hair care products…am I right? At least I’m not skipping the biggies like brushing my teeth & wearing deodorant! (And P.S. You can totally still shower without washing yo hair!)I’m actually a very clean/hygienic person, but I will not wash my hair every day. I think the people who do are unicorns or something!

-Use the public library. We are book junkies up in here. This is one of those “priority areas” for me, so I don’t mind investing money in books. We have a LOT of books in our household! Some on Audible, but most are paperback. Still, I personally feel like the library is such an underutilized FREE resource, so lots of times I’ll check out books, & if it’s something I have to have (so I can highlight, re-read, etc.), I’ll buy my own copy. Side note: it drives me nuts when someone refers to personal growth books as “self help.” NOT the same thing. And I cannot get why anyone would not want to invest in their personal growth to become a better version of themselves?

-Don’t go shopping unless you have a specific need. Am I winning an award for the biggest party pooper yet? I know, I know…And trust me, I love Sephora, Target, HomeGoods, & Hobby Lobby as much as the next gal. But guess what…if I go in, I come out with things I don’t need. I suddenly have a desire for things that never even crossed my mind before walking into the store. Suddenly I feel like I need a makeover, a new wardrobe, and complete home renovation…like, where did that even come from? It’s marketing at its finest, right? I’m not saying I NEVER go shopping, but I try to shop with intentionality.  Jonathan too. If he sees something he wants/needs, he checks to see if he can find it cheaper online. I’m not much of a “browser",” & that includes online shopping. They make it SO easy to click & buy, that I’m mindful to shop from a list so I don’t impulse buy. I have learned that “godliness with contentment is great gain.” (Notice I didn’t say complacency there! BIG difference!) You may not have this issue, but for me, I have found it’s better to just not spend lots of extra time shopping because it makes me want more things I don’t need and spend excessively when what I already have is plenty. I honestly think this is one of the areas where I save our family the most money in terms of excess spending. (I’m sure it also helps that I have 3 boys. Boys clothes aren’t as expensive as girls clothes I’m sure, and I can just pass it down.) Fun fact: I’ve never even been in Lululemon!

- Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. Buy something when you actually need it. If it’s something you know you’ll use, that makes sense. But just buying something because it’s on sale? That’s wasteful. I’ve heard women talk about how much money they’re saving by shopping sales. Maybe if they’re things you were absolutely going to buy anyway, then yes. But otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to “spend to save.” It’s still spending.

- Choose your hobbies wisely. For both of us, working out is our stress relief/hobby/the thing we do for ourselves. It’s a priority for both of us and the benefits are off the charts…improved health, confidence, endorphins, stress relief, social time, etc. Thankfully it’s something we both enjoy and look forward to, so it’s pretty much our hobby. Don’t get me wrong. There are other things we both like doing. Jon likes playing golf. I like shopping & spa trips. But we decided a few years ago we wanted to “live like no one else now so we could live like no one else later” and temporarily gave those things up. It has just kind of “stuck,” but it has saved us thousands and thousands of dollars. I do think we’ll pick them back up when the kiddos are older, but there’s a big difference between self-care and selfish. I’m not saying a hobby is selfish, but I do think there is a tendency for hobbies to become a greater priority than they should be, and that can be an issue when it leads to excessive spending.

- Choose vacations wisely. My favorite trips are AdvoCare trips! You put in the hard work to earn them, and AdvoCare rolls out the red carpet & pays.for.everything! Travel, amenities, food, usually gifts or excursions of some sort. I did mention we’d rather have experiences than things, so rather than buying the kids lots of toys throughout the year, we save that money and invest it into traveling. It’s amazing how quickly buying something here and there every time you go to the store adds up, and then the kids become expectant and less grateful. (We don’t even really do birthday gifts since we do parties, & we don’t do a whole lot at Christmas outside of the need, a read, a few wants and a wear. My mom really likes to buy clothes, so she buys lots of the clothes. Jon’s dad and sister usually do the bigger gifts for the boys. We are so grateful for people who love on our kiddos!)

- Beware of those little things that add up. Starbuck’s, stopping at the gas station, pulling through somewhere, forgetting to take the RedBox back (#oops), ordering a drink when eating out…it’s amazing how quickly all those little things add up. I try to plan ahead as often as possible, bring our own drinks & snacks when we’re out, & avoid spontaneous spending.

- Don’t buy music. If there is an artist I’m passionate about supporting that’s one thing, because I get that it’s their livelihood…but music is free? I’m old school & pretty much just listen to the free Pandora app all day. Chain Breaker radio is my jam & station of choice.

- Become a wholesale shopper IF you can avoid buying things you don’t need. Diapers, toilet paper, electric toothbrush heads, olive oil…all coming from Costco! They are cheaper per unit than at the grocery store & even on Amazon. If I can get something at Dollar General or Wal-Mart, I totally will. Most of my pantry staples and snacks come from Thrive Market because it’s hands down the cheapest for lots of my favorite things. I make LISTS so I stick to them & don’t come home with new bath towels, chocolate covered acai berries, a shredder, and a 2 night supply of Boom Chicka Pop (cuz y’all know even that giant bag is so addicting!). Again, we don’t really skimp on food or supplements (thankfully we get our quality supplements at 40% off with AdvoCare. And you can too!), because investing in your health is one of the greatest investments you can make outside of eternal investments.

-Don’t drink. Alcohol is expensive. It can be costly in more ways than one. We honestly have just as much (if not more fun) without it. And most alcohol is not very good for you anyway, despite the marketing trying to falsely advertise that they are. Highly pesticide sprayed wheat/grapes? No thanks, I’d rather not drink Round Up. There are other ways to load up on adaptogens and antioxidants. But if nothing else, it saves money.

-Invest inwardly. There was a time when I struggled majorly with insecurity about my physical appearance. People commented about my body specifically, & I spent a lot of time and money trying to undo some negative thinking I had from hurtful comments others had made. It’s not their fault…it was mine for not being rooted in my identity so it didn’t matter what they said. I am so thankful the Lord shifted my focus, & now I am very much a minimalist when it comes to physical appearance. It is only because of the Lord working on my heart, but I feel like I am way more inwardly focused now. Phew, y’all, there is such freedom in that! It was exhausting. It’s amazing that I do less and yet am way more content than I’ve ever been. I know I always joke about not fixing my hair & having a 5 minute makeup routine, but really, it was never fun to me when it took me an hour to get ready. Don’t get me wrong. I still take care of myself and try to look presentable (most days anyway), but I want others to see something that radiates from within. God looks at the heart, & I want my heart to be beautiful. That takes work…but it’s FREE work! Hahah!!

I think we are both naturally more frugal in the day to day things, but that’s because we want to be able to say YES to the bigger things. FCA needs Bibles? We want to be able to write a check. A friend’s kid is going on a mission trip? Where can I donate? Come across the perfect investment property? We’ll take it! Saying “no” to things that don’t really matter allows you to put your “yes” on the table for the things that do. When I reread that list, I was thinking “Wow, I kind of sound like a boring prude,”but the reality is we live a beautiful, fulfilled, exciting life! And it just keeps getting better. And again, I totally get everyone has different priorities than us. That’s what makes the world go round, right? I know not everyone has the same big picture goals, but I recently read something that said “Be the person you needed when you were younger.” So that’s kind of my goal here. Be a mentor from a distance for someone with similar goals, vision, priorities, and values. So this is what works for us.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Slim +Trim: Live Lean in 2019

We started piloting a program back in the summer, and the results have been IN-CRED-IBLE. I followed this for about 5 months, and I actually LOST inches during the holidays this year. Normally I maintain pretty well because our products are that good,but this year I actually lost. I still enjoyed treats & Christmas cookies and my holiday faves, but this program helped me eat smaller portions and revved up my metabolism so I’m a fat burning machine. I also love the lifestyle guide that comes with it (red light eating is GENIUS and scientifically backed and proven). I am SUPER impressed. I mean, I can fit in my size 4 pageant dress that I wore 18 YEARS ago (now after having 3 babies) if that tells ya anything about it! (**may or may not have been secretly hoping Jonathan wouldn’t wake up when I was taking these! hahhaa!!! he was totally asleep in the bed behind me.) And the best part is that I feel!!!

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AdvoCare did a phenomenal job putting together a super short overview of the Slim+Trim if you want to know what it does:

Slim & Trim 28 Promo:

Slim & Trim Overview:

I also have a FB page where I share the newest programs and some fun tips, so you’re more than welcome to request to join. Lots of great info & I share resources/record live videos in there too. Slim & Trim: Live Lean in 2019.

Here are a few of my friends who have ROCKED it out! Like, legit real life friends.

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There are tons of freebies that end tonight,like the free shaker cup featured on Shark Tank- it is SO cool!), FREE shipping when you order the Slim + Trim 28, & it’s the last chance to enter into the $45,000 transformation contest. Yes, I am for real. We really want someone on OUR team to win that first place prize of $25,000 CASH and free Spark for an entire year, so if you want us to coach you & to go for it, let me know ASAP! Gotta get you entered by tonight!

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Here are the price breakdowns per day. Don’t forget it includes one meal a day, your vitamins, and your afternoon rocket fuel BioCharge/Slim combo.

No photo description available.

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**If you want to save right off the bat, you can consider becoming a preferred customer to save 20%. No monthly minimums, quotas, or autoships. If you + a friend do a Slim + Trim 28 together, you’ll have a 25% discount immediately and forever if you renew each year. (Just like you would at a Sam’s or Costco!)


**If you think you’ll share with others and want to earn income for referrals, or want to get to the deepest discount (40%), you definitely want to become a distributor.


Give Up to Go Up

I talk to so many people on a regular basis who are ready for breakthrough in one or more areas of their life, but they are unwilling to “give up to go up.” There aren’t many things in life where we can advance and see growth without putting in some intentional effort. I know there have been a few places in our life lately where I have just felt “stuck.” Ya know what I mean? Just not where we want to be, or where I know we should be. Everything else is in place and we are positioned for advancement in these areas, so I knew it has to be something I am doing. And the best place to look when you’re in that position is in the mirror and then UP!

As I have been fasting and praying for a solution and BREAKTHROUGH, I heard a clear “give up to go up.” And I don’t mean “give up” as in quit. I mean “give up” as in surrender, sacrifice, & stretch.

Surrender. First and foremost, we are called to surrender our lives to the Lord. Surrender means cease resistance and submit willingly to authority.  If you’ve never done that and don’t know what it means or what it looks like in your life, I’d love for you to e-mail me & have a personal conversation with you about it. Essentially, it’s admitting you’re a sinner (Romans 3:23), believing that God sent his Son to die for us because of our sin (Romans 5:8, Romans 6:23, John 3:16), that He rose again 3 days later  and the blood He shed for us creates an opportunity for us to have eternal salvation. It’s as simple as confessing and repenting (turning away) of sin and professing that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9, 10:13).

For those of us who already have a relationship with Christ,we still have to make the choice to surrender. Surrender means seeking the Lord in such a way that our desires begin to align with His will for our life. It means denying ourselves daily,taking up our cross and following Him (Luke 9:23). When selfish desires,the enemy, or our flesh try to lead us to think, act, react, or respond in a way that does not reflect Christ and his character, we have to consciously choose to be obedient to the Word (the Bible). The only way we can do what it says is by knowing what’s in it. (It requires discipline + you guessed it, the next “S” word…sacrifice….to consistently be in God’s Word.)

So that’s the first step. SURRENDER. Not my will, but thine be done. Lord, help me to truly MEAN that.


Sacrifice. Sometimes we have big dreams, big goals, and big wishes…but they will never become reality because we aren’t willing to sacrifice anything. Not sacrifice our time. Our money. Our favorite tv show. Our hobbies. Our pride. Our entertainment. Our social media. Certain foods.


I believe we honor God with our first fruits. We honor Him with the first fruits of our finances in the form of tithing. (My personal opinion based on Scripture is10% given to our church. Anything you give above that is gifts & offerings.) We honor Him with the first fruits of our time through prayer/quiet time in the morning and attending church at the first of each week. We honor God physically by beginning each year with a fast. If you’re new to fasting, I recommend listening to Jentezen Franklin’s book called Fasting. Total game changer for my spiritual life and walk with the Lord, and this helped me understand the WHY and the HOW TO.

Jonathan and I are currently doing a pretty strict Daniel Fast and I’m limiting social media time. (The thing I miss the most is SPARK! Well, caffeine in general.) We are avoiding bread, dairy, sugar, meat, anything processed, and caffeine. But more important than those sacrifices, we are in a season of intense prayer to show a sacrifice of our time. No tv or movies. Limited screen time.I know it sounds intense, but we want to show the Lord we are serious about serving Him, seeking His will, & being more fruitful and Christlike. Jesus fasted and prayed, so we fast and pray.

Side note: I saw a car the other day with a bumpers sticker with two of the kiddos names & little banners on the back, and then another bumper sticker that said “I’d rather be ___________.” (It was a hobby.) It might have been a joke or just a funny bumper sticker, but it made me stop and think. From an outside perspective, based on my calendar, my checkbook, my social media accounts, my thoughts, and where my heart is, is it super clear and evident what is most important in my life?? Would an outsider looking in be able to tell what I am most passionate about? And how about the people closest to me? Do they have any doubts as to where they fall?

Sacrifice. A sacrifice is something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. What are you willing to give up to go up? (P.S. It might be something “good” & well meaning that is keeping you from God’s best.)

Stretch. This is where is gets fun. I believe God calls us to be stretched and learn to operate outside of our comfort zone. This is where He can really show up. Being outside of our comfort zone means choosing faith over fear because it requires dependence on the Lord rather than our own strengths & abilities. It allows Him to pair his super with our natural for a supernatural result that could only be explained as “from God.” It feels so hard & scary, but I can say that I have learned to be more comfortable being uncomfortable. I am working on being radically obedient in 2019 (which is really just Biblical obedience, but in today’s society, Biblical obedience seems radical). This means often doing, saying, praying things that feel intimidating & too big for me. I believe the enemy would like nothing more than to keep us shackled and bound by our own fear. Fear of rejection, of the outcome, of our own inability. But when we choose to allow the Lord to stretch us and operate in FAITH, out of obedience, the Lord shows upon our behalf in such a cool way. You know…that abundant way.


Maybe your 2018 went exactly like you wanted. Maybe your life is exactly where you’d hoped and you’re completely satisfied in all of your relationships, with your finances, in your spiritual life, with your health, in your business. My prayer is that you’re content, but never complacent. And if you just so happen to be in a place like me where you are ready to see breakthrough in one or more of those areas, I hope you’ll ask God where you can surrender, sacrifice,and stretch to see more FRUITS and more FAVOR and more BLESSINGS in 2019.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Be a Lioness

“Our generation is so busy trying to prove that women can do everything men can do, women are losing the unique qualities that set us apart. The God-given femininity & unique way our Creator designed us. Women weren't created to do everything a man can do.... Women were created to do everything a man can't do." - unknown

The lioness does not try to be the lion. She embraces her role as the lioness. She is powerful, strong, and nurturing. She does not mistake her meekness for weakness. The world needs more kind, compassionate, humble, faithful, persevering, confident, fierce, bold, pure, and tender-hearted women.
Be one of them ❤❤

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Healing Strong Live

As most of you know, I am super passionate about health, wellness, and disease prevention. The Lord recently opened the door for me to become the group leader of our local Healing Strong chapter. Although I don’t have much room on my plate or extra time in my schedule, Jonathan and I both felt this was to be a “YES” for us.

So here we are.

Healing Strong is where my holistic health journey began nearly 5 years ago & where I have learned so much of what I know about “clean living.” I love the mission, the vision, the support, the education piece, the community, and most importantly that it is founded on Christ and a faith-based non-profit/ministry. It really is a perfect fit for me.

If someone you know is on a healing journey or interested in prevention, it’s worth checking to find a local group close to you. You will not regret it!

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This weekend I had the privilege of attending the Healing Strong Live conference at the beautiful In Touch Studios in Atl. Some sweet friends, group members,and my sweet parents all joined me for the event. (Jonathan would have because he loves it as much as I do, but our babysitters were out of town.)

It was so powerful! The entire event was executed with such excellence. They provided awesome goody bags, a delicious organic lunch, and sevel yummy healthy snacks like smoked salmon, homemade nut mixes, and juices. The name of the Lord was lifted up, & I believe people left empowered to take control of their health.

I have been on my health journey for a while & am already familiar with several of the things they shared, but my mind is still blown every time I go to something like this. I wanted to pass along a few notes i took:

- in 1900, only 5% of the population had cancer. In 2016, that number rose to 40%.
- United States had over 600,000 cancer related deaths last year and 1.7 million diagnosed.
- The most consumed “vegetables” in America are french fries, onion rings, and ketchup.
-nutrition should be frontline therapy in cancer patients but unfortunately it's rarely discussed. Most oncologists have zero training in nutrition.
- The average American consumes 150 pounds of refined sugar a year.
- every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts. It matters what you think.
- you cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time.
- your genetics make up a very small portion of your chances for been diagnosed with cancer. Your epigenetics play a much bigger role.
- ballroom dancing lowers risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 73%.
-1 out of every 3 Americans will get cancer. Only 1 out of every 7active Americans will get cancer.
- our toxins are expelled through our urine, feces, liver, and sweat. Stop using anti-perspirant and allow your body to sweat!
- What factors most affect our overall health and chances for cancer? Exercise, detox, nutrition, microbiome, attitude, & energy. Small portion is genetics.
- as a nation, we are eating TOO much, TOO often, & the WRONG food!
- intermittent fasting helps prevent cognitive decline and insulin resistance. “it’s not just the notes, but the space between the notes that matters.”
- The typical Western diet is fertilizer for cancer cells.
- 92% of Americans don’t even get the RDA of vitamins, which is an extremely low standard for nutrition.
- Our soil has 80% less minerals than it did in earlier years because of soil degradation.
- during the first eight hours of fasting, the body goes into the glycogen stores. The next four hours it starts burning fat. you want to shoot for going past 12 hours (14-16) because the body starts burning fat past 12 hours.
- 10 PM to 2 AM is when the body ideally heals. You want to be asleep during this time.
- fasting expresses our hunger for God. It says “God, I desire you above all things.”
- if fasting stresses you out, don’t do it. It is more important to not be overwhelmed with stress, which has extremely negative impact on your overall health.
- is it fasting from food or is it FEAST with Jesus?
-you can inherit up to three generations of trauma.
* note to self, order Shaping a Christian family by Elizabeth Elliott ❤️
- know your purpose: your what, what for, your why, and your how.
- They shared some really interesting connections Between emotional hurts and various types of cancer. Example, prostate cancer can often be linked to worrying about future generations or the loss of a child. And breast cancer, right side is many times as tide to father issues in the left side is tied to maternal issues.
- unforgiveness, bitterness, guilt, etc can often manifest in the form of health issues.
- The Bible says “my people perish for lack of knowledge.”
- The fuel you put into your body affects the way that it runs. You wouldn't put sugar in your fuel tank and expect it to run. And then when it breaks down, you don't just completely remove the fuel tank, right?
-You are ridiculously in control of your health and your LIFE!!
-you have options. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Most cancers are slow growing and you have time to research and make a decision.
-We all have cancer cells. We are either feeding or starving them based on our lifestyle choices. Our bodies should be able to combat unhealthy cancer cells.
- there is healing power in MUSIC!
- laughter really is medicine for the soul and adds years to your life.
- if you’re not already juicing, start ASAP.

Whether you are on a healing journey, standing in the gap for a loved one who is, or focused on prevention and taking the best possible care of your family (like me), you’ll want to pay the $25 to get access to this recording of the day. And take notes!!

I cannot stand to watch ONE MORE PERSON lose their life too soon to this disease, & I hope you’ll join me in helping spread awareness.

Healing Strong Live Stream Replay