Saturday, September 17, 2016

Baby Butler #3: Week 18 Update





My Symptoms: Shew! I can’t stand being so unproductive, but I literally have to take a nap when the boys nap and when they go to bed, I’m done. It’s taking everything I’ve got to make all our meals, keep the house clean, & chase after the boys.

Holy moodiness. Jonathan said this is the worst pregnancy hormones I’ve had yet and I agree. I do think it’s because I am so tired, but I know that’s not really an excuse.

Other than that though, I really do feel good and I am so thankful for that.

Weight/Baby Bump: At my appointment on 9/7 I was up 8 lbs. (I hadn’t gained any weight yet at this point in my pregnancy with Kade.) My “bump” seriously looks like I’m 7 months pregnant! I’ve even had a few people ask if I was getting close & how much longer. Ha! My midwife said I should start ‘evening out’ around 28 weeks or so. For now, I’m just telling everybody I have exceptional muscle memory. That torpedo with Kade was no joke!

{I know, super classy taking belly pics in the reflection of the glass on our deck doors.}


Gender: Sweet baby boy! My friend did just tell me that her cousin’s ultrasound was different from what her bloodwork revealed- craziness!! I’m still confident it’s another little man though. We will see for sure at our next appointment. Jase keeps telling everybody he’s got two brothers!

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing regular clothes, but I did rock my first maternity dress.

Sleep: Ehhh. It’s okay. My dreams are cuhhh-raaaazy.

Movement: Yep, sweet little flutters! One of the best parts.

Appointments: I had an appointment on 9/7 and BP was 107/67. Heartbeat sounded good and strong and she said she guessed the baby was weighing around 9 oz or so. Our OB office & the hospitals are going through some changes (merging with another office and certain doctors delivering at a new hospital in our area) so she walked me through all of that. We have the big ultrasound at our next appointment. I can’t believe I’m already almost halfway!

 Accomplishments: We were out of town for a week straight & it was such a wonderful week! We traveled to Orange Beach for an awesome incentive trip with our Advo team (the boys did great traveling), then off to Dallas for some incredible life/business/leadership training from AdvoCare corporate. Both events were exactly what we needed and we feel like our cups are full.

image image

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Seeing so many friends we haven’t seen in a while was definitely a highlight. And Laura had baby Mayson…and she is an absolute DOLL! All natural- go Laura!

Work Outs: Jonathan is so annoyed that I can “only” go to the gym at certain times (to take the classes), but I don’t feel comfortable working out on my own right now, so it’s that or nothing. I haven’t been able to work out much anyway because he has was working non-stop getting the house ready to sell (we are already under contract- post coming soon with that whole story!).


I did get two good workouts in while we were at the beach though. I feel like I’m in much better shape than you would think from lookin at me. Endurance and strength are both still pretty good.


Goals: More water. (Seriously, what is my deal?) Less sweets.

Thoughts: We need a name! I’m pretty set on Beau but Jonathan said it’s going to have to grow on him. When I ask Jase what his new brother’s name is he says “D-O-S…Baby Kade.” Ha!


Jase: IMG_2138[1]

Kade: [IMG_2365%255B7%255D.jpg]

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Baby Butler # 3: 15 Weeks

We got a positive test on June 7th, so we’ve known for a while now that we were expecting this sweet little blessing! I’m so excited to finally start blogging about it & documenting all the fun.

Mondays are my “rollover days.”


{pictured: 13 weeks}

Growth:  Baby should be weighing around a half of a pound by now…around the size of a an orange. (Looks more like a small melon in my belly!)

My Symptoms: I feel really great! I am so thankful to be blessed with pretty easy pregnancies, and honestly if it weren’t for the “bump” and the feeling the movement, I’d probably forget I was pregnant. I haven’t really been sick at all (other than two times when we were traveling and my eating schedule was off). My skin is AWFUL though. Not sure if it’s all hormones or if it’s that I’m so tired by the time I go to bed I haven’t really been washing my face, (probably a combo) but me + concealer = BFF right now. So much for the gorgeous pregnancy glow! I’m also a little bit moody, but I’m workin on it. In that past, that seems to go away second trimester and I start feeling more like myself…thankfully…because I’m normally a very calm & patient person and I like it that way.

Round ligament pain like whoa! I can feel all kinds of crazy stretching going on and sometimes it’s painful if I sit up too quickly.

I’ve got a cold this week, but I’m just going to suck it up and let it run its course because I’m pretty hard core about not taking anything other than my vitamins. (Actually, looking back on my week 15 blog post with the other boys, I had a cold/sinus infection with BOTH of them at this same time. Maybe week 15 is just my week to get sick? If not, funny coincidence.)

Weight/Baby Bump: Whew! Okay, so my belly button is already out and I’ve got quite the little torpedo starting to come back with a vengeance. Everyone started calling me out & asking if I was pregnant at like 9-10 weeks. Ha! What is even going on right now? I know the belly pops faster since I’ve already had two and since it hasn’t been that long since I was pregnant (Kade and the new baby will be 20 months apart), but y’all…I look like I am 6 months pregnant!

Whatever, just rollin with it. I think I’m up about 5 lbs from pre-preg weight. But check this bad boy out…(Don’t worry, I won’t do any more raw belly shots, but I just had to show y’all this.)


Gender: I had a feeling from the get-go this was going to be a boy. The pregnancy has been almost identical to the other two so far. And honestly, I wanted another boy! I’m not sure if that was God preparing my heart, but I just felt such an overwhelming feeling that we should have another boy & that’s what my heart was longing for. Jonathan and both of our dads really want us to have a girl, so maybe next time…but for now, another Butler BOY to add to the mix! I am over the moon excited about another sweet fella to love on and for the boys to have another brother. Brothers are the sweetest, and I LOOOOOVE being a boy mom! Boys are so much fun!!

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing regular clothes, but it probably won’t be for much longer.

Sleep: Not sure what’s going on, but I’m not sleeping as well as I normally do. I’ve been waking up very early (for me), so I need to go to bed earlier. I think that might be an answered prayer though because I’ve prayed specifically about waking up earlier.

Movement: I can totally feel this baby already! He is on the right side of my belly. I felt him for the first time during week 13. I know that seems early, but I’m certain.

Appointments: I’ve been to the doctor 3 times and the specialist once (for some testing- since I’m adopted and don’t know all of my medical history- praise the Lord it all came back normal!). That bloodwork is how we found out the gender so early. I’ve actually had an ultrasound at each appointment too so hopefully I won’t have any more for a while. Heartbeat at the first appointment was 188. They were able to find the sweet babe at my 5 week appointment from the outside of my belly. (I don’t think I have a lot of skin/tissue between my uterus/tummy. Normally they have to do a vaginal ultrasound that early.) Next appointment the heartbeat was 167. This last time it was 158. (or something close to that anyway) They couldn’t find the heartbeat using the doppler at the last appointment which is why I had to have another ultrasound. Everyone seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when I walked out of the ultrasound room, but I wasn’t worried. I should have probably told her where that little orange is! Everything else has been going smooth. My next checkup is the first week of September.


Accomplishments: I’m still nursing Kade in the morning and evening. I don’t really see a reason to stop, but I don’t plan on tandem nursing.

I’ve survived another first trimester without throat punching anybody! #winning

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: I love when Jase talks about the baby, having another brother, and kisses my belly. It is the sweetest!! And I was so excited to finally share the news with everyone!! I am seriously in awe at how supportive, encouraging, and congratulatory everyone has been. Our little family is beyond blessed with the BEST of the BEST! So thankful to be surrounded by folks who appreciate what a sweet blessing children are from the Lord.

Work Outs: I’m getting back into it. I know it seems crazy we can be too busy to work out since we both work from home, but we have been swamped! We are getting ready to put our house on the market & we’ve been traveling a good bit. I haven’t been to  classes much over the last month. It’s game on now though – I’m ready to get back at it. I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I work out! It helps my mood, my energy, my sleep, and my confidence. I plan to stay consistent with body pump and yoga and will mix it up for cardio. I still feel pretty strong though. Yoga is my absolute FAVE during pregnancy and makes such a difference for things like back aches, hip pain, etc. I also love practicing the breathing.

Goals: Drink more water! I’m always the first during the first trimester, and that affects my digestion. I also want to start juicing again.

Thoughts: Anybody have name ideas? I am kinda sad we used Andrew for Kade’s first name because I LOVE the name Andrew (& Drew). Jonathan really likes the name Tripp & said it’s perfect since he’s the third boy, but we probably won’t use that. I also like Beau, Nash, Knox, & Beckham/Beckett (call him Beck). We like short (single syllable), strong sounding names. Lots of people suggested Luke or Lane (to keep in like with J-K-L), but unfortunately teaching can ruin some names for ya. Jonathan’s dad likes Wyatt, and several people suggested James (which is my dad, brother, and nephew’s first name).


Jase (15 weeks)- IMG_2041

Kade (15 weeks)- photo 2 (9)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kade Update: 1 Year Old (& 13-14 Months)

Happy 12 months, sweet baby Kade!! (I’m going to throw in some 13 & 14 month stuff too since I’m behind.)


You are the happiest, smiliest, sweetest little thing. I can seriously count on one hand the number of times you’ve ever cried. You are SO charismatic and people are just DRAWN to you! (FYI, I started typing this right after your first birthday. The next month you started cutting the two teeth on each side of your top two teeth and you literally cried almost every time I put you down… for about a month straight till those teeth came in. I think my biceps grew an inch! We didn’t even know what that sound coming out of you was, but apparently it was you crying, and apparently ONLY Mama would do! Poor guy…teething is for the birds. And that’s what I get for saying you never cry!)


You weighed 21 lbs and were 30” long at your 12 month checkup. (You are 22.8 lbs now and back up to 30% on weight. At your 1 year checkup you hadn’t gained anything since your 9 month visit, so we had to go back for a weight check a month later. You eat really well, but don’t drink tons of milk. They want you drinking 15-20 oz but that just isn’t going to happen. You are also wide open and love to play/crawl so I think you’re going to have a high metabolism. Still, we were happy to see you level back out and even jump some on the growth chart.)


You have 4 teeth….the four cutest little teeth ever! Your smile and sweet dimples…melt my heart! (6 teeth now as of 14  months. Praise the Lord they’ve finally broken through)

You have a hilarious laugh! When we laugh, you laugh. When you laugh, we laugh. Lots of laughter goin on over here.


You can wave hey (SO cute!), give high fives, clap (yay!), love to play peek-a-boo, turn the pages of books, & shake your head “no.”


You crawl SO fast! I mean, lightning fast! People comment on it all the time. You tuck your little head and you are OFF.

You can crawl up the stairs. Yikes! And off & on furniture. The coffee table. You name it…


You can stand unassisted for several seconds. You CAN walk, but you don’t. You’ve only taken 1-2 steps at a time solo, but you can seriously scoot while you’re holding on to furniture or pushing a toy.


You are a drool machine with those new teeth coming in.

First haircut in the books! Sweet little fuzzy head. It looks so cute on you & you did great.


Your eyes are very blue. Love them!

You’re a really great sleeper. Solid 12 at night and a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. Sometimes you’ll still take 2 naps (the second one is much shorter) if you need it, but you’re fine with one if we’re on the go. Still take a paci, love your little blankie, and we do ocean sounds on sound machine + box fan for white noise. You like it dark and you go RIGHT down. You love to sleep in your room but adjust pretty well when we are traveling or on the go.


I finally remembered to start brushing your teeth (I know, mom of the year award!) and you love it! Anytime you find a toothbrush you know exactly what to do with it.

You have excellent motor mechanics & fine motor skills.


Current words/sounds: Dada, Dad, Daddy (yes, I’m chop liver), Jase (my fave!), whoa, wow, hey

You’re just a little bit of a Mama’s boy…


You love to eat and get super excited about food. Your fave is peanut butter toast, strawberries, green beans, sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, oatmeal, eggs, spaghetti, and Sprout pouches. We also buy some organic version of Nutrigrain bars and you tear em up. You drink some milk and water, but for now we are still nursing 2-3 times a day (for really short intervals, usually only a couple minutes before you wake up and before bed). You will fuss for a drink while you’re eating if I forget to make you one.


You are tough as nails. Maybe that comes from having a big bro? I swear we watch you really well, but you’ve taken a few tumbles and you just keep rollin like nothing even happened. You have callluses on your knees from crawling everywhere.

You know exactly what you want. Shew!

You love your grandparents & aunts.


You think you’re a big boy. You wanna hang with all the big boys when they’re playing. You’re pretty fearless & that scares your dad and me a little.


You think Jase is hilarious and he is very sweet to you most of the time. He’s definitely nicer to you when no one else is around. When I’m changing your diaper, he always brings you a toy and says “Here buddy” really sweetly and tries to entertain you for me. He is pretty good about sharing with you and says “Here you go brudder.”


You are such a water baby! You LOVE the water.


You have started throwing things & you’re in to everything. You love to play catch & roll/throw the ball back and forth. You also really like to turn the Roomba on & ride/chase it around. (We LOVE having a Roomba, by the way, so if you’re considering one…do it!)


Did I mention your smile lights up a room?


And this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE picture…ever!!


Love watching you grow, sweet boy!