Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tips for Eating Out

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Here are a few of my favorite quick tips for making healthy choices when eating out.

1. Know the menu ahead of time & have a plan. (For example, at a Mexican restaurant, you can get sopa de pollo, or the fajita veggies with no wrap or chips, extra salsa!)
2. Don’t be afraid to ask for your meal to be specially prepared, sauces on the side, leave off butter, etc. (FYI- Grassfed butter is actually a great healthy fat choice in the correct portion size, but because most restaurants are using a cheap grade of butter, I would avoid extra butter when eating out.)
3. Ask the waiter not to bring the rolls. (I know, boo!)
4. Choose either an appetizer, dessert, drink, or bread, but only one as a treat- not all. And I wouldn’t recommend this every time you eat out- just if it is a treat.
5. Fill up on salad & veggies first.
6. Drink plenty of water before you go so you don’t mistake thirst for hunger.
7. Ask for a to go box if it’s large portions and box up half to have for lunch the next day.
8. Keep taking your products correctly. Don’t forget carb ease & fibotrim.
9. Share a meal with someone.
10. My personal go to is a salad & some grilled protein, or some type of grilled protein with veggies & a sweet potato. (When ordering a salad, i typically ask for no cheese, bacon, or croutons and a vinaigrette on the side. You CAN ruin a salad.)
11. Listen to your body, and stop before you’re totally full. Take your time to slow down, enjoy, and really chew your food.

I like to eat local, farm-to-table type restaurants when possible because they usually have healthier options and more high quality ingredients. If we are eating a chain restaurant, you can usually find some safe bets at Panera or Chipotle. You can still enjoy going out with friends & family without getting totally off track, but you have to be intentional about making wise choices!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

If you didn’t marry a “romantic” man…

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet friends!!

I feel like V-Day is either a love it or hate it kinda deal for most people, don’t you think? Do you fall into one category or the other?

I I know today is tough for some folks. A day that is supposed to be all about love…but maybe brings up some tough emotions/reminders for the singles or for those who have lost their significant others. Just wanted you to know that if you fall into one of those categories and you are hurting or lonely today, YOU ARE LOVED.

I also wanted to reach out to the married ladies though & share some encouragement today.

Some men are more romantic and thoughtful…others not so much. Either way, romantic gestures do not make your husband any more or less of a godly man. I want to encourage you to guard your expectations and watch out for the thief of comparison.

If someone else’s husband does something nice for them, it’s probably going on social media. (And there is nothing wrong with that! I personally think it’s okay to share the good things in our lives, & we should be able to celebrate that with and for others.) I just wanted to remind you not measure your own marriage against a snapshot of someone else’s.  I hope that everyone in my world has a ROCKIN marriage, but unfortunately, social media is not always an accurate indicator of what’s actually going on inside someone’s four walls, so it can be very destructive to fall into the trap of comparison.

If you’ve married a good man, choose to be grateful for him no matter what he does or doesn’t do on Valentine’s Day. Maybe he doesn’t buy you jewelry, plan a hot date, or buy you flowers or candy. Maybe he doesn’t get you a card or even acknowledge the day. Is he a good man? Is he a godly man? Is he providing? Faithful? A good father? Then don’t allow the enemy to plant a seed of bitterness or resentment in your heart towards your husband because he didn’t do this or that. Re-shift your focus & choose to be grateful and LOVE him well anyway. It’ll serve your marriage well.

Short and sweet, tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thankful for my Valentine! (Who did go out of his way with some sweet gestures today. Still, I’m most thankful for the rock solid man that he is on a daily basis. Including loving me enough to not be embarrassed that I wore a mask on an airplane…because #fluseason.)


Monday, February 12, 2018

Learning When to “Be Silent”

Ecclesiastes 3:7-8 says there is a “time to be silent and a time to speak.”

I truly believe that is a part of WISDOM…knowing when to speak and when to be silent.

Jesus knew. There was an account in Matthew where he was literally turning over tables in the temple. But by and large most of the accounts we read about his time on this earth depict his calm, loving, merciful, slow to speak, kind, gentle nature. Not WEAK. He knew when to stand up and when to be quiet. There is a huge difference in gentleness and weakness, even though today’s society seems to deem those two as interchangeable. In fact, I think the complete opposite is true (for me, anyway)…it takes great STRENGTH to guard one’s tongue & have the self-control to be quiet. It takes maturity to be able to seek the Lord’s wisdom and know when it’s appropriate to speak up and when it’s best to just zip it.

1 Peter 3:4 calls us ladies to have a “gentle & quiet spirit.” In a day in time where women are celebrated for loudly voicing every opinion and “telling it like it is,” a woman who knows when to keep her mouth shut is a rare breed...but a total GEM. Wouldn’t you agree? We think the adjective “meek” is a condescending and derogatory, when the Bible tells us that’s a characteristic we should be striving to exemplify. Lots of women don’t like that. It feels restrictive, but really, that’s nothing more than rebellion against authority (and sometimes we don’t even recognize the enemy has us believing that lie)…”Nobody’s going to tell ME what to say, when to say it, how to say it!”

Before everyone gets their panties all in a wad, hear me out. I’m not saying we are supposed to never talk, be totally silent, be door mats, not have an opinion, and not stand up for what is right. I am simply suggesting that we…(ahem, I)…learn to seek the Lord before speaking. That’s wisdom. There are times it would serve us (and those around us) far better if we could just keep our mouths shut.

This is for sure an area I am growing in.

Honestly, most men I know do NOT like to be around women who talk way too much, run their mouths, gossip , lie, nag, etc. It is not attractive.

Jonathan highly values and respects my opinion, and we have a lot of great conversation. But I know there have been times where me running my mouth has put us in situations that could have been avoided if I had just been quiet.

So, I have a little story. The most recent example I have of a time I actually kept my mouth shut (when I REALLY wanted to say something)...actually, I truly believe the Lord zipped my lips. Anyway, it happened over Christmas break. My mom and I took my three boys to see “The Star.” It was Kade’s first movie…and just SO cute! It’s a kid’s movie about the birth of Jesus. We had the baby with us (who slept the whole time), but we wanted to sit near the end of the row so we could get up quickly if one of them needed to use the restroom or if the baby started fussing. There weren’t a lot of empty seats left, so it was either in front of some people who had their feet on the back of the seats we were going to sit in, or the VERY front rows (that just hurt your neck!). We sat down, and the lady sitting behind my mom huffed, puffed, and I kid you not…put her feet on my mom’s hair. My mom didn’t say anything, but she turned around to see what was pulling her hair. The lady threw a legit tantrum. She got up, slung her purse, and stomped to the other end of the row- being super nasty, saying ugly things, and literally huffing and puffing like a three year old who didn’t get her way. I fully expected to turn around and see a bratty teenager, but instead looked into the eyes of a grown adult woman who was apparently so inconvenienced by our choice of seats and not being able to put her feet on the back of the chair in front of her that she had to cause a scene. I am not kidding you when I tell you that the Holy Spirit zipped my lips. I am not a super confrontational person AT ALL, but I couldn’t believe she was being so disrespectful and absurd and I desperately wanted to call her on her crap. I fumed through most of the movie. I so badly wanted to ask her what her problem was, but I knew my boys didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t want them seeing their mama getting into confrontation with a stranger. (Ever, but especially in a kids’ movie about the birth of baby Jesus. I mean, seriously lady?!? Plus, they were totally oblivious to her outburst, so all they would see was me instigating conflict. I had to consider their perspective.)

We walked out to the car at the same time, and I watched her get into her car. Proudly reppin a local church’s sticker on the back of her vehicle. I wanted again to knock on her window. Just to tell her how disappointed I was in her behavior. Or write her pastor. (Lame, maybe. But I just could not get over it! I’m sure part of it was just feeling defensive of my 65 year old mom, who happens to be one of the most generous, AMAZING women on the entire planet, and I really did not like seeing her being disrespected.) I don’t expect perfection, and I know people have bad days. And no, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. But she’s obviously claiming to be a believer coming to a movie like that and rockin a church sticker on her car. Instead, I thought, how would Jesus handle this? (Sometimes I feel like we really need the WWJD bracelets to come back!) I know I don’t have a relationship with that lady since she was a complete stranger. I don’t know her situation or her circumstances or what she might have been going through. And I know it wouldn’t be received as coming from a place of love & correction since she doesn’t know me, so, I stayed silent and I prayed for her. That was it.

I don’t say that because I think I’m awesome for not saying anything. Because for that one story, of that ONE time I actually kept my mouth shut, I have about a million more examples of times I spoke when I shouldn’t have. And I’ve had to deal with unintended consequences of saying something I shouldn’t have.

That’s one of the many reasons I am so thankful that God is gracious and merciful and forgives. But even more than that, I am thankful for the Word of God that gives us some clarity and times we are commanded to be silent. NOT because he’s trying to be restrictive, but because he is trying to protect us. Here are a few times the Scriptures say to be silent. (I’m sure there are more, but here are a few good ones we can remember.)

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I wrote that out and posted it next to my refrigerator so I can see it daily.

God tells us in James that the Lord freely gives wisdom to whoever asks for it. It’s as simple as creating a new habit. Retraining ourselves to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and seek the Lord before responding. (It doesn’t have to be a 15 minute prayer…and it can be as simple as a few times throughout the day asking the Lord to guard your tongue.)

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Ephesians 4:29 is a powerful verse. Memorize it, hide it in your heart, and let it be a guide for the words that you allow to come out of your mouth. Everything you say falls into either one of two categories…it is bringing LIFE or DEATH.
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Here’s my prayer for us, ladies…

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

ONE80 Results…4 Days Left to Join

We have a ONE80 group that started on January 3rd, another that started on January 8th, and one more starting in a little over a week. I wanted to give you a little peek into what we’ve seen so far.

I asked for people in our ONE80 coaching group on FB to share some wins they are seeing because we love to celebrate the victories. We aren't even 2 full weeks in yet, and y'all, we are blown away! We are so inspired, and this is exactly WHY we do what we do. These responses- REAL people that we know- is exactly what has fueled us for the past 6 years. We know there are more people who want this to be their reality (they just don't know how to get there) and we know we can help.

There were over 70 comments on the thread, but here are a few.

3 Days no sugar, nothing processed. Worked out 2 out of 3 Days. Yesterday I turned down stress eating. That was HUGE for me!! - Carrie Ann Byers

Day 8 of no sugars, white flour or processed foods. I am actually not craving my evening sweet treat! Been drinking a MRS instead! - Pamela Cote

I feel better than I ever have and people are noticing the changes already! - Jennifer Tucker

I don’t feel tired! And making such better, healthier food choices! Loving the results I’m seeing! - Mollie Lieux

Went up three flights of stairs without completely losing my breath! - Lia Kinigakis Williams

Energy through the roof and am sleeping so much better! - Becky Joseph

More energy and drinking a ton of water. Side benefit is skin looks great!!!! - Maggie Rosser

1. Eight days no sweet tea or milk.
2. Lost 6lbs.
3. More energy.
4. Nothing fried in 8 days, and I love grease!
5. Sleeping great.
6. Lots of water. - Bruce Sweeney

More energy and not so sluggish even working night shift! - Emily Mark

Day 8 lost 9lbs have eaten completely clean with no cheese at all which is a unbelievable thing for me!! Drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day, have completely eliminated coffee and exercising daily! - Kris Ramstad

Drinking 120 oz water a day, cooking and exploring new clean vegetarian recipes, no sweet cravings, down 8 lbs, clothes feeling better, MUCH more energy! - Jennifer Tatelbaum Smith

I feel fulfilled after I eat. I can go the 2-3 hours without feeling that I’m starving! Starting my day off with a solid breakfast has helped tremendously! My pants are a little looser too - Mendy Martin

Day 11!!! Down 3 lbs and 11 inches!!!! My size 8’s are feeling good (end goal is size 4;)) small victories!!! - Stephanie Crynes

Feeling more energized and sleeping well. - Britteny Hamilton

No sodas
Lost 4lbs
Worked out with more energy -
Martha DeReimer

The sugar craving headaches are GONE! Not only is my day 10 tomorrow, but I’m not planning on changing this new normal! - Jai-Brittany Means

Day 8 - down four pounds, better sleep, not needing my naps at lunch, and able to work out better- also haven’t cheated(very hard to do working in the bakery everyday) but also not craving it! - Brooke Odom

I'm eating breakfast for the first time in years! Great energy from Spark is powering me through my morning work-outs. - Kristie Lynn

The morning fog has cleared out! Loving my new routine and the benefits! Jeans fitting better too.

Saving some major money on meal prep and eating in! Plus having energy to keep up the 12 hour shifts! - Hannah Bredeweg-Flickema

Confidence! And sweaters fitting much better in this cold weather - Sarah Phillips

I feel so much better I’m on day 6. I find myself feeling less irritable and way more focused. I am now reaching for my spark for energy instead of coffee. I would drink 4-6 cups a day of coffee and still felt tired, not anymore after starting spark. I have enough energy after work to play with my kids. I overall feel so much happier. I’m so glad I decided to make the change. - Rachel Sizemore

1. Time with my family. I have my girls in cooking dinner with us. We are talking about making better choices when shopping together as a family and meal prepping as a family. Instead of always eating on the go.
2. Me and my husband ate out everyday. We have not done that which means Im saving money.
3. Feeling better and clothes are fitting better. For me and my husband. -
Stephanie Rainey Cook

I also wanted to share a few screen shots from our private coaching group to give an idea of what we do in there. The top coaches on our team are sharing meal ideas, recipes, meal planning tips, tips for eating out, traveling/on the go, tips to help with better sleep, less stress, personal growth, hydration, etc. I think my favorite part is the meal ideas because I’m always looking for things to add to the mix. I love all of the encouragement too though. We really have a sense of community, and it is AWESOME!!





imageImage may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, stripes and textimage

We would love for you to join us!! You still have 4 more days to enter the $40,000 transformation contest, so you’ll want to get ordered/entered by Jan 16th. (We totally want someone on our team to earn it!)

If you have any questions about the ONE80, this post tells you what it is, and my videos cover prices, options for getting started, etc. Or you can e-mail me of course! rainey.danielle@yahoo.com is the one I use most often. We’d love to help you make this work for your budget. If you + a couple friends do it, we can get you to a deeper discount and it makes the daily breakdown very reasonable.

Congrats to everyone making major ONE80s in their health and habits already in 2018!

Beau: 10 Month Update!!

Weight/Height: Around 18ish pounds. Dr. G wants me to get some weight on my sweet boy.


Health: Thank you Lord for our sweet, healthy boy. We do daily vit D drops. I try to use a powdered probiotic when I remember. I tried giving him a liquid multi with iron, but he just isn’t having it.


Sleep: Hallelujah, we have a sleeper!! Some nights he still wakes up around 11:30ish for one more feed, but he sleeps from about 9-9:30. We’ll take it!


What Beau is up to: Says “uh oh” “no no” “dada” “mama” “nana” (banana) …& he also said what sounded like “yellow” and “jase” but that may have been coincidence.

Beau loves music! He likes to dance &  he sings in his car seat.

He’s got 4 big ole teeth and he’s not shy about showing them off. LOVE his sweet little smile!!


Celebrated his first Thanksgiving & Christmas! Was a total trooper for all of the festivities.



He is crawling all over the place. He puts everything in his mouth!! Jase & Kade never really did that, but you have GOT to watch Beau. We have caught him with all kinds of things! It is truly the Lord’s protection he hasn’t gotten choked. We try our best to keep everything small picked up, but it is inevitable that he finds the tiniest things & they go directly to his mouth.


He LOVES fruit! Blueberries, blackberries, bananas, and oranges are his favorite. He also really likes beans.


When I’m waking him up in the morning or from a nap, I’ll ask him to give me a hug and he totally does it.  Sometimes he’ll even pat me on the back when he’s hugging me- it’s hilarious. He is a snuggly baby and will lay his head on your shoulder…and thennnn you pretty much melt.


We call him the mayor because he is always smiling and waving at everyone like he’s a politician or in a parade or something. It’s adorable!


He’s still my little sidekick and comes everywhere with me.


Baby Beau’s first snow!


Nursing: He is nursing like a champ. Definitely shorter feeds & eating lots more big boy food, but still nurses around 4 times a day.

My very favorite thing is when I’m nursing him to sleep and he gently rubs my arms. It is SO.SWEET.

Post-Partum: So, I self-diagnosed myself with diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia. I also have a few really bad varicose veins on the back of each of my legs. Nice, huh? No point in getting anything fixed until we’re done having babies. It’s not painful either, thankfully. But, aside from those love marks, I am at least really loving my skin! Maybe it’s the GLOW line & collagen?


I feel really good though. I feel strong and fit in the gym, and have plenty of energy to keep up with the boys. I’m in a really good place physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually right now. Very THANKFUL.


Big Brothers Jase & Kade: The boys LOVE their baby! They are both very helpful. Beau doesn’t let his brothers get by with anything because he’s smaller. He is a little bit feisty & will “fight” for this toys if he has something first.


Thoughts: Baby Beau, you are the sweetest baby. We can’t believe we’ll be planning a first birthday party soon…fastest.year.ever! You are such a gift to our family & we are so grateful for you! You make all of us smile every single day. We are so grateful God blessed us with YOU!! Our sweet boy.