Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall in GA, Back on the health train, and an AWESOME workout plan!!

Well hey, y’all!
Check out this gorgeous background….it’s officially FALL in Georgia!! (Okay, it has been for a few weeks, but we are really starting to see some pretty leaves changing!)
fall 001
I have always been a summertime kinda gal, but I am really enjoying this Fall so far.  I like the crisp, cool weather, the changing leaves, the smell of fires burning, and a pumpkin spice cappuccino mixed with coffee from Racetrac (it kills Starbuck’s and is way cheaper!).  I haven’t gone far enough to start liking Fall decorations (I can’t help it, they look tacky to me….), but I think I’m definitely getting there.
On another note….I decided TODAY would be the day to get my clean eating back on track.  I ate some serious junk during the last few weeks of marathon training that I would normally never put in my mouth (hello, nachos??), and I am SO ready to start eating healthy again. 
fall 005
Yep, it makes me REALLY happy to see a frig packed out with fruits, veggies, greek yogurt, lowfat cottage cheese, boiled eggs, and some pre-made salads full of vegetables.
I also finally made it back to the gym tonight with Big Jon.  I haven’t stepped foot in there in months.  I have barely moved since the marathon (partly because I’ve been fighting a sinus infection, thank goodness for a Z-pack), so I decided it was time to get my boot-ay moving again.  I have had a few friends share this killer Jamie Eason diet and workout plan, so I conquered day one of the workout. My arms felt like jello when I was done!!

Looking for a new diet or workout plan?? Might as well start today.  Check out Jamie Eason’s plan.  She ROCKS. I’ve been slightly obsessed with her since I started reading Oxygen magazine a few months ago….she’s my bodybuilding idol, & I love her cute little blonde bob haircut!  Check it out:
Are you loving Fall as much as I am??
Any plans for a new workout regimen or diet??

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

I've started training for a half marathon which I'm overly excited about!