Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Makeup, Chef Danielle, & Celebrity Look-Alikes!

Check out all the goodies my rockin’ Mother-in-law sent me via my hubby today!! a 001a 002a 003a 004a 005

Yeaaaaa buddy!!  She loves make-up too, so she always hooks me up.  I can’t wait to check out some of these sweet little numbers soon- and I’ll probably do a product review so you can get yourself some if they work like a charm.

AND, in honor of hump day, AKA church night, I whipped up this quick little number I posted a recipe for earlier in the week (I added mushrooms).

a 006a 007a 008

Does asparagus make anyone else’s pee smell funny? {Is that TMI??} It does mine FO SHO…..but who cares, it’s SO good.

After church the hubby & I worked on a guest post we’re co-writing about what we’ve learned during our first year of marriage.  I’ll definitely keep you posted once that comes out…

Speaking of guest posts…I was featured on Skinny Runner today!! Seriously, I feel famous.  She and Hungry Runner Girl are two of my multiple-times-a-day reads. Yes, I stalk them both. (At least I can admit it, right?)  BUT, I do believe I would be BFFs with both of them in real life if we lived closer.

Anyway, you can read my post here and see that she thinks I look like Emily from last season of the Bachelor (minus the fake grill, of course).


Another reader commented that I look like Monica Potter….

_monica_potter_spike_tvs_scream_2009_1Honeymoon 110

What do you think?

Either? Neither?? Both???

Do you have any celebrity look-a-likes???

We’re almost the weekend, ladies….hang in there!!


Corrie Anne said...

I saw you on Skinny Runner. You ARE famous!!! Lol. I mean, seriously!

Running Nonstop said...

So glad I found your blog thanks to SR!! Congratulations on your marathon!!!!!

Sierra said...

I don't know who you look like, but regardless you are gorgeous!

Amanda Jones said...

I can definitely see Monica Potter!

Sam W. said...

i can see both of those gorgeous girls!! i've got melissa rycroft and anne hathaway...i'll take both :)

Lisa said...

I just found your blog from SR too! I'm looking forward to reading more and being entertained :) I would say you look like both and both are great compliments.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking you looked like Tricia Yearwood! (face, not body!)

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Ha, ha. Yeah I do, or at least people always tell me I look like Mandi Moore. I actually have a post ready to go on this so if you see it don't think it's a copy thing. :)

Laura Jennings said...

Monica Potter DEFINITELY! That was immediately who I thought of when I first found your blog :)

Unknown said...

so amazing!! Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.