Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Cards 2017

Every year I *almost* don’t send out Christmas cards. I always wait too long (shocker), and it is so time consuming taking pictures, designing cards, gathering addresses, writing allll of those addresses. (Yes, I’m sure there are ways to make all of that go quicker. You people with your amazing stamps & printed addresses are impressive with yo skills!)

But, my heart is always SO happy receiving cards & seeing everyone’s beautiful families posted in our house throughout the Christmas season. I pray for each family as I open their card, and we hang on to them and put them on a ring every year so we have them to look back on.

So because others’ cards bring me so much joy, I always end up sending them & hope to bring the same joy.

This year, we didn’t get professional pics taken. And I just chose 4 different designs from WalMart (WAY cheaper than Shutterfly! Although I still prefer Shutterfly cards) and thought it would be fun to send the four varieties out randomly. Here are the Butler’s Christmas cards from 2017…

P.S. If your address wasn’t listed in our Postable address book, or if you have moved, we may have missed you. We had a few extras this year we normally don’t have. So sorry if we did!


MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours!!

P.S. Anyone else have a tradition of starting and completing their Christmas shopping all the few days before Christmas?!? haha!!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Beau Update: 7,8, & 9 Months!!

Weight/Height: 17-18 lbs, around 27” I think? We go back to the doctor this week & we’ll find out for sure.

Update: Went to doctor on 11/28 for his 9 month checkup - he weighed 17.13 lbs and was 28.5” tall. Long & lean.


Health: Sweet boy is healthy and growing! He’s such a happy, smiley boy. Such a sweet little personality & a very easy baby. We are grateful for a clean bill of health!


Sleep: If he’s not sleeping through the night by 9 months, I’m moving him to the other bedroom & we’ll have to do a little bit of CIO. I think he’s still waking up because he’s in my room. Or maybe it’s my inconsistency with a schedule. ((who would have ever thought after i was so hard core with Jase that i would ever not operate on a super consistent schedule? 3 kids later, running our own business from home, and living in a rental house where we don’t quite feel “settled”…it’s just the way it is.

So yes, I know it’s my own fault, but whew! It’s killin me. If he only wakes up once, I’m fine. More than that and not gonna lie…it’s rough. There’s not enough Spark to help with basically NOT sleeping since his bros sometimes tag team and wake me up too.

side note: is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby? looks like an angel.


(update: I moved him to his own room about a week ago. He’s slept through the night since then. WHY didn’t I do that sooner? oh my goodness!)

(another update: since this post has taken me 3 months to write! sheesh! he woke up the last two nights. maybe the big 9 month leap? hopefully. fingers crossed.)


What Beau is up to: I feel like this sweet boy went from newborn to big boy over night. He is into EVERYTHING! They are already telling me at Bible Study he’s the fastest baby ever. He is pulling up on everything, taking steps along the couch, climbing up stairs, chewing on shoes, taking things out of the cabinets, & putting everything in his mouth (the other boys never really did that). He is fast, up and down, and into everything! 4 teeth (2top, 2 bottom). Eating all the big boy food. He’s tried pretty much everything we eat that’s soft enough. (I did give him a bite of pizza once and he threw up the next morning, so no more of that grease.) Can say “mama,” “dada,” ‘no no” and “bye bye” (and according to Jase, he said his first words…”Father Abraham”). Hahha! I’m also pretty sure he’s said “Papa.” He’s wearing 12 month clothes. He LOVES taking a bath! Clapping his hands, waves hello…at pretty much everyone. SO friendly and doesn’t meet a stranger. (Will go to pretty much anyone but loves coming back to mama & daddy.) He lights up when he sees me or Jon. Loves both of his brothers!! (Although will already “fight back” if they’re doing something that annoys him.) He’s also very snuggly & cuddly. I love it! Melts my heart when he lays his head on my shoulder or rubs my arms when he’s nursing. He also likes to sing, and him and Jonathan have their own special little language where they grunt at each other. It’s hilarious. When we are wrestling with the boys, he tries to get right up in the mix like he’s a big boy.


Baby Beau had his first beach trip, a trip to Gatlinburg, and went on his second round trip flight to Michigan (he did great with both!). Everyone around him on the plane fell in love with him. Thankfully he does great traveling.


Also, we celebrated his first Gold Rush, Halloween & Thanksgiving! (He loved the sweet potatoes best.)


Nursing: Nursing is going well. We are pretty much solely nursing on one side, but it compensates and still makes plenty. (He had a favorite side and I eventually gave up on the other.) I know it makes enough though because I went out of town for one night & pumped while I was gone for 24 hours. PLENTY of milk! I plan to keep nursing till at least 15ish months like I did with the other boys. (Maybe longer. We’ll see how it’s going.)


Post-Partum: I am 100% back to normal. (Except my belly button, which is never going back to normal.) He’s my little sidekick and I bring him everywhere with me.


Big Brothers Jase & Kade: The boys are SO helpful! They help me keep an eye on him & let me know if he’s trying to climb the stairs or on the fireplace. (Working on teaching him no to both.) They always pick up little toys/pieces on the ground so he won’t put it in his mouth and get choked. If he’s ever crying they come get me as fast as they can. And they like to make him laugh. Both boys are so sweet with him. Jase is very attentive and Kade is very compassionate towards him & always concerned if he’s crying. I love seeing their bonds & I’m so grateful they have each other. I know they’re all going to have so much fun together as they grow and I love watching them interact, even now.


Every time we pass the hospital, Jase says he remembers when Baby Beau was born and that he picked his name. (He didn’t really. I’ve liked the name Beau since before we even had kiddos.)

Thoughts: Baby Beau, we are so grateful you are part of our family! You are so special, so loved, and we know the Lord has big plans for your life!