Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My TOP Make-up Tips!

I’m not an expert or anything, but I have done make-up for lots of ladies for proms and weddings.  I have read tons of articles and know a pretty decent amount about makeup application.  Here are some of my top tips along with the products I love

{Trust me, this is a major improvement from my “sans make-up” face!!}

Honeymoon 168FAVEFall Break 123makeup 005

Prepare your face.  Use cleanser and moisturizer (as well as sunblock during the day) so your makeup goes on evenly. 

makeup 003

Invest in a good self tanner made specifically for faces.  Sometimes people overdo it on bronzer and it can look orange and weird.  I prefer a good self tanner to help even out my “not-so-even” skintone.  Remember my post about my problem skin?? Yeah, I try to cover all that mess up.

makeup 004

Apply foundation first.  I used to put concealer on first, but I have learned it’s better to create a base layer with foundation, then add concealer to dark spots, red areas, or blemishes. 

makeup 006

Speaking of, concealer,  get a concealer brush- they work like a little magic eraser (way better than your finger). I like this one from Bare Minerals….

makeup 011

Get some highlighter and bronzer and learn to contour.  I use Bare Minerals and bronzer to create this affect. I use a light, sparkly color from E.L.F. under by brow bone and in the inside corner of my eyelid.  I use highlighter at the top or my cheeks underneath the outer corner of my eyes and around the corners of my nose and mouth.

makeup 009makeup 010

Go dark on the eyes or lips- not both.  I tend to wear a lot of eye makeup, so I go for a light, glossy lip. 

makeup 014makeup 012

Invest in some eyelid primer so your eye shadow will stay in place and show up better.

makeup 013

Apply blush in a circular motion from the apples of your cheeks to your temples and a little into your hairline.

makeup 008

Dust a translucent powder over entire face to seal it. 

makeup 007

Invest in some good makeup brushes and an eyelash curler. E.L.F. has some great products that are very reasonably priced.  Ya gotta have the right tools to make it work!

*I wear a lot of mascara to make my eyes pop and use a dark charcoal grey shadow in the corners/creases of my eyelid (smoky effect).  I have noticed that this makes my eyes appear bigger and I like the way I look in photographs better when I do this.  I also use eyeliner on the outer corners of my eyes (not my whole eye) and extend a little out and up past my natural corner.  It makes me look Chinese when someone captures a random pic of my with my eyes closed, but I have found it makes my eyes look a little bigger. 

Any questions?

Well, hopefully you learned something you can add to your makeup routine to jazz it up a little.  If not, sorry you just wasted a few precious moments of your life….ha!

What are your top make-up tips??

Come on girls, share your secrets with us!!


Rissy said...

That was really helpful! I don't wear concealer yet but know I will have to bite that bullet some day. I'm sure as soon as I try it, I will say "wow! how did I live without this?"

Thanks so much for the highlighter specifications... I have some and had no idea where to even put it!


The Bases said...

Hi! Just found your blog from SR! I just learned about putting on foundation first, then concealer! I love it! The girl at MAC told me that!

Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner said...

Just wanted to come over and say HI!! Saw your blog on SR. You are BEAUTIFUL!

Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

Stopping over from SR to say hello. Savannah RnR this year was my first marathon too! I'll have to go find your recap.
And girl, you are GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by from SkinnyRunner. Great post. I love reading about makeup tips. Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog.

Anonymous said...

it makes you look Chinese?

LeeAnn said...

Just found your blog via SR. You are adorable!! I just ran my first Marathon in October (after starting to run last spring-ish). Congrats!!

Corey said...

Hi Danielle! I just found your blog through SR and I will definitely be adding it to my Google Reader! Your blog is super cute! I also played softball in college (I was a pitcher too) and now my hubby and I live in SC! P.S. Thanks for the make-up tips! I need 'em :)

Rachel said...

Great tips! Found you on Skinny Runner! You really could be Emily's twin.

Sarah OUaL said...

Visiting from SR and I think we're long lost twins.

Pitched in HS, rode the bench in college. Quit after fall season Sr year because "real life" was coming too fast.

Married a baseball player. Had 9/18 (my #, his #) picked as our wedding date (wound up having to push it back).

You're gorgeous and your wedding looks phenomenal. Can't wait to read more :)

Sierra said...

I am a big fan of facial self-tanner, probably too big of a fan. Regardless, it makes me feel more confident about my skin, so I will continue to use it in large quantities.

I found Bare Minerals primer last year and it seriously changed my life. If I take one's my eyelash curler. I feel like it instantly makes me look awake.

Jamie said...

I use Bare Minerals and love it...especially the concealer brush!

I've used Loreal Voluminous mascara for years and love it too!

BlueEyedBarbie said...

great tips. you are stunning!