Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hunting, Waffle House, Photo Shoot, & Sewing an Apron!

It amazes me how much time I have to accomplish whatever I need to get done on my days off!!

I woke up to this yesterday:

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We have about an acre and a half behind our house and we see a lot of does in our neighborhood.  However, since the deer are in rut, Big Jon saw 2 bucks in our backyard yesterday!! He got his rifle out so he could “look through the scope to see it better,” but I started to get a little nervous when he opened the window. 

h 003h 004

Jonathan did hunt growing up, but he hasn’t been in years.  Every guy I know who hunts becomes obsessed with it, so I’m okay with him not hunting. Besides, we have some friends hook us up with more deer meat than we can eat. Anyway, this was my first “hunting” experience, and I will say….I did enjoy it from the comfort of my home, drinking coffee, in my robe….Not bad.

He even gave my some camo Under Armor cold gear pants to wear!! 

(Not really…I’m just borrowing them for my upcoming cold training season. Crissy said since Skinny Runner and Hungry Runner are taken, maybe I should be REDNECK RUNNER. Haha!! Well, I definitely have the look down!)

h 005

After that I headed to Waffle House to meet some of the students from my yearbook staff for breakfast.  They are such a hoot and had a great time.  Can you pick me out??

g 007g 008

{Yea, I was trying to be incognito in my hat and shades.} 

They were cracking my up doing their little dance called”The Wobble.”


I met Crissy & Jay to take a few pics for them after breakfast.  Jay was deployed to Iraq after they got married, so they never got to take engagement pictures. Here they are, eight years later!!

Aren’t they a gorgeous couple??

I went to the grocery store after the shoot to get all my goodies for my Thanksgiving contribution, and can you believe the ONLY thing I forgot was SQUASH??? For squash casserole. Really?!?! Haha….I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

And to top off my fabulous Tuesday, I went to Dana’s last nigth for Mrs. Mary’s apron class @ Just Sew! Studio!! (You can find them on Facebook!) 

g 019

It always amazes me how patient Mrs. Mary is (even when I didn’t follow directions and had to spend about 30 minutes with the seam ripper).  She is such a great teacher!  And isn’t Dana so stinking gorgeous in her cute little outfit?!?  She made a fabulous assistant. And the aprons turned out super cute!!!

g 010g 011g 014g 015

I love my BFF!!

g 017

Thankful for another great day of break and ready to go shopping with my MOM today!!!! Woo hoo!!!


Michelle said...

Hi there! I'm a new follower - found you from Skinny Runner about a week ago from CLB (?) or maybe it was a running feature, I can't remember. I came over because I'm in Georgia too. What a small world...I recognized Dana...I met her about 2 years ago-ish from my friend Ashley. Dana and Ashley taught at the same school (I think) so maybe you teach with her too? Anyways, just wanted to say hello and share. :)

And I LOVE that apron! Super cute! And...GO DAWGS! ;)

Mama’s Minute said...

Love the deer hunter pictures! Oh what the boys do to surprise us! :) I had a great time with you last night. Your apron turned out fabulous! So proud of your sewing techniques. AND...your pictures turned out fabulous! Wanna be a second shooter if Erin's busy? Seriously mark your calendar for May - I have a back to back wedding weekend and may need you if Sis can't!! Love you!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Hey Michelle!! Small world...that's crazy! Glad you stopped by though. Nice to meet ya! :)

Yes, Dana used to teach with Ashley and I've met her also, but I teach in a different county.

Thanks for introducing yourself!!

Dana- I would LOVE to!!!! We would have a blast! :) Count me IN! Yes, our boys are silly. Can't wait to spend time with the fab 4 soon!!