Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post- Race Celebration!

We decided to replenish our bodies from the 26.2 with a celebratory lunch at Longhorn’s and some steaks!!  (Yes, I know….I have probably only eaten 2 steaks my whole life, and here I am eating 2 in a month!)  Marathon 119Marathon 121Marathon 122

We headed back to the hotel for showers & an AWESOME nap and then got ready to eat dinner.  Seriously, our life story for the weekend was Eat. Run. Sleep. No complaints from me- those are three of my favorite things!!  We met up with Crissy & Jay and Brian & Alison (the newly engaged couple- congrats!) and decided to go somewhere on River Street where we could watch the game.  After some dangerous cobblestone walking (we were already getting a little sore, but the boys requested we suffer in silence), we ended up at Spanky’s.Marathon 123

Boys are weird.

Marathon 124

I enjoyed some nachos while Big Jon got a big fried plate of something…..I don’t even know what it was. Bye bye, clean eating!  However, our fried foods wee nothing compared to Jay squirting straight mayo into his mouth! YUCK!!!

Marathon 130Marathon 129

I did what I do and annoyed everyone all night with the camera. Yes, annoying photographer lady snapping away. Hey, we’re making memories here people….I’m just trying to capture them!

Marathon 125Marathon 126Marathon 127Marathon 128

Me: “OMG, I just ran a marathon!!”

Crissy: “So what, I eat marathons for dinner. What’s the big deal?”

Marathon 132

Marathon 133Marathon 134Marathon 136 - CopyMarathon 137 - CopyMarathon 138 - CopyMarathon 139 - CopyMarathon 140 - CopyMarathon 141 - CopyMarathon 142Marathon 143

Great band….we only caught them for their last song- “I’ll Fly Away!”Marathon 145

Duh, we had to go here! We didn’t buy anything….just enjoyed the aroma of caramel apples and pecans!!

Marathon 146Marathon 148

And we found a shirt with my ‘nickname’ on it….courtesy of Brock Hall & my goofy hubby.

Marathon 133

When we got back to the hotel, we finished watching the AL vs. LSU game in Crissy & Jay’s room.  Crissy was an excellent hostess and fell asleep the second we got back, not even budging for the next hour.  We all headed to bed and enjoyed an extra hour of sleep from the time change.

Boo for me- I work up at 7 am the next morning. (I was so looking forward to sleeping in, too. Stupid biological clock!)  Jon & I headed down to eat breakfast, and we all packed up and headed home. 

Here’s Laura with her coveted 26.2 magnet before heading home!!The coveted sticker

Getting ready for the drive home!!

Marathon 149Marathon 150Marathon 151Marathon 152Marathon 153Marathon 154Marathon 155Marathon 156Marathon 157

See ya later, Savannah!!  Nice running all over ya….


Chels said...

So so so proud of you!! You guys killed it!!

LOVE the booty shirt!

Cait the Arty Runnerchick said...

trust me, if i were to finish a marathon, i'd be using that excuse to stuff my face for the entire week of recovery after! :)

i love ur shirt too...not just cuz booty is a great nickname, but i've been a bit pirate obsessed for YEARS and that was long before the pirates movies came out. :P

once again, great job out there!