Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Slim +Trim: Live Lean in 2019

We started piloting a program back in the summer, and the results have been IN-CRED-IBLE. I followed this for about 5 months, and I actually LOST inches during the holidays this year. Normally I maintain pretty well because our products are that good,but this year I actually lost. I still enjoyed treats & Christmas cookies and my holiday faves, but this program helped me eat smaller portions and revved up my metabolism so I’m a fat burning machine. I also love the lifestyle guide that comes with it (red light eating is GENIUS and scientifically backed and proven). I am SUPER impressed. I mean, I can fit in my size 4 pageant dress that I wore 18 YEARS ago (now after having 3 babies) if that tells ya anything about it! (**may or may not have been secretly hoping Jonathan wouldn’t wake up when I was taking these! hahhaa!!! he was totally asleep in the bed behind me.) And the best part is that I feel so.so.GOOD!!!

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AdvoCare did a phenomenal job putting together a super short overview of the Slim+Trim if you want to know what it does:

Slim & Trim 28 Promo: https://youtu.be/LWNk0XCZeHY

Slim & Trim Overview: https://youtu.be/BNH_UDwYZ98

I also have a FB page where I share the newest programs and some fun tips, so you’re more than welcome to request to join. Lots of great info & I share resources/record live videos in there too. Slim & Trim: Live Lean in 2019.

Here are a few of my friends who have ROCKED it out! Like, legit real life friends.

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There are tons of freebies that end tonight,like the free shaker cup featured on Shark Tank- it is SO cool!), FREE shipping when you order the Slim + Trim 28, & it’s the last chance to enter into the $45,000 transformation contest. Yes, I am for real. We really want someone on OUR team to win that first place prize of $25,000 CASH and free Spark for an entire year, so if you want us to coach you & to go for it, let me know ASAP! Gotta get you entered by tonight!

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Here are the price breakdowns per day. Don’t forget it includes one meal a day, your vitamins, and your afternoon rocket fuel BioCharge/Slim combo.

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**If you want to save right off the bat, you can consider becoming a preferred customer to save 20%. No monthly minimums, quotas, or autoships. If you + a friend do a Slim + Trim 28 together, you’ll have a 25% discount immediately and forever if you renew each year. (Just like you would at a Sam’s or Costco!)


**If you think you’ll share with others and want to earn income for referrals, or want to get to the deepest discount (40%), you definitely want to become a distributor.


Give Up to Go Up

I talk to so many people on a regular basis who are ready for breakthrough in one or more areas of their life, but they are unwilling to “give up to go up.” There aren’t many things in life where we can advance and see growth without putting in some intentional effort. I know there have been a few places in our life lately where I have just felt “stuck.” Ya know what I mean? Just not where we want to be, or where I know we should be. Everything else is in place and we are positioned for advancement in these areas, so I knew it has to be something I am doing. And the best place to look when you’re in that position is in the mirror and then UP!

As I have been fasting and praying for a solution and BREAKTHROUGH, I heard a clear “give up to go up.” And I don’t mean “give up” as in quit. I mean “give up” as in surrender, sacrifice, & stretch.

Surrender. First and foremost, we are called to surrender our lives to the Lord. Surrender means cease resistance and submit willingly to authority.  If you’ve never done that and don’t know what it means or what it looks like in your life, I’d love for you to e-mail me & have a personal conversation with you about it. Essentially, it’s admitting you’re a sinner (Romans 3:23), believing that God sent his Son to die for us because of our sin (Romans 5:8, Romans 6:23, John 3:16), that He rose again 3 days later  and the blood He shed for us creates an opportunity for us to have eternal salvation. It’s as simple as confessing and repenting (turning away) of sin and professing that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9, 10:13).

For those of us who already have a relationship with Christ,we still have to make the choice to surrender. Surrender means seeking the Lord in such a way that our desires begin to align with His will for our life. It means denying ourselves daily,taking up our cross and following Him (Luke 9:23). When selfish desires,the enemy, or our flesh try to lead us to think, act, react, or respond in a way that does not reflect Christ and his character, we have to consciously choose to be obedient to the Word (the Bible). The only way we can do what it says is by knowing what’s in it. (It requires discipline + you guessed it, the next “S” word…sacrifice….to consistently be in God’s Word.)

So that’s the first step. SURRENDER. Not my will, but thine be done. Lord, help me to truly MEAN that.


Sacrifice. Sometimes we have big dreams, big goals, and big wishes…but they will never become reality because we aren’t willing to sacrifice anything. Not sacrifice our time. Our money. Our favorite tv show. Our hobbies. Our pride. Our entertainment. Our social media. Certain foods.


I believe we honor God with our first fruits. We honor Him with the first fruits of our finances in the form of tithing. (My personal opinion based on Scripture is10% given to our church. Anything you give above that is gifts & offerings.) We honor Him with the first fruits of our time through prayer/quiet time in the morning and attending church at the first of each week. We honor God physically by beginning each year with a fast. If you’re new to fasting, I recommend listening to Jentezen Franklin’s book called Fasting. Total game changer for my spiritual life and walk with the Lord, and this helped me understand the WHY and the HOW TO.

Jonathan and I are currently doing a pretty strict Daniel Fast and I’m limiting social media time. (The thing I miss the most is SPARK! Well, caffeine in general.) We are avoiding bread, dairy, sugar, meat, anything processed, and caffeine. But more important than those sacrifices, we are in a season of intense prayer to show a sacrifice of our time. No tv or movies. Limited screen time.I know it sounds intense, but we want to show the Lord we are serious about serving Him, seeking His will, & being more fruitful and Christlike. Jesus fasted and prayed, so we fast and pray.

Side note: I saw a car the other day with a bumpers sticker with two of the kiddos names & little banners on the back, and then another bumper sticker that said “I’d rather be ___________.” (It was a hobby.) It might have been a joke or just a funny bumper sticker, but it made me stop and think. From an outside perspective, based on my calendar, my checkbook, my social media accounts, my thoughts, and where my heart is, is it super clear and evident what is most important in my life?? Would an outsider looking in be able to tell what I am most passionate about? And how about the people closest to me? Do they have any doubts as to where they fall?

Sacrifice. A sacrifice is something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. What are you willing to give up to go up? (P.S. It might be something “good” & well meaning that is keeping you from God’s best.)

Stretch. This is where is gets fun. I believe God calls us to be stretched and learn to operate outside of our comfort zone. This is where He can really show up. Being outside of our comfort zone means choosing faith over fear because it requires dependence on the Lord rather than our own strengths & abilities. It allows Him to pair his super with our natural for a supernatural result that could only be explained as “from God.” It feels so hard & scary, but I can say that I have learned to be more comfortable being uncomfortable. I am working on being radically obedient in 2019 (which is really just Biblical obedience, but in today’s society, Biblical obedience seems radical). This means often doing, saying, praying things that feel intimidating & too big for me. I believe the enemy would like nothing more than to keep us shackled and bound by our own fear. Fear of rejection, of the outcome, of our own inability. But when we choose to allow the Lord to stretch us and operate in FAITH, out of obedience, the Lord shows upon our behalf in such a cool way. You know…that abundant way.


Maybe your 2018 went exactly like you wanted. Maybe your life is exactly where you’d hoped and you’re completely satisfied in all of your relationships, with your finances, in your spiritual life, with your health, in your business. My prayer is that you’re content, but never complacent. And if you just so happen to be in a place like me where you are ready to see breakthrough in one or more of those areas, I hope you’ll ask God where you can surrender, sacrifice,and stretch to see more FRUITS and more FAVOR and more BLESSINGS in 2019.