Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby Butler is 12 weeks!

(Actually, he/she is technically 13 weeks today- I’m a week behind! oops!)

Baby Growth:

Baby Butler is the size of a plum!!


My Symptoms: I am feeling so much better as far as the nausea, but I am still extremely fatigued.  I am so ready for that 2nd trimester burst of energy I keep hearing about!! I didn’t have time to notice how tired I was last week really because I was so busy, but when I got home on Friday I CRASHED on the couch at 7:30 and didn’t wake up till the next morning! I had cereal for dinner and there is no telling what poor Jonathan ate…..I left him to fend for himself!  Everyone keeps telling me this is exhaustion is God’s way of preparing me to be a mom. Ha!

I started to feel a little yucky again on Saturday night and am pretty sure I was a little dehyrdated into Sunday & Monday. I’m normally water queen, but I’m having the hardest time getting water in for some reason right now. I started drinking more Rehydrate and trying to increase my water intake…

Weight: I’m up about 4-5 lbs since I found out I was pregnant in August. Haven’t really gained anything in the past few weeks…

Gender: Well, Jon finally told me his gut tells him girl- and he thinks she is going to be just like me! (I can’t tell if he means that in a good way or a bad way! haha! ) So far, the general consensus from all of our closest friends and family seems to be girl. We do have a girl name picked out, but cannot think of ANYTHING for a boy! Maybe that’s a sign too?

Maternity Clothes:  I’m still wearing normal clothes and some are tighter than others. It just depends on what I’m wearing, but I am NOT comfortable in restrictive clothes at all. I change the minute I get home from work every day!

Movement: Nope…so excited for this though! Everyone wants to feel my belly, so I can’t wait till there is actually some movement for them to feel! (I keep telling everyone it’s not really a baby bump yet- it’s just a gut from all the cheez-its and waffles!)

Sleep: I am still not getting enough sleep. I know that…I’m not sleeping very well or going to bed early enough.

Cravings: French onion soup! I ate it 3 times last week! Haha….oh, and smoothies!!!

What I miss: Being TAN! I am so pale.

Work Outs: I rocked it during week 11, but I think I only worked out once or twice during week 12. I was super exhausted and busy every day, so that translated into NOT working out. I did buy a few pregnancy DVDs though, so maybe I’ll put one of those to use sometime soon.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Going out to celebrate Aunt Dana’s birthday with her! And enjoying an incredibly cozy weekend at home. It has been so cold outside, so with the house all warm, Fall candles lit, a spic and span house, and chili in the crockpot, we had such a relaxing weekend. It was awesome!

Questions/Concerns:  None. I guess I shouldn’t even have a place for this on these posts because I never really have any questions or concerns….maybe as we get closer?  I’m pretty set in my ways as far as my plans, but I know I’m not really in control of those either- so I’m just focusing on things we can control. Honestly, our focus right now is on preparing ourselves to be parents more than any baby goodies, a nursery, names, etc. I know the best way to focus on being a good parent is to focus on our marriage and growing in our walks. I feel like all the rest will fall into place.

Goals for next week: Go to bed earlier!! For real this time!

Thoughts: Definitely not trying to rush through anything, and trying to soak in every moment….BUT…I am pretty pumped about 2nd trimester being right around the corner!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Finding Fulfillment

We try to find fulfillment through so many different aspects of life.

Hobbies; education; volunteer work; careers; relationships; our spouse; our children; vacations; material items; finances; success; sports; achievements; shopping; ministries; exercise; addictions; entertainment…the list goes on.

When we have a void in our life, we search to try to fill it somehow. Many times, it’s through something in that list.  Although I think the majority of the items in that list can be very positive if pursued with the right perspective (obviously not addictions), I think unfortunately, we allow them to take over in our priority list as we seek to find fulfillment.  We obsess over them and give them all of our time and attention, allowing them to take over our life. When we realize we still aren’t fulfilled, we try something else and continue seeking in different places. We experience disappointment after disappointment realizing these things are never enough. They aren’t quite enough, and that leaves us feeling a sort of emptiness.

This is the deal. You cannot expect a spouse, a relationship, a career, a hobby, money, etc. to ever fill the void in your life, because that will never happen.


And this is why our faith and relationship with the Lord is so important. It’s VITAL to feeling fulfilled, and that results in contentment in every aspect of our lives.


I know we all go through times in our lives when we feel closer in our walk than others, and from my own personal experience, I have found that the times I feel the most fulfilled are when I am the closest to the Lord….seeking Him and pursuing godliness. This does not always happen, and I can always tell when I’m not putting enough effort into my spiritual life.  That should ALWAYS be number one and precede anything else I have going on, but we are human and there are a million and one excuses as to why this doesn’t happen sometimes.  For me, the biggest distraction to my walk is business…..as in ”busyness”…being busy.  I know that’s not a plausible excuse, but I have done enough self-reflection to realize that is an area where I struggle. It takes WORK for me to just “Be still.”


I talk to ladies all the time who are not content with their lives- their husbands, their children, their careers, their physical appearance, their finances, their circumstances, etc. Usually when I start digging and finding out where they are in their walks, they usually  feel they have strayed and aren’t seeking the Lord. Makes perfect sense, right? When we stop making time for God in our daily lives, we make room for the enemy to step in and start consuming our thoughts. It may start with something small, like becoming more focused on some of our other priorities; like something in that list. And the next thing we know, we are depressed, sad, upset, feel defeated, worn down, exhausted, discontent, and unfulfilled. And we get back in the cycle of seeking some other way to resolve those feelings.

For believers, the only way to be truly fulfilled is to “Seek the Lord with all your heart and soul.”  When we do that, we are able to see the world and ourselves through a Godly perspective, which helps us be more content in every area of our life. We are okay with our imperfections and don’t expect other areas, or people, to provide everything for us.


It is not our husband’s job to give us fulfillment. He has a lot of roles, but that’s not one of them. That can only come from the Lord, and when we understand that, we can love our husbands the way we are called to and stop expecting him to be more for us than he is designed to be.

When we find fulfillment in the Lord, we are more okay with rejection, failures, and imperfections, because we know that is not how we are measured in Christ’s eyes. His desire is for us to seek Him wholly, and other things will fall into place. That does not mean life will be perfect and that we won’t have trials, but you will be able to have a joy and a peace despite your circumstances. That is true spiritual maturity and where we can start to feel truly fulfilled.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baby Butler is 11 weeks!!

Baby Growth:


I like the description of a plum or lime better…I’m not really sure what that thing even is!

My Symptoms: Hallelujah!! I seriously feel like a DIFFERENT person this week!! I guess week 11 was my magic turning point. Not only has my nausea gone away (except for one night of week 11 that I thought I was going to puke), but my pants fit again! The only thing I’m dealing with now is total exhaustion, but adding back in that one Spark a day (that’s the Science/Medical advisory board’s allowance for expecting moms) has seriously CHANGED my life. Mean it. I am SO MUCH more productive and have even been back in the gym this week. OH, and I started eating veggies again! I wait till around 3:00 to take it….I wish I could have 2 because I kinda drag until I drink my Spark.

However, that whole patience thing has yet to make a comeback. I’m still easily annoyed….mostly when it comes to repeating myself. And hearing other people complain. So the two symptoms that seem to be affecting me the most are fatigue and moodiness. Please, do not complain to me or even in my presence right now…

Weight: Same…About 4-5 lbs.

Gender: Who knows!?! We still have a little while to make a decision whether or not we want to find out. I’ve heard great reasons from both sides, so I guess we’ll just make a decision as we get closer. My gut (which is usually spot on) isn’t giving me ANYTHING right now!! I have no feeling one way or the other….what do you think? Boy or girl??

Maternity Clothes: My clothes fit SO much better! Not sure if it’s from being able to squeeze in a few more workouts; eating a little bit healthier; or just from the bloating going away, but it’s nice to be more comfy in my clothes.

Movement: Nada….yet.

Sleep: I just need to go to bed earlier. I have been SO BUSY at work (actually, just busy with life in general again) that I have to stay up later than I would like to get everything accomplished. I usually go to bed around 11 or 11:30…..yikes! I am falling asleep better now though.

Cravings: I’ve moved on….from Cheez-Its, to Olive Garden salad dressing, to waffles & Apple butter, to…S’MORES!!! I make them over our as stove. YUM! Actually, I would REALLY love to have one RIGHT now!

What I miss: Shrimp. Peel n eat shrimp is one of my favorite foods, and I just don’t want to take any chances with it…

Work Outs: Yippeeee!!! Feels SO good to be back in the gym! I am just doing little mini workouts, but it’s better than nothing. Mostly walking/light jogging and some squats and pushups/upper body.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Gold Rush!! I look forward to Gold Rush every year! It’s always fun seeing old friends….and I stinkin’ LOVE the lemonade and bbq sandwiches at Gold Rush! Ha! (I really need to start taking some pictures, huh??)

Questions/Concerns: I’m wondering if I can have green tea. I really miss drinking it every day. And I wanna know if I can do abs on the ball. I’ve ready not to do any exercises on your back, but I think that’s later on? The only other thing is I get a slight 2-3 second cramp in my abdomen when I stand up too fast (from either lying down or sitting for a prolonged period). I would LOVE to go to the chiropractor or to get a massage soon too….my lower back (left side) is a little tender in one spot. I’ve tried the foam roller a few times and that seems to help some. It’s probably from sleeping weird.

Goals for next week: Go to bed earlier!!

Thoughts: I still don’t necessarily “feel” pregnant, but I do think about it a lot. I love to talk to everyone about their experiences with pregnancy I can’t believe I am almost out of the first trimester!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Never Stop Dreaming!

When I was little, I used my imagination ALL the time. My friends and I were ALWAYS pretending we were this or that…always dreaming. I remember all of the Disney movies and songs that tell us “Dreams really do come true!” What ever happened to that??


As children, we have BIG dreams; and as we get older, they seem to fade away. I think sometimes it’s because other people start telling us it’s time to grow up and become step into “the real world.” We see so many others who have given up on their dreams, and that is discouraging to us. Little by little we stop believing and eventually they just “go away.” People make dreaming seem childish, immature, and unrealistic….and as we get older we’re almost embarrassed to share our dreams with other people.  We start to accept ‘normal’ and our new reality, which may not be anything close to what we dreamed of as kids.


I can’t tell you how many adults told me when I was a kid and while in high school and college to “Enjoy this while it lasts- these are the best years of your life- just wait till you get to the real world!” How incredibly discouraging! Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely LOVED my childhood. I LOVED high school. And I LOVED college. But you know what?? I feel like my life keeps getting better! I LOVED being a newlywed, and now I am beyond excited to start a family and enter into parenthood!  I think it’s super important to be IN THE MOMENT and enjoy each phase of life….they all pass so quickly, and they all have something special and unique to offer. People are either rushing us into the next phase or telling us the best years of our life have already passed. We just need to stop listening to that junk.


So here’s what I think.

I think we need to start dreaming again!!!


Why not go for what others think is “unrealistic?” I’m okay with not being a part of reality….Because here’s what I know about reality.

 Reality is that 86% of people HATE what they do and are miserable with their jobs. Reality is that MOST people don’t get paid what they’re worth and aren’t fulfilled or doing something they’re passionate about. Reality is that 60% of all marriages will end in divorce, and the #1 reason for divorce is financial struggles.


I’m certain that none of us dreamed these things for our lives when we were little. Imagine if we’d gone after what we REALLY wanted out of life instead of settling for what we think is ‘normal’ and ‘realistic.’ We just accept that and think everyone else is afforded better opportunities…have better luck…etc.

I know for us, we were taught that you work your TAIL off, get another degree, add another job, etc. Six months ago, we were working 3 jobs each so we could save up enough money for me to be able to stop teaching when we were blessed with children. That was/is our dream. So that’s what we did. Jonathan is in construction, and I am a teacher. We both worked normal full time schedules, and he was always doing side jobs after work and on weekends, and selling wheels and tires to make extra money. I earned my Specialist’s degree because that’s what everyone told me to do, and after teaching all day, I would do pitching lessons/clinics after school, teach camps in the summer, and do some small photography on the side.  We were extremely tight (other than our vacations….that’s our splurge….work hard, rest hard!) and saved every penny possible. But we had NO TIME.


Thankfully, the Lord put Advocare in our paths….and we have started dreaming again. We have been blessed to be able to eliminate 4 of our 6 jobs, which means we actually have time to spend together. After this school year, 5 of the 6 of them will be gone, and we’ll have accomplished our dream of me staying at home to raise our sweet babies. We still believe in hard work, but now we are able to get paid what we’re worth, doing something we LOVE and are passionate about- changing others’ lives through improving their health and finances.  Not only is it extremely fulfilling, but it is also something we get to do together and have a BLAST doing!!!


We have had a few haters, people trying to shoot us down, tell us it won’t last, etc. But there is NO WAY we will listen to them after what we’ve already seen it do for our family.


I know I’m specifically talking about careers and finances here, but I have another example. One of my girlfriends just ran her 2nd FULL marathon! Woo hoo- do it girl! That is awesome and a feat in itself. Somebody had the audacity to tell her that it wasn’t even worth trying to qualify for Boston because it wouldn’t happen….it’s too hard. REALLLY? Who in the heck is HE to tell her what she can and cannot accomplish? Other people do NOT control our dreams or their outcomes, so if we let what others say deter us, that is nobody’s fault but our own. And Kara, if you’re reading this girl, you BETTER GO FOR IT!!!!! You can ABSOLUTELY do it.


(Okay, maybe not the GREATEST pleasure, but it sure does feel good!)


Whatever it is you want out of life, GO FOR IT!!!!! It’s not too late. As long as you can be tough enough not to let other people get in your way, you really can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Big Jon!!

 Happy 29th Birthday to the MAN of my dreams!!!

I am so blessed! 

Is it annoying that I say that every five seconds? I don't care...I am, and I want the Lord and the rest of the world to know how thankful I am.

The Lord gave me exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ask or imagine when he put Big Jon in my life. (Eph 3:20) He is truly my BEST friend. I am so thankful that he makes me laugh every day; loves me no matter how crazy I act; and does so much for me and our family. He leads our home in every way possible and is the BEST husband....and going to be the BEST daddy too. I love his giving heart, that he has his priorities majorly in order (and helps me keep mine in check), and that he is HANDS DOWN the hardest workin' man I know. True story. I pray if we have sons, they are JUST like him....and if we have daughters, they are blessed to marry a man just like him. 

If there were more Jonathan Butler's around, this world would be a better place.

My heart is oozing with love for him today as we celebrate his birthday...(no, I'm not always this mushy....last week my crazy preggo hormones made me want to karate chop him! ha!) Falling more in love every minute....

Happy birthday, boo! (Yea, I know you're reading!)

Baby Butler is 10 weeks!!

10 weeks! Woo hoo!! 

Baby Growth: Peanut is growing!!

Picture of your developing baby

We have a sweet little grape on our hands!!

My Symptoms: The nausea seems to be subsiding SOME. Nighttime has still been the worst, and I’m sure that’s because I haven’t been eating very well at night. (I do eat a healthy breakfast- better than nothing, right?.) I’m also still completely EXHAUSTED, which has been an adjustment because I’m used to being a “go-go-go” person!

The only other thing I’m really noticing (besides my skin breaking out) is my hormones are a little wild. I have about ZERO patience….and I mean ZERO! I am super easily annoyed right now. I’m trying to be aware of it so I’m not rude and snappy…I don’t like being around those kinds of people, so I certainly don’t want to be one! And although I do believe hormones are VERY real, I definitely don’t think of them as an excuse either.

We also flew to Texas this weekend and had a FABULOUS time!!! The flight out was pretty rough, but I felt phenomenal the rest of the trip- the best I have felt yet, actually!! (woo hoo!) We went for an Advocare training at corporate….and goodness, it was SUCH confirmation that we are a part of the right company! I truly love EVERYTHING about the company!!


Spark fountains….yes, please!


Weight: I’m still up about 4-5 pounds (which isn’t too bad after our anniversary trip to the mountains and LOTS of yummy, yummy indulgences!), but can definitely feel my body changing.  I’m noticing that everything is softer, more plump, and wider. Clothes are definitely getting tighter…mostly in the waist. I typically have to undo my pants when I’m sitting for prolonged periods. I feel good about all the changes though. It’s SO cool to me to know my body is preparing for this little miracle! And I have NO worries about getting it off after the baby is born…

Gender: Still debating! We have a while to make a decision. We already have a girl name but are having a tough time coming up with a boy name. I’ve always thought I wanted a boy first, but after doing some serious analysis and thought about families I know with girls as the oldest, I’m almost leaning toward that as a preference. Honestly though, we don’t care either way. We want a few, so I’m sure we’ll end up having at least one of each at some point. As long as the baby is healthy, we are happy!

Maternity Clothes: I had the first person ask me if I’m pregnant the other night at Home Depot!! WHAT?!?! How the HECK did she know that?? I was wearing a hoodie and had my phone, wallet, and keys all in the front pocket….I made sure to tell her that because I honestly don’t think my little belly is noticeable enough for someone to ask. BOLD, huh?? I had some friends hook me up with some maternity clothes and some Bella bands, so those bad boys will definitely be getting some good use soon.

Movement: Still nothing, but super excited for some little kicks! Had some little flutters last week, but I’m pretty sure that was just gas. Ha!

Sleep: Oh boy, not good. Everyone knows I am sleep queen…I love to sleep and don’t do well off lack of sleep. I haven’t really been napping, and I’m having a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep. I’m ready to get back into yoga and think that will help.

Cravings: Apple butter! And waffles. But not together.

What I miss: Still missing workouts and missing the good sleep. I’m too tired to work out…and I know my body needs rest.

Work Outs: Didn’t happen.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Jonathan rubs and kisses and loves on my belly all the time, and I just love it.

I also LOVED announcing the pregnancy on the blog and on FB…everyone was SO beyond sweet, encouraging, and excited!! I cannot even BELIEVE the awesome outpouring of phone calls, messages, texts, e-mails, comments, etc. It’s really special to be able to share and celebrate with so many people, and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the prayers already!

Oh, and we got to go hear the heartbeat again (on my precious mom’s birthday!)!!! It was so sweet. The doctor pointed out when the baby was moving because the heartbeat sounded very static-y (not a word, I know) when he would move! He said I probably wouldn’t feel the movement till about 19 or 20 weeks.

Questions/Concerns: None about the baby yet. Praying often and thinking positive has helped a lot when it comes to thoughts about the baby. My only issue is my skin. YUCK! It’s awful. I’ve always had trouble skin. Thankfully the Melasma is under control and the discoloration isn’t too bad, but I’m breaking out like a teenager going through puberty. Sweet, huh?

Goals for next week: Same as before since I wasn’t so hot at hitting my week 9 goals….Take more naps. Try to squeeze in some walks. Drink more water. Eat more veggies.

Thoughts: I am ABSOLUTELY blown away by all the responses to our big announcement! I mean FLOORED!!! Everyone has been over-the-top kind, supportive, encouraging, loving, and excited for us. We are SO thankful for every word of congratulations from both the blog, FB, friends, etc. I mean it….you guys are the best. I cried and cried (tears of joy yesterday) in awe of the sweet outpouring….I kept telling Jon over and over how incredibly blessed we are. He already knows, but I just couldn’t get over it. So THANK you for making my week and helping celebrate this precious gift with us.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Butler is 9 weeks!!!

I have been dying to post these and keep everyone in the loop!! It’s been tough since I found out SO early…..I can’t believe I’ve kept it a secret for the last 5 weeks!! Tuesdays are my official rollover day to a new week, so I was 9 weeks on our 2 year anniversary!! (10/2)

(*Disclaimer: this post is now 2 weeks old…)

Baby Growth: This is what Baby Butler looks like right now! Big Jon calls him “Peanut.”

It’s hard to believe this little ole tiny thing can have this much of an impact on your body! SO cool!!! It’s really unbelievable to think I’m growing a sweet little baby inside of me.

My Symptoms: I’ve read that this is a tough week because the hCG levels are at their peak….and it definitely has been. I have been pretty nauseas (all day) and absolutely exhausted!!! I mean, ALL I want to do is sleep…

I have tried TONS of remedies for the nausea… (I’m not throwing up…just feel yucky)…. Saltines, lemon drops, peppermints, ginger candies, ginger ale, etc. I drink a huge glass of water with lemon and ginger every morning, and that helps temporarily. A sweet friend at work brought me some Ginger Beer (no worries, it’s non-alcoholic) from World Market, and it REALLY helped. I felt the best I’ve felt yet after drinking it- so the real ginger in it must have helped. I’m going to get some this afternoon. I refuse to do medicine, so I’m just going to have to tough it out. I’ve heard horror stories about women who are sick the whole 9 months, but I feel confident this will ease up after first trimester for me.

Smells really, really bother me. My classroom is next to the cafeteria and I have to keep the door closed because I can barely handle the smell. Speaking of work, it’s a challenge for me to make myself come every single day. I’m exhausted (making a baby is HARD WORK!)and the lack of patience kinda makes me want to stay home & hang out by myself.

I’ve also noticed that I’m WAY hotter (temperature wise) than normal. I am normally FREEZING all the time…I’m talkin’ I keep the seat warmers on throughout the summer and sleep with an electric blanket almost year round, but my body temps seem to be warming up some.

I’m having a hard time getting my water in too. I just don’t want it, which is unusual because I’m normally water queen.

Oh, and the hormones. I have ZERO patience. I’m trying my best to be sweet, but I am just super easily annoyed right now!!  I really want to karate chop people who annoy me. Fortunately, Jonathan has really enjoyed this too. Seems weird, I know, but he thinks I’m hilarious. He keeps telling me he thinks I’m funnier since getting pregnant. I’m just glad he’s not offended!

My skin is also pretty brutal. I’ve heard women’s skin either clears up and is awesome, OR does the complete opposite. Maybe this is a first trimester thing…hopefully so!

Weight: Since the beginning of the pregnancy I’ve gained about 4 lbs.  That’s a little on the high side considering you’re only supposed to gain a 1/2 lb a week for the first trimester, but I’m not that surprised considering my “awesome” new refined sugar and carb-only diet + lack of workouts. Everyone keeps telling me since I was in great shape before the baby, I should bounce back quickly, but I know I have to do something to maintain. I’m thinking I’ll start feeling better soon and have more of a desire to go to the gym. I know your body changes after a baby…heck, mine is already changing!  I think it’s so neat to see how God helps your body prepare. I’m getting a little wider in the mid-section, and my boobs and booty are both getting bigger too….and Jonathan is LOVING it!!!! He seriously cannot resist me right now….it cracks me up! He tells me how hot he thinks I am about 800 times a day (and he means it) and cops a feel every time he walks past me. I always poke my belly out to see if that deters him, but it doesn’t.  I’m definitely thankful that he is diggin’ my new curves!

Gender: We’re debating on whether to find out. Part of me wants to just so I can be prepared, but another part of me wants to wait. Jon can’t decide either. I think it would be cool to have a baby shower AFTER the baby is born so I can get some specific gender stuff. I told my mom “I can start a new trend…” but she informed me that wasn’t anything new! Ha! (People used to do that all the time!) My gut tells me boy. And a lady I work with (she’s Italian) said she thinks boy because my upper lip is puffy, and Italians think that is a sign of a boy. Most people are saying boy, but we’ll see. Or maybe we won’t??

Maternity Clothes: I can TOTALLY tell I’m pregnant, and someone actually called me out on my blog after seeing my Arizona Biltmore pictures. Ha! So funny.  My little belly…well, it’s not so flat and little anymore. I can tell I’m getting wider AND bigger in general, which has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not eating clean and not working out. I’ve already had to unbutton my pants quite often….but as far as clothes I’m still wearing my normal stuff.

I feel like I need to wear a sign or t-shirt that says “I’m PREGNANT!!” because right now I’m not ‘showing,’ but I definitely have a little gut going on.

Movement: Nothing yet, but really looking forward to this part! Right now I don’t really “feel pregnant,” so that will be cool. 

Sleep: Averaging about 7 hours a night. I would LOVE to get in more naps, but we’re so busy I haven’t been able to. One day at work I snuck out to my car and took a little 15 min snooze (shhhh….don’t tell!). As far as sleeping, I’m trying to sleep on my side more to get used to it (I’m a tummy sleeper). I wake up every morning about 5 am to pee, and don’t sleep great after that. I have noticed that I have been having CRAZY dreams, but that could also be from the random food my body is not used to eating either. (Salt & Vinegar Pringles…really?)

Cravings: I feel like ALL I EAT is CARBS!!! The thought of veggies grosses me out right now, and you can forget meat. For the last few weeks I have craved Cheez-Its like crazy, which is hilarious because I NEVER eat stuff like that. My new thing for about the past week and a half is Olive Garden salads. We’ve eaten OG 3 times in the last week and a half. Winking smile(Baby Butler is expensive already!)

What I miss: Hard core workouts. And my clothes fitting normal! They are quite *snug* in the waist, which is uncomfortable.

Work Outs: Yea, they are pretty much non-existent. I rode the bike for about 30 minutes on Monday, and that’s about all I’ve managed so far. I have only been working out about one day a week because I have been so wiped out and we are busy 3 afternoons of every week. I don’t get home from work till 4:45. Right now, Fridays are our work out day….that’s always our “date night.”

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: I am LOVING how excited everyone is for us! This little baby is already SO LOVED & blessed. My whole family & Jon’s whole family are all absolutely ecstatic and just tickled to death, and that makes my heart so happy!

Jon is so stinkin’ excited too….it’s precious!! He talks to the baby, rubs my belly, and cannot WAIT for me to get a baby bump. He has said over and over how much he loves me being pregnant.

One of the little girls in my Sunday School class is blind, and she is so excited about this baby too. She wants to rub my tummy every Sunday and know how the baby is doing. It’s so sweet.

We also went to the mountains this weekend to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! It was SO nice and relaxing. The weather was perfect- a little chilly, and we sat by the fire some.  It is always so nice to get away…


Questions/Concerns: None yet. I love hearing other people’s labor & delivery stories (the good, bad, and ugly- I just like to know)….makes me excited for when that time comes for us. We pray for the baby ALL THE TIME and totally trust God, so there isn’t much to really worry about.

Goals for next week: Take more naps. Try to squeeze in some walks. Drink more water. Eat more veggies.

Thoughts: We are feeling absolutely beyond blessed!! The Lord has totally prepared our hearts and our lives for this moment. People always say “You’ll never be ready…” but I couldn’t disagree more. We are 100% ready in every aspect of our lives because we waited on the Lord’s timing and had everything in order. We made sure we were where we wanted to be physically, financially, spiritually, in our marriage, etc. It continues to blow my mind how very good and faithful God is and how He continues to bless us in so many ways.  We are truly so grateful…and tickled to death!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Coming this May: Butler, Party of 3!!!!!!

Ahhhh, I am SO EXCITED to finally announce….we are expecting our first sweet little blessing!!!!


Haha….this one was just funny. He was pulling my hair with his arm!


I have known since August 27th (I was only 4 weeks at the time) and it has been killing me not to tell everyone!


It’s the craziest thing how I found out. I just love this story!!

Jonathan & I are HARD CORE about praying for God's timing when it comes to everything we do and all the decisions we make, and we don’t ever want to do anything in our own timing. After lots of prayer and seeking the Lord on when to start a family, we both felt like July would be a good time to start trying. He and I both felt very strongly that we would get pregnant right away when we started trying, but of course you never know. Lots of my friends kept telling me it took them forever and that made me a little nervous….but I should have trusted my gut.  I took a digital pregnancy test right before we left for Punta Cana and it was negative, which didn’t surprise us because duh, we didn’t think I was ovulating at this point.

Fast forward to Sunday, August 26th. That morning I requested prayer from my sweet Ladies’ Sunday school class because Jon & I were ready to have a baby, and had waited on what we felt was God’s timing, but my body wasn’t cooperating. I was crying the whole time I was talking about it to them, and of course they were so encouraging and supportive.

I took a day off work to go to the doctor and to get my teeth cleaned. I was scheduled to see my OB because I hadn’t had a period since March (aside from one little mini one in May), and we were ready to have a baby. Remember I lost a lot of body fat this summer? I was training SUPER intense, and while I loved the results, it ended up messing up my cycles, so I went to see what was going on. (My body fat was down to around 7-8% in June…) My doctor’s appointment was the Monday after the SS class when I requested prayer.  When I arrived about 9:30, I signed in and had to go to the restroom first thing (I was seriously about to go in my pants!), and the nurse told me as I ran by to make sure to leave a urine sample.

When they called me back, I talked to my mid-wife (whom I absolutely ADORE!) and told her what was going on. She wanted to do some blood work and an ultrasound to see if my uterine wall was built back up. I don’t do needles well….blah! And the ultrasound was NOT the most comfortable thing either, but it was neat to see my uterus up on the screen (yes, I’m totally aware of how strange that sounds) and I kept thinking “Wouldn’t it be neat to see a baby on there?” Ahhh, the irony.

I met Tiffany back in the room and she said everything looked good and mentioned a fertility treatment option for me to consider. I didn’t have a peace about that but was listening anyway. About that time one of the nurses knocked on the door and Tiffany poked her head out to see what she wanted. She had the STRANGEST look on her face when she poked her head back in the room and said, “Well, I guess that fertility medicine won’t be necessary….You’re already pregnant!” I am pretty sure my response was, “Shut up! Are you serious right now?” She and I both got a little teary- eyed because it was so unexpected and such a sweet blessing! She estimated my due date was May 6th, putting me right at about 4 weeks. SUPER early to find out, right?? I am SO thankful that nurse ran a test on my urine sample…and it was so neat to go back and tell my Sunday school class the next week that I was already pregnant when asking for prayer!

I was so ecstatic and there were a million different thoughts and emotions going through  my mind at this point. I wanted to call Jonathan IMMEDIATELY, but made myself wait so I could tell him in a special way. Before going to the dentist, I went to the Christian bookstore and Wal-Mart (the smell of Subway and the rotisserie chicken seriously made me almost throw up!) to get him a little “Daddy” goody bag. 


Jonathan got home around 4:30 and I told him I had a gift for him….something he’s been wanting! I think he thought it was an i-pad case or a riding lawn mower….haha!! Not even close! I videoed him opening it….And it’s hilarious! He was in COMPLETE shock!!I

Surprising Big Jon with the BIG news!!!


You’ll see in the video Jon thought the 2 outfits meant twins…ha! I was just trying to say he’s either going to have a new little man or a sweet little princess. (I’m thinking boy….)


(Please ignore my roots. I know…they’re serious business)

Still in shock but SO thrilled!!!


I asked my parents to stop by that afternoon so I could tell them too. Loved their response and so glad I captured these moments on video!

I asked Jon to let me do something cool to surprise his parents, but he can’t stand to keep a secret and went ahead and called them right away. His dad was super excited and Jon teared up when he was talking to him. It was so sweet! His mom said she had a feeling and was expecting it…

We decided to celebrate with a HUGE pizza!


I think I took about 18 more pregnancy tests over the next couple days (all positive, obviously) because I just couldn’t believe it and wanted to be CERTAIN! Finally Jonathan told me to “STOP, and back away from the tests” because I was spending all our money! Ha! (They’re not cheap!)

I had so much fun telling friends and family throughout the day. Everyone was SO excited- especially our siblings!


We are so excited for this journey and are so thankful for the sweet blessing of a new addition to our family!!