Saturday, September 27, 2014

Orange Beach Incentive Trip (Sept 2014)

One of the five ways AdvoCare pays is through incentive trips. Corporate puts on AMAZING trips for distributors who earn them- and they are seriously 5* all the way! We cannot WAIT to go on the next one!

Our team occasionally hosts smaller trips for our teams as well.


We love to reward hard work, but really, we just love hanging out with champions, so it’s just a great excuse to all get together. Our first trip as an earner was a game changer for us in our business because it showed us the heart of the company & the heart of the people. It also allowed us to see some of the top earners really are just NORMAL people like us, and if they can do it, why not us? For that reason, we know how powerful the trips can be and we love the opportunity to pay it forward and host them for our team. Honestly, the trips are awesome, but our favorite part is hands down the FELLOWSHIP. We love spending time getting to know our teammates and their families better, & why not do it some beautiful place like the beach? Sign me up! We have such a blast hanging out at the beach and pool, bonding, training, enjoying meals, & sharing stories. We even work out (not everybody…just the brave souls) & have (an optional) Bible study/devotional together in the mornings by the water.

Our last trip was to Hilton Head Island and this time we headed to the beautiful Orange Beach, AL! Orange Beach has a special place in my heart because we used to play a softball tournament there every year when I was in college. We also went on a family trip there in 2008. Such sweet memories!

**Funny story: One of the times we were there, I went on a morning run before our game with my friend & teammate Lynsey. (Lyns, not sure if you read my blog, but if so you can vouch for me that this crazy story is true!) We ran across the bridge and into Florida. (Not as cool as it sounds…We were some pretty serious distance runners, but it wasn’t that far- we stayed right at the state line. Ha!) Sooo…as we entered FL, we got “pulled over” (lights and everything) by a police officer to ask if we had seen anyone walking a cow. For real. Is that not the most random thing you have ever heard? Okay, so maybe not that funny, but definitely RANDOM!

We left after Bible study on Wednesday night (Sept 10) & drove through the night so Jase could sleep in the car. We wanted to stop about halfway, but every room was booked up in every town for about the next hour! Jonathan was getting a little sleepy & grumpy, so I was doing my best to stay positive & keep everything in perspective. What did we REALLY have to be complaining about?!? NOTHING! We finally ended up finding a decent room around 3 am & it ended up being HUGE suite & pretty reasonable. Jase cried for about 5 minutes and then went right to sleep. He slept awesome for us! (Babywise, friends…Babywise!)The next morning I took Jase downstairs for breakfast so Jon could sleep in. I brought a lot of our own food (including boiled eggs, oats, Ezekial bread, yogurt, bananas, natural peanut butter, etc.) in a cooler. I really try to pack our own food if I can because I know it’s so much healthier. Of course Jase enjoyed making friends with all of the ladies in the lobby! He did have a pretty serious diaper though that required a bath when we got back to the room.

We headed out around 10:30 (Jase’s naptime) & he slept in the car for the remainder of our drive.

We stayed at the Caribe Resort which is SUPER nice!

I absolutely recommend it if you’re ever heading to Orange Beach. It’s a great place to take a family & the condos are MASSIVE. (It was also really reasonably priced after Labor Day.) Ours was decorated super cute- the owners had great taste. It also had a MASSIVE closet off the master bedroom where Jase could sleep. It was perfect because it was dark & quiet. And honestly, it was the size of another whole bedroom!

Our first night we had a host dinner at Cobalt, which is the resort’s on-site restaurant. Our friend Matt is actually a manager there. The food was AWESOME & we enjoyed the company even more. (My parents got in Thursday afternoon & hung out with Jase for us. Love, love, love being able to bring our parents on trips with us!! They enjoy getting to spend time with the baby and it’s nice to be able to treat them some after all they’ve done for us. It’s a win-win!)

I love these champions!! Many of these guys & gals have become some of our best friends, & we are so thankful for their friendship. It is so neat to me to hear the many different backgrounds represented here- construction business owners, teachers, weighlifting coaches, high school coaches, an attorney, an executive assistant, personal trainer, high level management positions, military, stay-at-home-moms…you name it, we’ve got it! Just proves anyone CAN do this.


Check out sweet Daniel! I love his story…you can read it on Beth's blog here.


This was Jesse & Beth’s first “diamond trip” & it was AWESOME! By the way, if you have a fella in your life, I highly encourage you to have him subscribe to Jesse's blog. It’s for women too, and anybody can benefit from his words of wisdom, but I especially think the men in our country need to hear his message.


LOVE Mariah & Melissa!


Some of our GREAT friends, Cameron & Kristen.


I feel like we’re dating again with the way I feel about Jon!! Goodness GRACIOUS I love that man!! Jonathan Butler, if you’re by chance reading this, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE you! xoxo


We had a powerful training afterwards with the hosts that left me totally fired up. It is always great to be around leaders who raise your lid, challenge you, & inspire you to be a better version of yourself. That’s what I love about this company. It is really uncomfortable when you become stagnant in the personal growth category, & I appreciate that push to invest in myself and make time to read and work on leadership skills. Iron sharpens iron!

The next morning (Friday)we worked out with our buddy Brian (who is a Crossfit coach) and I’m pretty certain tried to kill us. It was a blast though! I like a challenge, and I also like to win. #competitive I didn’t win, so that was a good inclination to me that I need to work on my push-ups. It was Blaine’s 14th birthday (Brian’s son- he’s a little beast Crossfitter), so we did a birthday WOD for him. 9/12/2014. If you’re interested, the workout was:

20 min AMRAP

  • 9 box jumps
  • 12 burpees
  • 20 air squats
  • 14 pushups
  • 200 m (I think?) run

After our workout and eating, we headed to the pool and spent the afternoon with the team swimming & talking. Y’all, I got FRIED!! I felt so silly getting that burnt because I was wearing sunscreen & a hat, but I think my spray tan had me fooled about how pale I actually was. I had to spend the whole next day covered up. And my lips got so burnt they actually swelled up & even got a scab. Craziness! (I really try to protect my skin so I was not happy about that.)


Meet our trip earners!

LOVE the powerhouse MacKay couple! Justin & Michelle are newlyweds living in Baton Rouge. They are building a ROCK star team & knocking out some major debt along the way! How many couples do you know that get to begin their marriage with ZERO debt? They are well on their way! We are so proud of them & love their servant hearts. They are absolutely champions in AdvoCare, but their heart for Jesus shines above all else. And they just might be the world’s most likeable couple. Seriously, they are so loveable.


We love, love, love the Coole’s!! Taylor (who is also a GA fan! GO DAWGS!!) are from Evansville, IN. They have had PHENOMENAL results on products & are building an awesome business by helping others. Their excitement and desire to learn fired US up! They hadn’t been to the beach since their honeymoon, so we are super thankful they got to come spend time with us. Love being around them because they just bring so much positivity and excitement to the table. (Taylor also had a birthday while we were there. Happy birthday!!)


Breea & Travis have been tearing it up since day 1. They have had amazing results on products and are hands down some of the hardest workers on the team. Naturally, when they applied that effort to AdvoCare, they started building a business very quickly. My dad & Jonathan both really enjoyed spending time with Travis, & I enjoyed chatting with Breea by the pool. These two are so driven and have been extremely coachable, & I have no doubt they are going to accomplish some BIG things in the world of AdvoCare.


Sam & Melissa are hands down some of the hardest working ladies I know. Absolutely LOVE these beauties!! Melissa has helped raise my lid tremendously and encouraged me to become more organized & strategic. She and I talk daily now & she has become one of my dearest friends.  She makes me laugh all the time! Melissa is a military wife/former RN/super mom. She was actually able to hose this trip because she’s such a champion leader, and Sam was her earner. Sam is only 25 and absolutely starting her life journey on the right foot. Could not be MORE excited for her future in AdvoCare!


This one is my current pride & joy. I cannot even TELL you how proud I am of the Riat’s, but especially Niki. Her personal growth is so evident & she is beyond a shadow of a doubt a person worth following. Her leadership has improved leaps and bounds since joining AdvoCare, and although she has always been a CHAMPION at everything she does, she has taken it to a whole new level. I love her perspective & am continually inspired by the time she invests into becoming a better wife, mother, friend, and leader. It’s no surprise they are some of the top earners on our entire team and are leading an army of champions to freedom. It is really, really cool to witness. (And Justin is a straight stud. When he came on board, their business straight exploded!!)


(Niki also JUST had a baby. I know, can’t tell at ALL, right? She looks AMAZING.)

And then there’s this guy…the LOVE of my life!


We had a team welcome dinner on Friday night with all of the hosts and earners, followed by a phenomenal training from Dr. Deb & Coach Mike Wade. Dr. Deb gave her Champion Marriage & Families talk, which you can never hear too much of in my opinion! Coach Mike shared about some of the early days in AdvoCare & some stories about our founder, Charlie Ragus. They are both so charismatic and such awesome teachers & speakers. Plus, they are awesome role models in LIFE, so we are thankful for any time to be poured into by the Wade’s. Are they not the cutest??


After dinner we had an ice cream social and informal training where our teams could ask questions. This is always my favorite part & I would stay up all night training if anyone else wanted to! I love being able to pay forward some of the wisdom and knowledge that has been poured into us from our great mentors and leaders over the past 2 1/2 years. And I’m talking LIFE stuff…not AdvoCare “stuff.”

Saturday morning started with another workout. (I think I might have won this one? I don’t even know if you win WODs. It was endurance, & that’s my thing!!) We did a little running thing followed by an AMRAP with jump squats, walking lunges, & burpees. We walked straight over from the workout to the beach to do a morning devotion. I just put it out there for anyone who wanted to attend & was totally blown away at the turnout.



We talked about who we are IN CHRIST & what might be holding us back from living the abundant life God desires for us to live this side of eternity. We threw stones in the water to be symbolic of those things weighing us down…& the cool thing…we can NEVER go pick up those stones. Just as God forgave our sins to the deepest depths of the ocean, he wants us to turn over our baggage & bondage to HIM & find freedom in Christ. So whether it was insecurities, our past, unforgiveness, feeling inadequate, bitterness, etc., we all had stones to throw. It was such a sweet time with the Lord. I don’t know about y’all, but I feel God’s presence magnified when I’m at the ocean!! Also loved the reminders in Scripture about who God says we are IN HIM.

After a team breakfast, we all headed back to the pool for the day and showered for an early dinner.


Jonathan & James did a shrimp broil for us (YUM!) & my mom (seriously, she is THE.BEST), Mariah & I prepared the sides. Melissa made some yummy Spark & Rehydrate smoothies for us too.

This, my friends, is what I like to call a supermodel sandwich. These two beautiful blondes are both 6’ & what some of us may refer to as a ‘tall drink of water.’ And then there’s me. I’m 5’5” and even have heels on in this pic next to these two flip-flop wearing beauties.


The WHOLE Orange Beach team after dinner & before our final night of training!


This is when Coach Mike trained our SOCKS off & Dr. Deb shared her champion mindset talk.

We had the opportunity to hear from some high level leaders . Absolutely LOVED hearing perspective from Jesse & Beth Reynolds, Clint & Charisse Sneddeker, & Joe & Chana Navarro.

We left a few minutes before it wrapped up because I wanted to make sure to get some decent sleep & look over notes for Bible study the next morning. On Sunday morning we talked about priorities, the Lord ordering our steps, having an “eternal perspective” in our daily lives, & being a godly wife.

We said our farewells to everyone around 8 am or so & wished everyone a safe trip home. Every trip is unique and special, but this has been one of our favorites so far. We are SO thankful for such an uplifting weekend with champions who we are grateful are in our lives. The new friendships have blessed us tremendously. Our cup truly runneth over.


Jon & I stayed for a couple more days for some family time as Butler, Party of 3…that post is coming next!