Thursday, February 4, 2016

I am Unoffendable

I wrote a post back in 2011 called Easily Offended. That really used to be a struggle for me.

I have definitely grown in this area as I have become more confident and matured in my relationship with Christ. When you really examine it, I believe being offended is often rooted back to insecurity and/or pride. These days I feel like errrrrybody is offended about errrrrrything, and I have no desire to be like everybody else. In fact, I was CALLED to be SET APART. (And if you’re a believer, so were you.)

A couple weeks ago, one of my really good friends went to a women’s conference and called me afterwards to share some nuggets. I am SO thankful she did that! I love to hear what other people are learning and how the Lord is growing them, but in this case, she shared something I needed to hear. {That all Christian women need to hear.} One of the notes she jotted down from the conference was the phrase “I am unoffendable.”

That stuck out to me and I’ve been meditating on it ever since. Y’all, that is POWERFUL! It’s something I am reciting over and over until it becomes truth. I do not want to be one to easily take offense (like the rest of the world).

Don’t misunderstand that. I am not suggesting to have a hardened heart or “tough guy” exterior. I am not suggesting to ignore advice and constructive criticism from loved ones. I am simply saying that when others say something rude, negative, judgemental or harsh; something you don’t agree with; or something that hurts your feelings, TAKE IT TO THE LORD. Do not react in the flesh. Pray to have the mind of Christ and view it through his lens and filter.

Sometimes the “offensive” things people say to you need to be heard. Maybe it’s an area in your life that needs growth & it’s coming from a place of love. This is HUMILITY. But sometimes it will be worth letting go in one ear and out the other. (Not everyone has your best interest at heart.) Wisdom is being able to tell the difference, and not reacting when it’s the latter.

When I think about arguments or disagreements I’ve had in the past (as in earlier this morning…ahem), it usually roots back to the fact that one of the two of us (usually ME)  is offended and unwilling to give up being “right” (me again.) **Read: insecurity & pride.


So, here’s WHY I am unoffendable.

I am unoffendable because when someone says something wrongful or hurtful to me, that is a reflection on THEM and not on me. (How I react is a reflection on me.)

I am unoffendable because I am so strong in my convictions, that it does not bother me if someone doesn’t agree with me.

I am unoffendable because we live in a generation where the world is always offended, and I am called to be set apart.

I am unoffendable because my eyes are on eternity and I will give account for my thoughts, words, and actions. I choose not to let others steal my joy or take my focus off eternity.

I am unoffendable because I know WHOSE I am…I know to whom I belong. And really, that is the only one that matters.

{I am a child of the one true King. Dearly loved. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Chosen.} Say it with me now…“I am unoffendable.”


P.S. Thank you for ignoring my poor grammar and misspellings. I am using a new program that doesn’t check spelling errors or typos (boo!), and as for the poor grammar…I decided I want to write like I talk so people can really hear my voice.