Sunday, August 19, 2018

“Bye Bye Belly” Challenge


I put a feeler out on FB & Insta, and welllll....looks like we have LOTS of folks interested in our "Bye Bye Belly" challenge! (We actually have several that have joined already!

Visceral fat (the fat around your midsection) is some of the most dangerous for our overall health & a problem area for lots of folks. There are countless studies supporting how belly fat increases our risk for MANY diseases & illnesses, particularly because it is so close to so many of our most important internal organs. While you can't necessarily spot target an area to lose weight, we have a simple product + eating plan that is flat out getting results and helping people lose body fat all over, and they are seeing their mid-section shrink as a result. This has been piloted & the results are seriously MIND blowing. People are trimming their waist & losing major inches...saying “bye bye belly.” (which improves all over health!)

If you want to know more, check out this FB group. I'm going live later in here to share alllll the deets: the why, the what, the price breakdown, what it includes, more info about the eating plan, etc.

Just request to join: One80 in 2018

We also have a drawing for a $200 cash giveaway for anyone who joins us by the 21st. Our group is kicking off on Sept 4th, but our FB is already live for those who have ordered and e-mailed in their confirmation! We are SO excited to coach the next group through this! Simple, affordable, and best of all…REAL RESULTS.

FAVOR in Obedience

The more obedient I am to what God has called me to, the happier I am.

Is it always comfortable? Is it always what I “want” to do? Does it mean life is perfect & without trials? NO.

But I firmly believe personal “happiness” is tied strongly to obedience.

For the record, I believe God is more concerned with our holiness & shaping us to be more like him than he is our “happiness.” I also believe we can have JOY that comes from the Lord even when our circumstances aren’t necessarily “happy." But I do believe God wants us to live an abundant life (John 10:10) that far exceeds all we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

We see over and over in the Bible how God rewards those who are obedient. He is faithful, and He blesses those who are faithful in return with His favor. There are countless Biblical examples. Abraham, Noah, Moses, Job, David, Daniel, Sarah, Hannah…the list goes on. If you want a modern day example, take a look at Chik-Fil-A. The restaurant, which closes on Sundays so employees can go to church and spend time with family, generates more revenue than all other fast food restaurants (including McDonald’s) that are open 7 days a week. There are all kinds of speculations about WHY this is, but want to know the real answer? FAVOR.


Favor from the Lord. I’m sure most “business experts” think that’s crazy and advised against it. But Truett Cathy’s decision to stand firm & follow the Lord, even if it wasn’t popular, led to massive success. Because God honors obedience.

We don’t like to talk about it, but there are consequences for sin and disobedience, which usually come in the form of circumstances that make us “feel unhappy.” Many times we blame God or question if he’s really there, when in fact we should really be looking in the mirror for who is responsible. A wise Sunday School teacher once taught us that “disobedience hurts.” Ever seen a mom tell her kiddo to stop doing something, the kid not listen, and end up getting hurt? Picture it. A little boy running around the swimming pool. Mom: “Stop running. You’re going to get hurt!” Kid: continues running. Slips, falls, busts his head. DISOBEDIENCE hurts.

Now think about that in life circumstances. Know someone who married someone God did not intend for them to marry? Everyone in their life warned them against it, but he/she was soooo “in love” they did it anyway? There is a big chance all those red flags continued to unfold, and now that person is unhappy in marriage or even divorced. Is it God’s fault that person didn’t seek the Lord? Or someone who spent a LOT of money buying something that felt good in the moment, but is now spending a lifetime of regret attempting to pay off the debt, and absolutely miserable? (These are just examples. It doesn’t always happen this way, of course.)

No, this doesn’t mean that life is going to be perfect and that we’re never going to have trials... because we are. But If you want his hand and his anointing on you...then you must walk in obedience.

His Word is not a list of rules preventing us from having any fun. It’s boundaries set in place to protect us from harm. Because He can see things we cannot see, and doing things HIS way are far better than doing things OUR way. There is such reward in obedience. And we have way more control over our circumstances than we realize. I don’t always get this right, but praise the Lord I am learning! I have spent way too much time suffering consequences that resulted from my own disobedience. I’m grateful I’m finally mature enough to take personal responsibility and ownership. (There is so much freedom in that actually. No blaming, making excuses, etc. Just owning it.) The seeds we plant now will result in the fruits we eat later. Choose to obey the Word of God! His promises are real & so, so sweet.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Healthy Kiddo Hacks: Boosting the Immune System

Benjamin Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is SO true!

Image result for an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

It’s that time of year. Back to school. Flu season will be here before we know it. (SHEW- it was BAAAADDD last year. Like epidemic levels.) My goal, like all the rest of the mamas, is to keep my boys as healthy as possible, so I wanted to share some of my favorite homeopathic/natural remedies for boosting their immune systems and keeping them well. (For the record, it’s not fool proof. My boys had a summer cold/cough last week. But I do believe this helps + shortens the length when they do come down with a little something.) I don’t think there are many things more heartbreaking than seeing your baby not feeling well, so I want us to help with that some if I can.

I also have an awesome FB group called “Health Mama/Healthy Kiddo Hacks” where all my mama & grandmother friends share their fave resources, ask questions, etc., and I’d love for you to join us there if you like. You can just click on that link & request to join.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and I am not offering any medical advice/prescribing anything here. I am simply sharing what we choose to do for our boys to boost their immune systems. I do believe parents are the best advocates for their own children’s health, and I highly encourage parents to do their own research/consult with a doctor on each of these supplements to make the best possible decisions for their babies.

As promised, here is a list of our fave homeopathic and natural immune boosting secrets. (I included direct links to purchase.)

  • Probiotics. ALL of us, every single day. Over 80% of your immune system is housed in your gut, so gut health is VERY important. Your gut is often referred to as your “second brain” because so many aspects of your health (even mental health, which is astounding) is tied back to gut health. (P.S. Antibiotics destroy the gut. They kill ALL bacteria, both good + bad, so probiotics are especially important in maintaining gut health while on an antibiotic and/or rebuilding it after. And we personally try to use antibiotics as a LAST RESORT. I have three babies, 5 & under, and have only had one kiddo on an antibiotic ever.) For my older two boys, I use this FastMelt. They LOVE it & it dissolves right on their tongue. For my littles/infants (before they can handle a Fast Melt), I like Klare Labs & Garden of Life (although they were recently bought out so I’m on the look out for ingredients to change). I put it on my breast while breastfeeding, in a bottle if I pump one, and eventually use a clean finger to swab it in their mouth.

Probiotic FastMelt®

  • Vitamin D drops. I think vitamin D is one of the most underrated supplements there is, and people are totally missing the mark. (Most adults are deficient too. (Here is the calcium + D3 we take. One of the doctors on our sci/med board told me it’s important to take calcium, D3, and magnesium together for maximum absorption and they have taken care of that for us in this supplement. It’s a multi-faceted approach by incorporating all three in one. Aren’t you grateful for super smart people like them?) I give Jase 1000 IU, Kade 800, & Beau 400. I do this daily, with breakfast, year round. The liquid drops are easiest, and I start at around 6 months (even while breastfeeding). I like for them to get as much sunshine as possible when the weather is nice because our body stores it up and this helps us fight off infections during the winter months. (I don’t use much sunscreen for this reason unless we are going to be in direct sun for extended periods.) There is nothing better than the real deal vit D, but because most of us aren’t getting enough, we need to supplement. P.S. I’m not super picky about the brand, but do yourself a favor and get the kind with the dropper. It’s such a pain trying to get them to hold their mouth open long enough for the other kind. I’m finishing a bottle of this brand now and it has lasted forever!!

Vitamin D Drops for Infants - Liquid Vitamin D3 for Adults, Kids, Baby - 400iu Per Drop - 2oz 2140 doses

  • Citrizinc chews. These help support your immune system with these grab-and-go chews that offer a great source of vitamins C and D as well as zinc.* You do want to keep them put up though because the kids love them and think they’re candy. (We take these as well, especially when we’re traveling.)

AdvoCare® CitriZinc™

  • Bone broth. If you can’t get them to drink it by itself, cook with it. It’s best if you can make your own. It’s very easy. Just google how to do it.

Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth - Organic, Collagen-rich Chicken Bone Broth,Pack of 2

  • Oscilliococinum is an awesome herbal remedy (my personal preference over Tamiflu) if someone DOES catch the flu. I’d stock up now because when flu season hits, you can’t get your hands on any. We have friends that used this + elderberry last year and the flu symptoms eased very quickly.

Boiron Oscillococcinum for Flu-like Symptoms Pellets, 30 Count/0.04 Oz each

  • Colloidal silver spray. I first heard about colloidal silver at a huge holistic health conference we attended a couple years ago. They sold me on it. You can give it daily as maintenance, and amp it up when they’re starting to come down with something. You just follow the directions (age/weight and desired outcome determines the # of sprays). You can get drops too, AND they have some for adults as well.

Sovereign Silver® For Kids Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ for Immune Support* - 2oz – Fine Mist Spray - Ultimate Refinement of Colloidal Silver - Safe*, Pure and Effective* - Premium Silver Supplement

  • Vitamin C. I first learned about orthomolecular vitamin C while watching the Healthy Child Summit with Dr. Saul. High-dose vitamin C is POWERFUL for healing! (Check out the site to read more about the benefits, how it works, etc.) Some people give it to the point of loose stools. I don’t do this, but I do give a pretty good amount if they’re coming down with something. I mix the powder in their Rehydrate because it’s a little bit bitter, so I can get them to drink it right up. (Please, for the love of all things, do not give your kiddos sugary sports drinks and fruit juices. Rehydrate has electrolytes AND 71% less sugar than Gatorade/Powerade. I water it down for them and they LOVE it!)You can order from HERE (yes, the kind matters!) and enter the code Butler10 for a 10% discount. Katie (the owner/chemist behind this incredible company) is a wealth of knowledge and super helpful. She has a dosing chart on her site. You can also order the gummy powder to make your own gummies with it.(Jonathan & I take C-Grams during “sick season” and amp it up if we feel like we’re coming down with something.


  • Elderberry syrup. We give this daily during flu season and amp it up if they’re coming down with something. (Reminder: NO honey for any babies! Botulism is very REAL, and their digestive tracts aren’t formed well enough to be able to handle raw honey. They say once they’re over a year old it’s okay, but I’m very conservative and don’t do any honey under the age of 2 1/2. I also don’t use as much as the recipe calls for.) We buy our own organic elderberries and make our own (Wellness Mama’s recipe, or follow the recipe on the back), but you can find someone local who makes it or buy it pre-made too.

Viva Naturals Organic Elderberries, 1 lb Bag - The ULTIMATE Superfruit for Defense Syrups and Longevity Teas

  • V-100 Multivitamin Chews. If you’re looking for a multi, this is the kind I recommend. Tastes great & it’s an easy and delicious way to get a dose of 16 vitamins, minerals and nutrients.* This is also what I recommend for mamas who are having a hard time with their prenatals making them feel nauseas. PLEASE, do not skip taking a multi when pregnant!!

V100â„¢ Tropical Chews

  • Rehydrate. This is probably my soap box product. I feel like every single mom in America the world needs this on her counter. My kids do not drink Gatorade/Powerade/Vitamin Water/Crystal Light, NO fruit juice, & no sodas. I prefer for them not to have Lemonade either unless I make it. (Have you seen how much sugar is in lemonade? It’s NUTS!) I will occasionally let them have an Honest juice box for a special occasion, & I try to make their own lemonade at home if they want something different. They also drink almond milk, but other than that I only let them drink water and Rehydrate. They LOVE Rehydrate, and if you hear them ask for “juice,” this is to what they’re referring. No artificial colors (artificial colors make my boys cray & aren’t good for us), 71% less sugar than other sports drinks, contains electrolytes which are especially beneficial when it’s very hot and when they’re sick. Plus, it tastes great, so they’ll chug it right down. This is 100% (hands down)superior to ANY OTHER hydration product on the market. When littles are sick (or even when they’re well, but especially when they’re sick), hydration is SO SO IMPORTANT. It helps flush out all the nasty germs more quickly and helps aid in digestion. I am on a mission because I feel like most people NEED to be drinking this, daily. And unfortunately, many people have no idea how unhealthy & how much sugar is in other sports drinks. They are almost as bad as sodas in my opinion! I SO wish I had known about this growing up on the ball field and chugging wayyyy too much Gatorade (thinking I was being healthy). Even if you choose the sugar free version of those, they still have artificial colors & don’t contain the sequential carbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that Rehydrate contains. It’s in the same kind of container as Spark, but this is caffeine free of course (just to clarify- cuz my boys don’t need ANY extra energy in the form of caffeine! lol!). It comes in either stick packs or a canister and several yummy flavors. And you can get a discount on it if you want which makes it cheaper per serving than what you’d pay for a drink at the gas station. There are no monthly minimums, quotas, autoships, or selling anything. It’s like a Sam’s or Costco membership, and a one time $19.95 gets you a 20% – 30% discount for an entire year. You’ll see the discount applied in your shopping cart, and it’ll ship right to your door in 2-3 days. You can use your preferred customer account to order any of the AdvoCare products you want to save 20% – 30% off the listed retail price.

AdvoCare Rehydrate® CanisterImage result for rehydrate vs gatorade


  • Juice Plus. I personally give the red + green chews daily and amp it up if they’re sick. Jonathan and I get all of our vitamins through AdvoCare, so we only get the kids gummies. We are just retail customers and I text our lady when we are running low. The boys love them. (And I hope you can at least sense my authenticity & tell I am genuinely have the best interest of our kiddos at heart.)
  • Limit sugar. Too much sugar at one time shuts the immune system down for 5 hours at a time. FIVE hours!! No wonder “flu season” shows up right after Halloween & Christmas and all the parties, treats, candy, and cookies. We are basically filling them with poison and shutting their immune systems down. (For the record, I’m not a total weirdo and my kids aren’t deprived. I haven’t totally found a solution for how to navigate this and I do let them have candy. I’d like for them to consume less sugar though.) We should shoot for LESS than 25 g a day.

Sugar recommendation in kids infographic

{image from here}

  • Make sure they get plenty of sleep. Sleep is when their bodies recover, their brain grows, etc. Not getting enough sleep weakens the immune system & hinders their ability to fight off viruses.


{chart from here}

  • On Guard + Thieves (oils on the bottom of feet & diffuse). I use them interchangeably and like them both equally. I diffuse oils every single day & I love them as an alternative to toxic candles, scents, air fresheners, etc. I also uses Thieves hand sanitizer and clean our house with Thieves (I just ordered some Thieves oil, but before that I made my own with a recipe I found online.) Make sure you do your research to determine what is safe for littles (not everything is) & proper dilution. Also, I personally do not ingest or use neat. I know some people do, so you’ll want to come to your own decision on that. You can find your fave oils person to get hooked up.
  • Don’t wear shoes in the house. You track in all kinds of yucky germs from the outside. Easy peasy, just take them off at the door. I love cleaning our floors with Norwex items! (I love their cloths too. This is what I use to wipe down our counters, the baby’s high chair tray, etc.)
  • Nutrition. I try to help them eat real, whole foods as much as possible. Lots of fruits + veggies. Organic when you can. Avoid processed food, junk food, and fast food. I sneak in Superfoods when I can by making homemade smoothies, grain free muffins with Superfood blends, etc. I have some tips for these are in some previous blog posts, so feel free to scroll back through to take a look at those.
  • Homeopathic allergy relief. This is my preference over Claritin or other OTC drugs when it comes to allergy relief.

Genexa Homeopathic Allergy for Children: The Only Certified Organic Kids Allergy & Decongestant Medicine. Physician Formulated, Natural, Non-GMO Verified & Non-Drowsy (60 Chewable Tablets)

  • I am not one who is quick to go to the doctor. I avoid antibiotics at ALL COST unless 100% absolutely necessary. If we’re not careful, we can develop a resistance to antibiotics which would make them less effective in the future if we ever had a serious infection and REALLY needed it. Plus, antibiotics destroy your gut by killing the good bacteria (it has know way to differentiate between the good & bad guys, so just kills them all.) I have also found that it seems lots of antibiotic use leads to more sickly kiddos. When you don’t develop and immunity to something, you won’t be able to fight it off next time. Most things will run their course if you allow them, & you’ll want to use common sense/discernment here. I personally VERY RARELY use fever reducers anymore. Like, I can’t even remember the last time. Thankfully my boys haven’t had many fevers, but fevers are actually our bodies’ way of fighting something off. They are for our benefit. Our bodies heat up to kill whatever is trying to take us down. When we use a fever reducer, we are many times extending the life of the virus & interfering with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Febrile seizures typically happen when fevers spike very rapidly, so definitely keep an eye out for that & reduce that fever! Also, I definitely encourage you to do some research on the topic for yourself. I recommend reading THIS BOOK (absolutely NO offense to doctors- so grateful for their knowledge! I wish it had a different title, but it is FULL of valuable info nonetheless) for a more comprehensive overview & explanation about this topic. Maybe check out this article about Tylenol raising risks of asthma. If you’re in need of a more natural fever reducer, I recommend this homeopathic option. 

Homeolab USA Kids Relief Pain & Fever

  • Wash hands often with non-toxic soap and warm water. I’m not a fan of antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer (endocrine disrupter), but if that’s all that’s out, it’s better than the alternative. Teach them to wash their hands OFTEN & how to do it the right way. (Tip: Teach them to sing their ABCs or the “Happy Birthday” song while scrubbing, then use the paper towel to open the door if in public.)

Image result for how to properly wash hands

The things I do daily (year round): probiotics, Rehydrate, vit D, Juice Plus gummies, omegas, wash hands, drink lots of clean water, aim to get enough sleep, clean with Thieves

The things I do during prevention season or when they’re coming down with something: elderberry syrup, Sovereign Silver, Citrizinc chews, vit C, diffuse Thieves/On Guard, use the roller balls, bone broth, multi

**I also love earth clinic to look up a collection of natural cures and remedies. Awesome resource to keep in your back pocket!

Sweet mama friends, I hope this is helpful for you. I know mommin’ ain’t easy, and we all want to do the very best by our children. Praying that if you’re reading this, the Lord blesses your children with a hedge of protection and thriving HEALTH in the upcoming year! Also praying He gives you wisdom as you navigate the BEST way to take care of your babies. I truly believe God has given you instincts to know how to best care for them, but I also know that when we know better, we DO better. Knowledge (applied) is power.

P.S. I’m always looking to learn! Anything else you use I need to know about??

“What If” (The Haters Gonna Hate Edition)

6 1/2 years ago, when I first started posting about AdvoCare, a “friend’s” mom started looking up the worst things she could find on the Internet (hello, trolls) about it and sharing that on my personal page. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but this moment was definitely a “defining moment” and a fork in the road that could have gone one of a few different ways. Thankfully, I chose to be respectful, but ignore her and move forward. I’m not gonna lie…It actually really bothered me. Turns out this “friend” and her mom both hate direct sales and ended up eventually unfriending me completely. Both on social media and in real life. And that stung. In fact, took me a little while to get over that.

Now first of all, does that sound like more of a reflection on me, or on them?

But I can’t help but think today… “What if?” What if I had allowed that to sway me? To discourage me? To keep my from sharing? I know there are so many others who allowed the “well meaning advice” of someone deter them, and unfortunately there life isn’t where it could be as a result of that.

Our family is in the best health we have ever been in… Healthier at 34 and 33 (even after birthing 3 babies in 4 years) than we were at 24 and 23. We are in our fourth year of earning over six figures by helping others with the income opportunity, and we have helped multiple people on our team do the same thing. (And more.) We have helped families across America (all different parts of the country, many of whom I met through the blog!) achieve levels of success they never dreamed possible. We have helped people regain their energy and their confidence. Have the endurance and stamina to give their BEST to their family. To Improve their health. Their fitness, their performance, and their recovery. To have options for their family. To earn enough referral money to pay for their own products or have some wiggle room in each month to pay for gas, groceries, or the fun stuff. To pay off debt. Pay cash for weddings and Christmases & vacations. Have the extra income to support ministries and charities. (We know the BEST, most generous people ever, y’all!) We are better people today because of the mentors our company has brought into our life & the books we have been encouraged to read…We have bigger vision, are able to give tens of thousands of dollars more than we ever would have as a teacher and construction guy. We have been able to travel to places we never would have otherwise traveled. Met some of the most incredible friends! And we know the best is yet to come. This isn’t an all about us and look how awesome we are kind of post. If you know me, you know that’s not how we are. We are super REAL, kinda dorky, still wear some clothes from high school, live beneath our means, very down to earth people. In fact, Jonathan is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met & that’s part of what was so attractive to me when we first started dating back in 2006. But these products and the opportunity have changed our lives, and we aren’t quiet about sharing that and paying it forward in hopes others get to experience the same awesomeness.

SO…I am sharing this story with you today because I want you to know that there are going to be seemingly well meaning people in your life who are dream killers. They don’t mean any harm, and may even think they have your best interest at heart. But if you’re not careful, you can allow their voice and opinion to rob you of YOUR greater destiny. To steal your family’s better future.

I look at these people now and see that what felt like rejection was actually God‘s protection. (Can you highlight that and say that again for me, please?!? Sometimes God’s protection comes disguised as someone else’s rejection.) I fully believe He protected us from their negativity & had them choose to remove themselves from me because He knew I wouldn’t walk away. And with them there, we couldn’t walk out our calling.

Unfortunately, they don’t fit in that picture. And looking back now, the Lord has lifted the glory and revealed things to me about their character that I don’t want any part of in my life. They did not bring out the best version of me. I see very clearly how God strategically plucked them out of my life.

And want to know the coolest part?? The people that have been planted in our life since then… they are kingdom builders. They are wise, they speak life over us, encourage and stretch us, inspire us. When God closes one door, he opens another… And it’s usually far better. If you’ve got some “haters,” please...please...for the love of all things... do not let them have more thought Space or control over your life than they deserve. Do they have results that you want? If not, why would you ever listen to them? NEVER take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.

The people who speak into your life need to earn that position based on their own fruits & results. It doesn’t matter that you’ve known them for 20 years. Make sure they have results in their life that you want before you allow them to have that authority over yours. If they’re not where you want to be… Physically, financially, with their relationships…don’t you dare allow them to dictate those things for you. You, your are worth more!!!

So back then, my “what if” was... “what if this DOES work? What if it CAN create options for our family? What if this IS our solution? What if we can do this?” And today, I’m standing here on the other side. Not where we want to be, but better than where we were. And examining the “What if I had listened to the naysayer” has me so full of gratitude that we didn’t.

::steps off soap box::

Positive Affirmations for Kiddos

The Word is VERY clear that there is power in the tongue. Take some time to read some of the verses about the power of the tongue and the power of our words.

Image result for words create the world you live in

So I got the idea to do this with my boys because this is something I personally do in the form of belief cards. That might sound silly or lame or whatever, but it has led to personal breakthrough for me. It has changed the way I view myself, allowed me to tear through some lies I have believed, and helped me grow into who I know I can be, even if I wasn’t there yet. It has changed my beliefs and shaped my thinking, and if it can do it for me, I know it can do it for my boys.

The words we speak to our children and about them become their inner voice. There are so many “voices” speaking to who they are and their identity, that Jonathan and I want to make sure WE are the loudest voices in their heads. We want our boys to have a strong foundation. Our hope and prayer is that as they grow up, their choices and decisions will align with the TRUTH about who they are and who they are created to be.

Image may contain: 4 people, including Danielle Butler, people smiling

Here are some of our affirmations we go through at night with the boys. We start when they’re really young (we even do them with Beau). We don’t do it every single day, but we try to. It doesn’t matter when you do it, but you really want to be as consistent as possible. We say them then have them repeat them loudly and confidently after us in the form of an “I” statement. They don’t always love it, but we make them do all kinds of things they don’t necessarily like to do…because that’s life. (I mean hello…I don’t LIKE to do laundry, but we don’t wanna be nasty & stanky so I do it anyway.)

Image result for words create the world you live in

- I am a champion.
- I am a leader.
- I am a child of God.
- I am strong.
- I am brave and courageous.
- i am healthy.
- i am wise & make wise choices.
- I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and made in the image of Christ.
- I am a hard worker.
- I am a problem solver.
- i tell the truth.
- i am a protector.
- i am friendly & enjoy making new friends.
- i enjoy talking in front of others.
- i like to share.
- i am helpful.
- i am respectful.
- i have a grateful heart.
- i love to learn new things.
- i honor my mom & dad.
- I am smart & have a great memory.
- I use my gifts for God’s glory.
- I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
- I trust in the Lord with all my heart.
- I love the Lord, my God, with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.
- if God before us, who can be against us?
- i’m going to change the world.

Parents…your words have POWER. You are not raising kids…you are raising future adults. That perspective is POWERFUL, so wrap your mind around that and parent them in that way. Talk to your spouse about the kind of adult you want your child to grow into, and then start speaking that into them, over them, and have them learn to speak it about themselves. Then watch that manifest into their reality.

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy, But it is a BLESSING

Children are a gift from the Lord. (Psalm 127:3)

Image may contain: text

If you’re having a “moment” & not feeling like it for a second, that’s okay. We’re all real people & we have real nerves & these little people that call us Mama know how to get all over them sometimes.

Just don’t let yourself stay there, friend. Remind yourself that your child is a BLESSING! A gift entrusted to you. Chosen specifically for you and you for them. They require work + patience + training. And God has called YOU and will equip you to that work if you recognize what a mighty & wonderful calling it is.

Choose to enjoy them. Get yo mind right & do it quickly. Memorize Scripture & renew your mind in the Lord. Guard your heart. Pour into your children. Invest in them. Treasure them.

Image may contain: text

God doesn’t expect us to be a perfect parent, but we should be a present & praying parent. ❤️ and p.s. Kids spell love T-I-M-E.

Closed Doors

Today I am grateful for CLOSED doors.

Image may contain: outdoor

That may sound strange, but one of the ways God shows us his love is through CLOSED doors. Many times it doesn't feel that way at the time. In fact, in our immaturity we tend to think the opposite and that it is unanswered prayers. Sometimes, we become bitter, we try to force our own way, we pout, and we stop seeking the Lord. But in reality, closed doors often mean God has something better for us that fits in HIS perfect plan & HIS perfect timing. We will get to experience His faithfulness if we allow the Lord to lead, stay in His will, and don't force anything on our own. We can usually look back and see that closed doors were actually Him protecting us from something. Isn’t He GOOD??  YES! He works together for the good of those who love Him, so we can fully trust Him.

Next time you experience a closed door, choose the perspective of gratitude. Be thankful for his protection, provision, and omniscience. Declare that you trust Him fully, and praise Him in the waiting. He knows and wants the best for YOU, so keep seeking Him.

I just wanted to share that in case you’re in a season of experiencing closed doors. I know if can feel disheartening, but hang in there! Your best days are yet to come.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. – Hebrews 11:6

Homeschooling Update…

When people ask how homeschooling is going...ummm, it’s going.

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Transparency moment: I don’t feel like i have been totally honest with everyone about homeschooling. When people have asked me about it and said “Wow, i could never do that!” I really wanna say “Yes! Same here! Me neither!” Cuz that’s how I feel. I feel like I can’t. And I know that although according to the world’s “standards” I should be equipped (from an education and experience standpoint anyway), I am actually having to unlearn many things from my teaching background because this is SO, SO different. I think people assume I chose to homeschool because have unlimited patience with my boys or something...& while I’m working to grow in that area, I just want to confess: I’m not the most patient mom ever. Sometimes I lose my cool & don’t react/respond the way I’d like.

I have also been telling people i feel “called” to it because I feel like that eases the awkwardness of the conversation. But again… I don’t necessarily feel “called” to it. This is very much a CHOIE. I believe it’s the best choice for our family & our boys & the fruits we are trying to produce..but y’all, I’m not scared of hard things because I’ve done hard things before. And while many times I feel like I “can’t,” I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So I’m clinging to that!

Hopefully at the end of this year I’ll be saying “Whew, we’re getting this thing figured out & we are thriving!” But for now, it’s just plain hard, & if I’m totally honest, i don’t necessarily ‘want’ to do it. Navigating this new journey with two other littles running around… while we’re living 5 deep in a friend’s camper in our driveway…(that’s a different post for a different day!)…it’s just a little crazy.

But, I want to be super transparent about my thoughts, feelings, and insecurities in our journey. SO I’m sharing my “struggles” because I fully believe there is some other mama reading this that has felt a tug on her heart to homeschool, but is maybe feeling some of these same obstacles I am. I just want you to know, you’re not alone & you CAN do it. God planted that seed in you for a reason. Don’t allow the enemy to steal this from you.  Yes, it is hard. But many of the most worthwhile things in life come with challenges. And there isn’t a better way to teach our kids to do hard things, even when you don’t feel equipped, even when you don’t necessarily “want to,” than to lead by example.

My major goal is for my kids to be worshippers, to know God and make him known, to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, to be entrepreneurs or in ministry, to be effective communicators, to enjoy learning, to be avid readers, to live healthy lives as productive members of society, and to have the Word hidden in their hearts. And this is the approach I feel like is best for our family in this season to make those things a reality.

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