Friday, September 9, 2011

A Site for Sore Eyes

Anyone ever had any experience with Vertigo?
Last Thursday night my hubby woke me up around 11 pm and told me he was really dizzy and nauseated.  I watched him crawl to the bathroom and throw up all night long. I did my best to take care of him, but there wasn't really much I could do.  Bless his heart...I felt SO bad for him. Being dizzy and nauseous are the WORST feelings.  He called in sick the next morning (only the 2nd time he's done that in 5 years!) and laid in bed ALL day long, still totally dizzy and nauseous.

I came home from work on Friday and took him to Quick Care.  I knew he must be really sick if he agreed to go to the doctor. They told him he had a sinus infection + Vertigo, & gave him 2 shots and 3 prescriptions. I took him back home, and he immediately puked. I called the doctor back (he JUST had a shot to prevent nausea and vomiting!) so she called in another prescription.

We spent the whole Labor day weekend at home resting, nursing my sweet babe back to health.  I only left for a couple hours Saturday morning to do my long run, and other than that we were at home ALL weekend long.  He went back to work on Tuesday, but still didn't feel back to normal.

You should see all the remedies we've tried....oh my.

Anyhow, I took a little nap yesterday when I got off work, and I woke up to my handsome hubby cutting the grass. It sure was a site for sore eyes! For a few reasons:
1) I like to watch my hot husband mow the grass!!
2) Our lawn really needed to be mowed.
3) It means he is finally feeling better!! YAY!
  Don't you just love the smell and look of fresh cut grass??
Yea, me too! :)

So glad Big Jon is FINALLY feeling better...that Vertigo mess is for the birds!


Jamie said...

Poor hubby! Glad he's feeling better though :)

Amanda Jones said...

I've had a slight case of vertigo before when I had an ear infection - no fun at all.  Doesn't matter if you were standing, walking, sitting or laying constantly through you off your wagon.  Your lawn looks beautiful - - do ya need a lawn service to help control weeds and fertilize it ??  Call me, I work for King GREEN and we'd be glad to give you a FREE quote :)   Greg & Rachael use us and I believe they're satisfied (at least I hope so!!).

Chels said...

I hate it that he still feels bad! Vertigo is no bueno!