Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm an old married woman....

Where, oh where, does the time go????

And when do I officially have to quit calling myself a newlywed?
{I vote never.}

This Sunday will be our fabulous 1 year anniversary!! I cannot believe how fast this last year has flown by...and although I have so loved every.single. moment., it makes me sad that it's already gone.  I hope the rest of my life doesn't go by this quickly.
I still haven't decided what we'll do to celebrate.
 I'm tossing around a few options. We are postponing the anniversary trip to Fall Break in a few weeks, so I do have a little bit of time left.  Fall break is also my hubby's 28th birthday (creeping up on 30- so crazy!) and Gold Rush weekend- a pretty big deal around here.  We'll probably do a 2 nighter somewhere and get a massage.
  They're not a luxury...they're therapeutic, remember?

I do know one thing fo sho.  We WILL be celebrating this weekend with a free cake from the fabulous bakers who made our wedding cake. I'll enjoy every last bite because I have an 18 mile long run this Saturday. Longest distance yet- that's called a PDR in running world. :) It'll make my cake that much sweeter (no pun intended- maybe a little bit).

I guess I might be biased, but our wedding cake was seriously the most beautiful (and delicious!) cake EVER in my opinion, and I'm pretty pumped for a (FREE) one from Celso's Cakes!! Check out their website...that's me on the home page! Weird! (I'm not they guy with the chef's hat on- I'm the chick on the cover of Wedding Day Planner....you know, in case you were confused.)
So, I am going to stop this post now before I get way mushy gushy about how much I love my husband, how blessed and thankful the Lord put us together, how Jonathan is THE best man on the planet, how this has been the most amazing year of my life, and how I fall more and more in love with him each and every day. I don't want y'all throwing up in your mouth. :)
Anyways....wanna help me decide where we should go to celebrate?

 Here are some of my thoughts....I wanna hang around home Fri & Sat night cuz I have an awesome 20 miler Saturday morning, and I want to go to Gold Rush.  Seriously, I live for my once-a-year bbq sandwich, lemonade, candied pecans, and homemade ice cream. Ahhhh, festival food!! 
Oops, back to our anniversary.
Here are some of my ideas:
  • Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge cabin for 2 nights (I love The Apple Barn & Cade's Cove)
  • 1 night in Callaway Gardens w/ massage
  • a night in Atlanta (nice dinner, hotel in Atl) with a massage in the morning
  • a night at Chateau Elan with a  massage (I know it's close, but their spa is the BOMB.com- yea, it's really that great that it's worth me being that cheesy)
  • 2 nights in Asheville
Back to the cheesy lovefest. It really doesn't matter where we go, because we always have a blast together and I am just looking forward to spending a long, relaxing weekend with my handsome husband- away from the community where people know us so we can make out in public and get away with it. :)  Just kidding. (or not.)

Any other suggestions???? 
 How did you celebrate your 1 year?

Oh, and we decided not to do gifts. We both tend do go waaaayyy overboard on our gift giving escapades....and seriously, we have EVERYTHING we could ever want/need.  (I still really want a convertible at some point in my life- but I got a new house this year- can't push my luck!)  Anyway, a sweet lady I work with has a sister with terminal cancer, and we decided to donate to her fund rather than giving one another gifts.  Giving really is better than receiving.... 

I am thinking about writing him a letter....maybe one every year and keep them all in a book? Just brainstorming...anyone have any sweet ideas for that?


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Oooh, I like the idea of a letter. Maybe frame it? That would be cute!

All of those destinations sound fabulous!! Happy anniversary!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I've been married for over a year and I still consider myself a newlywed! I think your ideas sounds wonderful--Piegeon Forge is somewhere I would love to visit soon, so I vote for that!
Good luck on your 18 miles this weekend too.

Always Learning said...

Don't ever be ashamed to tell others how much you love your husband!!! People need to see married couples madly in love with each other...even into their old age! ;)

Jamie said...

Oooohh all those options sound great! I love Asheville because of the Biltmore :)

Can't wait to see where y'all go!

Emily said...

We did Cancun for our one year and got pregnant with Kye ;) I don't suggest Asheville...Biltmore is MEGA cool but the town itself is super expensive! Pigeon Forge is super fun though! There are TONS of cute ideas on pinterest for anniversary gifts ;)

Lauren Johnson said...

I might be a bit biased because I live here, but I highly suggest Asheville. :) Especially this time of year...the leaves are beautiful!

Erin said...

On our wedding day, my husband gave me some stationery with our joint monogram on it with the intention that we'd write one another a note every year on our anniversary. I think we missed last year, but it's been successful most of the time!

Congratulations and I vote Pigeon Forge.

Unknown said...

congrats on the one year coming up :) how exciting girl! hmmmm i love all your choices that you have for your anniv- how do you pick just one?! maybe do a combo of ALL of them ;) baahah!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

So nice to see others so in love! Congrats on one year!! We took a day trip down to the winery where we got married. We had lunch, sipped wine, & kissed overlooking where we said I do. Just being together is enough! Have fun.

Tonya S said...

Girlie- I have been married 22 years! Some days we are still newlyweds and some days not so much!LOL For us just being together is the best. Lots of times we make plans and then we look at each other and say lets just stay home and do nothing, because you know we have already made plans for kids and grandkids not to be here. SO noone bothers us.They think we are gone! We love each other more and more everyday!!