Friday, September 2, 2011

CONFESSION: {Time to Get Back on Track}

I have had a rough week. Yes, I may have posted about eating clean and working out hard, but I sure didn't do it myself very well.  I only ran 7 miles, and I was supposed to run 14. I skipped my long mid-week run. :(  And I finished a whole carton of fro yo. By myself. In 4 days. AND just to top it off, I ate a doughnut and a couple of cookies this morning during our class party. A doughnut....really, Danielle?  

I'm not big on weight, as long as it's healthy, but I did gain about 3-4 lbs this week...and I don't feel as good as normal.  Actually, I feel pretty sloppy.

So, I'm telling you this confession to let you know that it is OKAY to slip up.  I do. 

I'm not perfect (not that anyone thought I was, nor do I think I am)...I have my splurges....and days weeks where I have no motivation to work out.  BUT, I am deciding to get back on track TOMORROW. Starting with a 10 miler around the lake in the morning.  

Are ya with me?? (Okay, maybe not for the 10 mile run, but at least getting back on track with eating right & working out? Hey- ya gotta start somewhere!!)  :)
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