Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding: Chelsi

Chelsi & I have been BFF since we were 11 and were in the same classes in 6th grade. We were inseparable for years, I can remember us talking about our futures and our wedding days for as long as I can remember. She has been a fabulous friend to me through the years and was a wonderful maid of honor in my wedding back in October.
I was so excited for her when she started dating Chad in college- he was actually her roommate at the time.  He was perfect for her, so I was thrilled when he had a scavenger hunt proposal  (and was nice enough to include us) in November of last year.
They decided to get married the Thursday before Labor Day in beautiful Destin, FL.  (Yes, this post is long overdue!)  Destin is one of my favorite places in Florida, so I was thrilled!  She wanted a low-key, small, yet elegant beach wedding, and she totally achieved it.  

Jon & I both had to work, so we took off Wednesday and headed down. 

 {I am that girl who has to pee every five seconds on road trips. Big Jon made me hold it for an HOUR while we drove down the longest stretch of road ever without a gas station. Fortunately we finally found one- with deer heads and turkeys on the wall- so random. Anyone who knows me knows that's probably the longest I've ever held my pee without wetting myself- monumental moment for me- I was pumped!}

Back to Chelsi....Needless to say, I was thrilled to finally arrive. The house she and Chad rented for her family (and was kind enough to let me & the hubby crash) was BEAUTIFUL...and huge! This is also where she held the reception.  Chels & I went straight to the beach when I got there. I could tell she was stressed and needed to she & I enjoyed some time playing in the ocean (took me back to our spring break days) and soaked up some sun on the beach.  Her grandpa (who performed the ceremony- so sweet) had been in the hospital all week, AND she was busy getting everything ready for the big day.  Small wedding= a LOT of hard work for Chelsi. (She managed to pull it off, but it was stressful for sure.)  She seemed to relax some after I got there, and it made me wish I could have been there the whole week to help. (Stupid work totally gets in the way of my social obligations sometimes!)  I was excited to give her the wedding present I got for her- a study Bible with her new name engraved on it.  :)  And I brought her a something borrowed/something blue...the handkerchief Dana gave me for my wedding.
{I hid this bad boy in my cleavage in case I couldn't hold it together during our ceremony...luckily I was all smiles the whole time, but my lil hanky crept it's way out and made an appearance as we walked back up the aisle- oops!}
We got ready that evening and headed to Chad's family's house for a cookout. His family is from Louisiana, so you can imagine the food was delicious! My favorite part was the bread pudding (who even knew I liked that? I think it was my first time eating it....but it had sugar, so of course I loved it) and the sweet slide show of pictures. I love slide shows. 

We headed home early to get some beauty sleep for the big day!

The next morning was so relaxed for a wedding day. I woke up and went for a run, had breakfast, and laid by the pool with Chels. I got some much needed sun...which turned into a pretty serious burn later, but you couldn't tell in the pictures (hello, SUNBLOCK, Danielle!). Yes, the house had its own pool. I'm telling ya, it was NICE!  Big Jon decided he would stay outta the way, so he went and got an oil change and did some shopping at Vitamin Shoppe and Bass Pro.  

Chels & I headed to the salon at around 1ish....and the girl ABSOLUTELY. NAILED.IT.  Her hair was unbelievable & exactly what she was going for!  
{You can kinda tell was AWESOME!}
When we got back to the house, Chels' mom and friend Emily were working fervently on the food (Chelsi had already prepared most of it ahead of time- talk about doing it all!) while her other friend Chelsea got the bouquets together. I had the honor of doing her makeup for the big day - just as I had so many times when we were younger. And if I do say so myself, I did a pretty jam up job! She looked PHENOMENAL!!
{touching up the mascara}
I couldn't believe how well her whole look came together....from her beautiful updo, to her coral lipstick & cheek color, the flowing dress that fit perfectly, to the shoes, flowers, & chandelier earrings....she looked like a Greek goddess!!
 The weather was perfect for the ceremony. Just enough clouds to keep us from sweating all our makeup off! I loved the sweet touches her grandpa added....I thought he did a GREAT job!
After the ceremony we headed back to the house...
 and enjoyed some fruit, veggie, and cheese trays...while the dads put together a low-country boil. I LOVED it!! Shrimp IS my favorite food, after all.  
{So cute with her bib....but don't let it fool ya....She looked smokin' in her reception dress!!}
And again, my favorite part was the those lemon bars. Ahhhhh!!!!
I gave my toast after everyone finished eating. All the family and guests gathered in the living room...and I have to say, I was a little nervous. Chelsi gave a phenomenal speech at my wedding, so I knew it'd be hard to top that. But I spoke from the heart, and I think it went over pretty well. A few tears were shed (happy ones), so that's a good sign.  I talked about when we were in middle school and used to play our instruments on the phone to each other- SUCH nerds! Good thing we grew out of that!

Jon & I both had to work Friday, so we left and headed back home after my speech. We had a long drive ahead.  

I couldn't be MORE happy for her and Chad. She seriously made the most beautiful bride, and I was so thankful to be a part of her special day. Love you, Chels! 


Holly said...

Love the blog, I'm your newest follower! And what a gorgeous wedding! Your friend looked beautiful. I'm loving her dress too :)


Avery Jane said...

I don't know either of you...but that is so sweet! What a wonderful friendship! She looked gorgeous.

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Thank you Holly and A-Vry! She was beautiful, huh?? I just love weddings!! :)

Pamela said...

What a gorgeous dress she wore!! Love it :)

Jamie said...

What a pretty wedding! I love her dress!

chelsi tullos said...

Thanks Danielle! You made the day extra special. It was a honor to have you there and I am so blessed to have you as a friend all these years;) it's so great to share life changing moments together. Yay we are both finally married ... What's next? Babies!