Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WILW: Mrs. Sandra Deal's Visit & Weight Loss Update!!

I am LOVING so many fabulous things this Wednesday...

{By the way, is it weird that I plan blog posts in my head while I run?? Please tell me you do that too....}

I'm LOVING that several marathon friends & a personal trainer friend confirmed that it is NORMAL to gain 3-5 pounds during training. Seems strange that running tons and tons of miles could make you gain weight, but apparently running a marathon is not a weight loss event. Your body stores water and I can be okay with these extra few lbs during training.
I'm also LOVING that I counted calories for 2 days and lost 2 lbs....I was at 142 this am! Mission accomplished. (I can also be okay with losing them...ha!)
I am LOVING that I ran 8 miles this am before school and burned almost 1,000 calories before my day even began. (I did almost give up at EVERY mile though....I made a rookie mistake & tried out some advice to just eat a Cliff Bar before the run. I have eaten oatmeal and 3 egg whites EVERY DAY for the last 3 I think my body was in shock. Totally bonked....but pushed through and finished! Woo hoo!)  Lesson learned: Do what works for you. Everyone is different, and my body likes that perfect, delicious combo of oatmeal and boiled eggs!
I am LOVING that Nathan Deal's wife, Sandra Deal, came and spoke to our 8th graders this am,Mrs. Deal repeated MANY of the same "life lessons" I teach my students & my kids said I reminded them of her...fabulous!
And I'm LOVING that I got to see an old friend from college. My beautiful friend Ember is Mrs. Deal's personal assistant- SO cool!!
I am LOVING that I finally painted my toenails....they were looking horrendous.

I am LOVING Pinterest- holy moly! As if I really needed ANOTHER Internet addiction! Post to come...
Happy Wednesday, friends!


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

OPI always has the best colors :)

Ashley P. said...

Cajun Shrimp is my ALL TIME favorite color... I wear it all summer!