Thursday, September 22, 2011


Thank you, Lord, for our major rainfall this morning.
 I knew it was going to be a great day when I pulled in the parking lot and heard some thunderous booms followed by flashes of lightning that lit up the 6 am sky.  I was scheduled to run 8 fabulous miles this morning, but mother nature didn't wanna cooperate. I'm cool with that thought because we REALLY need this rain. Fortunately I made it in the building before the monsoon started...(seriously, I am the "bag lady" and it takes me 87 hours to lug all my crap into the building.)

So, in lieu of my run (which WILL take place this evening on the treadmill- oh joy!), I joined the cross country team in the gym for a little INSANITY!!!!!

You remember Insanity from my bride-to-be boot camp , right?  It is total kick butt! We did the Pure Cardio workout, which left me lookin' like this....
And no, that is NOT from the's just sweat.
 Nothing like a good, heart-pounding, make ya wanna quit, SWEATY Mcsweat sweat workout.

On another note.... I finally splurged and bought myself a new pair of running shorts. I know onlookers are thankful they don't have to see all my junk-in-the-trunk in soaked trash bag shorts anymore. 
These guys are the Reebok Play Dry shorts and they were pretty awesome. They are SUPER comfy & even though I didn't run in them I have a feeling they most likely won't chafe.  Seriously, I know chaffing isn't an issue we like to talk about (let alone visualize), but GEEZ I have chaffed in places I didn't even know existed during my long runs!  Body Glide & I have become BFF, and hopefully these shorts will help out too...

Happy RAINY Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Can I just say *without sounding all weird** I think you have some awesome legs!

Danielle said...

haha I agree with Nikki! But I was wondering, have you done P90X? How does that compare to Insanity? I have done P90X... and lost it... and I am looking for something to add to my workouts (my routine is getting boring) and want something a little harder than what I am doing now.

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

well, i have 2 new BFF's!!! my legs are my LEAST favorite physical feature...i do NOT like them. SO, thank you for your kind (NOT AT ALL WEIRD words) that made me oh so happy today!!! :) :) I ALWAYS tell people when they have great legs....mostly in an "I wish I could trade you" kinda way.

As far as P90X, I have done it and I am totally for Insanity. It's a LOT tougher (especially if you push yourself!) & I saw a huge difference in my body in doing it consistently before my wedding. I totally recommend it...but wear a panty liner. It is serously so hard I have peed my pants a little doing it...(TMI? Just bein real)

Also, I just orderd a few Jillian Michaels DVDs, so I'll let ya know how they are working after I try em out.