Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Morning Adventures (and my sweet outfit!)

Well happy Friday morning to ya! I just LOVE Fridays!!!! 

I wanted to share my Friday morning outfit with you, because, it's well....interesting. I wake up at 5:00 am 2-4 mornings a week and head to school to run with our cross country team. They are such a neat group of kids, and two of my really good friends coach them, so it's always a good time. These kiddos come run every morning at 6 am & shower at school. They are super dedicated. I think they think I'm on the team? (Haha!) because one of the runners asked me yesterday if I'd be at team pictures. He said I was the "phantom coach" who randomly shows up on their ruuns and tells them to pick up their pace. Makes me sound creepy, but I don't think I am. Then again...they are middle schoolers, and I am in desperate need of a running wardrobe makeover (I am probably a little scary).

This morning  we were doing relays, and I of course participated.  All was well as we did out bear crawls, crab walks, sprints, & planks. But you shoulda seen the look on my poor partner's face (he's just a lil scrawny ole guy) when Coach Ivey announced to us we'd be doing wheelbarrows. I guess he just didn't think he could handle carrying this load....
{sweet outfit huh? Don't be jealous...And I know what you're thinking....And the answer is YES, I always look this good when I first wake up! Ha...ha...kidding. I really do roll straight outta bed & go to school washing my face, brushing my hair, or even my teeth. Oops, did I just admit that??}

Yep, 140 pounds of solid muscle. Well, almost.  Fortunately for him they didn't make us switch roles, so I got to be the wheelbarrow carrier, and he got to live through the experience. 

 Anyway, I gotta go snaz myself up because today is "PICTURE DAY" at school....yipee!! But be sure to check back later so you can read about my wild night out last night. :)


Unknown said...

haha i love this :) i woke up at 5:30 to go work out so does that count?! have so much fun for picture day! YAY!

Maggie said...

I love that you run with the students!

Ragan said...

It kinda looks like your Thanksgiving/Christmas outfit...maybe even a little better!