Friday, September 16, 2011



I don't even know HOW to react anymore when I fall...Should I laugh? Cry? Both??
{I usually do both...}

I am getting a little ridiculous & outta control with my "clumsiness..." I guess it should be a red flag when no one even responds to my "I got hurt today" texts, except to tell me I "need a full body cast"...and that being friends with me is "like a box of chocolates..." Well, you know how the rest of that one goes! Hahha!!

Backstory to this post:
I tripped on a stool in my classroom on Wednesday. Fell all the way to the ground. Cut my heel and left it mega bruised and sore.
 {Please don't judge the cankles. They're genetic and I can't help it.  Besides, I think the awkward angle of taking a picture of the back of my own heel somehow made it look worse.}

Embarassing? Absolutely! 

Forutnately for my pride no one was in the room to witness my little incident, but it does make it awkward and I don't really know how to react when I do things like that.  I had to fill out an accident report....*sigh*

I will say....I was wearing the same shoes during the stool incident as when I fell UP the stairs a few weeks ago at church. Maybe it's the shoes??? :) I'd like to go with that, but I was wearing different shoes when I pulled my calf...and even different ones when I slipped on gravel and ripped open the end of my toe. I guess I can't blame it on the shoes....darn.  Maybe one day I'll learn how to walk.

Anyone else have any clumsy incidents like me??


Emily Griffin said...

I have to say .. you are DEFINITELY not the only clumsy one! It always happens to me walking down the hospital halls with crocs on and i trip out of NO WHERE .. and it's even worse with hospital floors and crocs bc they make can AWFUL screeching noise! I feel your pain!

Unknown said...

ouuuuuch girl! hope you're okay! ha! i'm usually pretty clumsy myself so don't worry ;) xo

Jamie said...

Oh gosh girl...looks like that hurt! I'm always running into things too :/