Sunday, January 1, 2017

“Jesus is Not Your Cheerleader”…

If you follow the Facebook page, then you have already seen this. But in case you don’t I wanted to pass along this blog post because it is worth the read. (Link at the bottom.)

I have started several posts trying to get this exact point across, but I couldn't get the words out nearly as eloquently as this author does. In a world screaming about loving others, I think we are forgetting what it truly means to LOVE someone like Christ loves them. Yes, of course I believe we need more love & less hate. And yes, you have to love someone first to be able to truly help them. And even more yes that we are judged by how we love others. But...Real love includes hard truths sometimes, because my definition of love includes loving someone enough to help them get to Heaven & looking more like Christ than the world. It's not about judging them. The God we serve never condemns...He only convicts. But He does convict so we will repent, turn from our sin, & live more fruitful, ABUNDANT lives. The Bible is clear that the ONLY way to Heaven is through Jesus- the way, the truth, & the life. The "I Am."

I have struggled for awhile with different (popular) Christian teachers & different Bible studies that didn't seem to line up with sharing ALL the truths of the Gospel, but I couldn't quite put my finger on the uneasiness other than knowing I was hungry for more. (Specifically more of the Word.) The Lord more than answered that prayer in directing me to BSF (& if you have one near you, I HIGHLY encourage you to get involved. Hands down best Bible study I have ever been a part of.) This lined up with what we've been studying about Jesus in the book of John.

Ladies, I would take a few minutes to read this & I challenge you to pray for people & studies that will speak TRUTH into your life.

Sisters, Jesus is Not Your Cheerleader

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Champion on a journey said...

Dang that's a good read. Hard to hear but good. I think encouragement has it's place but we tend to focus so much on 'being positive' that we forget that sin is still sin and God is still God.