Thursday, January 19, 2017

Benefits of Bone Broth & How to Make It

I posted a chicken noodle soup recipe a couple weeks ago that has become a favorite in our home. We have recently started using bone broth instead of chicken broth because there are so many incredible benefits!

Bone broth has been around for forever, but I just heard of it about a year ago (maybe a little longer). I didn’t give much thought to it, but I found this organic bone broth at Whole Foods back in October (they have chicken and turkey and low sodium as well) and decided it was time to give it a shot.

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Since then, I have learned a LOT more about the powerful benefits of bone broth and have started making our own from scratch. It can be used in any recipe where you’d typically use chicken broth, or you can even drink it straight. It is very nutrient-dense (unlike the broths we typically buy in stores) and packed with over nineteen amino acids, trace minerals, collagen, & gelatin. Because of all of that, it  helps aid in digestion, supports brain health, immune system, function, boosts metabolism,, strengthens connective tissue, & feeds muscles. It can even be used to help detoxify. Yep- gut, brain, joints, skin, and ligaments! It’s pretty much a super food! Or drink. Whatever ya wanna call it.

I definitely recommend making your own, but prefer that organic store bought brand of bone broth over a traditional broth you’d buy at the store if you’re short on time.

Here’s how I made ours. First I roasted a whole chicken in the oven & we ate the meat for supper (& lunch the next day).  Did you know the dark meat in the legs and wings is more nutritionally dense than the white meat like the breast?

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

To make the bone broth, I used a simple recipe I found online that called for water, 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar to pull out the minerals, the bones of a whole chicken, pink Himalayan salt & ground pepper, a few spices,, and some veggies. (I also used butter when roasting the chicken initially. I put a link to how I made it on the chicken soup post.) I simmered it for almost 24 hours on low in a crockpot, strained, then poured it in glass containers. I allowed it to cool and then just stored it in the refrigerator because I knew I’d use it quickly, but if I wasn’t going to use it immediately I probably would have frozen some. (It’s good in the freezer for up to 3 months.)

You don’t have to use chicken. You can also use turkey, beef, or fish.(Jut make sure it’ high quality meat and you know the source.)

I also found this free cookbook with 50 bone broth recipes and was pretty blown away at some of the creative ways they incorporated bone broth into different recipes. Definitely download the free e-book and check it out. Good stuff!

If you can, I’d recommend start trying to incorporate this as often as possible. It is SO very good for you. And let me know if you try any of those recipes. So far I haven’t branched out from anything beyond soup…ha!


Anonymous said...

We love bone broth at our house! I read somewhere that for things like leaky gut or other similar things it helps you heal 30% faster! I also buy bovine gelatin (sounds gross I know- it's not though) and add it to a mug of bone broth with a little bit of Celtic sea salt. I try to drink a cup a day. You can make "jello" with the powdered gelatin too. There's quite a few recipes out there, most I've seen just use organic fruit juice plus the gelatin. I made it one time with a fresh pressed pineapple juice and it was good. A nice occasional treat! I tried your soup recipe btw except just with brown rice and it was so good! My husband is already asking for me to make it again!

Champion on a journey said...

You can also use chicken feet. I know that sounds funky but if you want to make up bone broth and now have chicken, you can cook the chick feet in the crockpot with veggies and ACV and make bone broth. It's also really good to use if you need to sneak meds to your dog.