Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Healthy Fats/Oil Tips

Did you know...

We shouldn't be cooking with olive oil over high heat? Low heat only. I think I knew that, but I’d forgotten.

Also, make sure you have the REAL stuff. There are lots of olive oils that aren't truly olive oil- won't get into the conspiracy of it, but my fave is Bragg's Organic, & next time I’ll probably buy Bariani. Kirkland’s Organic (from Costco) passes the test too.

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Here are a few other brands that ARE the real deal:


Here are a few tips for selecting an olive oil:




If you do want to cook over high heat, coconut oil, red palm oil, & ghee are some great options. Avocado oil is another great option for cooking, but I’ve heard different things about the temperatures.

(**I had a firefighter comment on my post about the danger of cooking with oil over high heat period, so it’s probably best to just take our time and cook over a lower heat.)

Healthy fats are SO important to our overall health, despite what you may have heard in the past about eating a "low fat diet." (That's garbage.) These oils, avocados, organic eggs (no, the yolks don't cause high cholesterol), raw nuts & seeds/natural nut butters, ground flax & chia seeds, high quality Wild caught fish, grass fed organic meats...all great ways to get some healthy fats. Just like the body is made up of primarily water & needs lots of it to function properly, the brain is made up of primarily fat & needs plenty of it to function. We also take a quality omega (Omegaplex), but get plenty in our diets too. Eat your fats, friends!

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