Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gifts for the Nurses/Doctors/Midwives

Labor & delivery is such an incredible time! We begin praying for the doctor/midwives & nurses who will be on call when we deliver very early on in pregnancy. They play such a crucial role and we are so thankful for all they do during one of the most important times in our life. What an incredible calling they have! We pray that it will be the RIGHT people, that God will give them wisdom, clarity, focus, and a sound mind. We pray for blessings, protection, & anointing over them. We also pray they will be believers, and that we (me especially) will allow Christ to shine through us to them so they give GLORY to Him (because yes, you can even be kind & Christlike during childbirth, and that’s an awesome testament to HIS strength & power).
As a little thank you and token of our appreciation, we make little goody bags so they know how appreciated they are by the Butler family. We want them to KNOW they have been prayed for and that we believe they’ve been specifically chosen. Plus, I like to give gifts & I always want to be known as a grateful person. It’s important for people to know you appreciate them.

We also add a card I have printed from Shutterfly with a picture of our family.
We have made around 15-20 bags in the past and given one to every person who has a hand in helping us, but  we always had leftovers. (I ended up giving them to people who bought us meals after the baby was born.) This time I only made 10 because we’ll stay in the same room for labor/delivery and post-partum, so I don’t see us having as many different nurses. (Plus, Jon wanted to go home as SOON as possible after Kade, so we left the hospital 26 hours after having him and didn’t have nearly as many nurses as we did when I had Jase & was in the hospital from 2-3 days. I’m believing the same thing will happen this time.)
Here are the goody bags & cards I’ve made when we had each of the boys.
And P.S. The prayers have worked! We’ve always had the best nurses, midwives, & doctors!!
photo (15)image

Feel free to steal away! I think it’s so important to let people know you appreciate them & are thankful for their hard work. Even a little note is a nice gesture & doesn’t take much effort.

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