Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Christmas Card Pictures

Christmas card pics were a total doozie this year!

Logan did a great job  & was such a trooper in spite of us being a tough crowd this year. The boys were both literally in the WORST moods ever. (Even Kade, world’s happiest baby was in rare form and wouldn’t crack a smile.) Bribery didn’t work. Threats didn’t work. Silly faces didn’t work. Playing games didn’t work. There were frowns, mad faces, and even a few tears. By the end, Jonathan and I were just laughing because…what else ya gonna do?

Part of it was my fault. We had to leave our house at 3:30, so we had to start getting ready around 3 which meant I had to wake both of them up early from a nap to get to the Christmas tree farm by 4. Not the best planning on my end, but, here’s what she got for us! There are still some cute ones, and if nothing else, they’re REAL.


Merry Christmas from Butler, Party of 4!!


(so exciting there will be another Butler fella in this pic next year.)

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