Friday, October 23, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

This has become a tradition for our family and one that we look forward to every year. I will tell you that it makes me want to cry to see how much our babies have grown, but we are so blessed to have healthy, growing, precious boys. They fill our hearts with such joy and they are HILARIOUS.

And goodness, we are so thankful the Lord blessed us with sweet baby Kade this year! He is a ray of sunshine & the sweetest lil ole thing. I had just found out I was pregnant with him when we went last year. (He was in my tummy in that middle picture.)

PicMonkey Collage

It was fun to see the boys actually enjoying the pumpkins this year.


I remember thinking it was tough to get pictures when they were babies. Newsflash to my former self: toddlers add a whole new layer of fun to the challenge.

Jase wanted to be in their family pic. Ha!




Daddy wore cutie Kade around in the carrier. It’s interesting to see as he gets bigger how different him and Jase are starting to look. Jase was around the same age the first time we took him.



This one cracks me up. Love that funny face and those little fingers peeking through.


They were definitely wild! They loved running around though.


Family pictures…well, they are more interesting. Real life, yo.




This was about the best we got. I’ll take it!


“Embrace the chaos.” (Seriously, we are loving every minute.)


I LOVE these. Little pumpkin model. Ha! (And yes, Daddy trimmed his hair to fix the Great Clips cut. I will say, this is an improvement. I know fine blonde hair is hard to cut and shows everything, so I’m not hatin…)


Love these boys. They are looking more like little boys & less like babies.


We did have one tantrum because I wouldn’t let him run around everywhere and he didn’t like it. This is tough because he is in the learning phases of what is appropriate and what’s not. He is allowed to run & play when we are outside sometimes, so he doesn’t quite get why it’s not okay all the time. We’re working on it.


When he saw the tractor he was laser focused on it and wanted to “dribe it.”


My cutie patootie fellas!


Somebody (me) could seriously use a spray tan.


I asked Jon to get the baby out of the carrier so I could take a few pics of him with the pumpkins. Love that little babe!


Here are our visits from previous years:



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