Monday, October 12, 2015

Kade’s 16th & 17th Week!!

Hey buddy! You turned 16 weeks on Sunday, 10/4 & 17 weeks on 10/11.

Weight/Height: You are really getting heavy & rounding out! I’d bet you weigh over 14 lbs now. No wonder I have some serious biceps…you are like 80 lbs in your carrier!


Health: We finished up breathing treatments early in your 16th week. I only gave you one a day because they really helped, and I want to avoid medicine as much as possible. I am thankful it’s there when we need it, but since it was helping, I felt fine giving you the minimal amount. Thankfully you and Jase both cleared up quickly. Makes me wonder if it was something at the beach that triggered it? Mold in the condo? Who knows.

We went for your ultrasound on your head at Scottish Rite on Thursday, October 1st. You were seriously such a little champion! The ultrasound tech was great and you were so patient. I caught myself starting to tear up a little bit at one point when we were checking in, but then I remembered how BIG of a God we serve and that He loves you even more than we do…so I dried it up. Faith or fear- I choose FAITH.


And praise the Lord, we already got back a good report!! They still want us to go for the follow up appointment, but the pediatrician called and everything looks good. God is faithful!

Sleep: Week 16 we were  consistent with our schedule and it went well. I could tell we were hitting the beginning of that 4 month sleep regression though.


If you wake up 45 minutes into a nap, I can usually “shhhh” & pat you back to sleep. I have a box fan running in your room for white noise & to keep it cool. We are still swaddling you, and although you bust out a good bit, you have to have it. I just reswaddle you & it’s fine.   I do wish we had a bigger swaddle though. You’re just way too long for yours and I only feel comfortable using this one kind since you can roll now (& you sleep semi on your side). I actually don’t think you’ll be a tummy sleeper like your brother.

Also still wearing your little Levana contraption & I’m about to get daddy to move your Angel Care monitor to your crib upstairs. I always lay you down in your crib first, but you don’t always stay up there- little stinker!

Week 17 we were full force sleep regression mode and you were waking up a LOT during the night. Naps during the day are still pretty good, but nighttime… whew! Let’s just say I am super THANKFUL for Spark!

You do not sleep well in your car seat or if we’re out somewhere- you like to know what’s going on and be in the loop. You are so content that you’re usually fine and might catnap here and there in the car. You’ll sleep in Grammy’s arms though. She must have the magic touch.


Nursing: Nursing SO much better now that the cold has gone away! Hallelujah! Milk supply is still going strong.

What Kade is up to: Whoa, little drool monster! You are drooling a TON! I can’t remember when Jase starting getting teeth (I just know it was early), but it’s almost like you’re teething. If you look closely in this picture you can see a string of spit about to nail daddy.


You have started laughing and it is seriously one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard!! I’ve tried videoing you, but you only laugh for me when I do this weird little kissy thing & I can’t really video myself.

You love kisses from me and Daddy!! I like to kiss you on your chin (random) …well, and cheeks, and forehead. You always smile and coo and open your mouth when you’re gettin sugar.

You LOVE your play mat! You’re very content there which is helpful when I’m cooking and doing dishes during the day.

And you have some exceptional hand eye coordination. You can reach up and grab the little animals hanging from the top of your mat. I’ve watched you do it intentionally multiple times so I know it’s not just “luck.”


You’re started wiggling out of your chair like your big bro used to do. That does not look comfortable.


You have a super strong neck and your little legs are always moving- even moreso when you get tired though.

You seem SO much older than you are!


You had a great week with your family. You love your aunts, cousins, and grandparents. We are so thankful for so many people who love you & pour into you.


Post-Partum: Sooooo….your Daddy & I went to Michigan this weekend for our anniversary (we had a BLAST!). On our way back through the airport I got patted down, and the lady asked me “I’m not going to get kicked am I?” when she got to my belly. For the record, she almost did get kicked….but not by a baby. When I quit crying in my cheerios over her comment, I decided it was because of my shirt. Needless to say, time for mama to amp up the cardio! (And maybe chill out on the almond butter. But probably not.)

{This is the shirt I was wearing. I can kinda see why she asked!}


Week 17 I’ve been in a little funk. Lots going on around us and that combined with not a lot of sleep has just made me not feel like myself. I even developed a little eye twitch in my right eye. I worked out pretty hard Friday morning and it took me forevvvvver to recover afterwards. (I’m thinking from the lack of sleep. Pretty much everything can be related back to sleep deprivation.) I’ve also been eating pretty bad because we’ve been eating out a lot this week, so that makes me feel crummy too. And just to be totally honest, I’ve been slacking on my quiet time, so it that is probably why everything else feels a little out of whack. Ready to get back to normal this week though.

Big Brother Jase: Jase loves to help out with you!! I have a feeling y’all are going to be best friends. You are always trying to see what he’s doing & you like to smile at him. Jase takes really good “care” of you too. He tries to share with you and always asks if you want some of whatever he has- food, toys, etc. He even put on his hard hat to help give you a bath. You enjoyed it, even if you look like you do look afraid for your life.


Thoughts: This Sunday (10/11) was baby dedication. That is always such a sweet time of celebrating life. It’s a day of parents committing to raising their children to honor the Lord, and our church family to pray for us and for you. It’s the church’s way of holding us accountable and celebrating the blessing of your life at the same time. We sure missed Grandma and it was a little bitter sweet not having her there.


We are so thankful for you though, our sweet boy. We pray that you continue to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. (Luke 2:52) We pray that we take our role and responsibility very seriously and the Lord gives us wisdom to “train you up in the way you should go, so even when you are old  you will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

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