Friday, October 16, 2015

Kade’s Nursery Tour

We barely got Kade’s nursery done before he was born, but I was so glad we did. {I wasn’t in quite as big of a rush this time because I knew he would be in our room for a while anyway.}

I am so happy with the way it turned out!! We went with the nautical theme & were able to reuse the same decorations from Jase's 1st birthday party & Kade's baby shower. I really wanted to keep it simple yet classy, and I feel like we accomplished that. I also feel like the nautical theme is something they can grow older with too.  (Plus, we live pretty much on the lake, so it works.)

I love the navy & white against the grey walls, and the little splash of lime green adds some fun flava.

His room is a little smaller than Jase’s, so we went with a lighter grey and decided not to do wainscoting on the walls. We ordered his furniture from Target (I love the darker wood- it was Simmons Kids Rowen in “black expresso”) & the bedding is from Liz & Roo. (They were fabulous to work with and everything was awesome quality.) Mom found them for me, and after I chose fabrics and laid it out, they made it happen.


The curtains are black out (we requested them to be made that way so we didn’t have to double up again). I close the curtains and blinds for nap time and bed time to make it dark, & I highly recommend doing that if you have a little one. You can find black out curtains at Target too.



Most of these decorations are Good Will & yard sale finds.


Kirkland’s has had a ton of nautical themed decorations over the last year or so, and that’s where we found these.


We ordered the embroidered pillow, but my talented mama made the others as a decorative touch. (We do not keep the pillows in the crib when he’s in there.)


My sweet friend Lindy from Picket Fence Creations made his monogram and Jonathan painted it white and added the hardware to hang it.


Laura made the modge podged letters of his name and the printables with Scriptures as decorations for the baby shower, but they doubled as gifts we could use in the nursery. Great idea!!


Pretty much everything on the shelves was a gift. My Aunt Terry gave us his first Bible. (Such a thoughtful gift! She also gave us our family Bible for our wedding and gave Jase his first Bible too.) My neighbor Kim gave us the 31 storage bin with his initials. You can never have too many cute storage containers!


The “K” was a gift from my friend Tonya and was hand stitched!


We love our newborn photographer Brittany from Nine Sixteen. Had to get a canvas with one of his sweet newborn pictures.




The only thing we don’t have yet is a chair. I typically sit on the floor in front of his crib to nurse him before bed. We will probably have to end up getting one. The chair in Jase’s room is SO comfortable and I’ve got some sweet memories nursing him, rocking him the few times he’s been sick, and reading to him while he sits on my lap. (Of course he likes to hide everything behind the pillow.)


I love, love, love his room. Like Jase’s, it feels very calm & peaceful. I pray that Kade is always safe & protected, comfortable, and at peace in this room.

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