Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gold Rush 2015

I love Dahlonega! It’s my hubby’s hometown & my college town. It’s just the sweetest little place, and one of my favorite things about it….GOLD RUSH!!

Did you know the first gold rush in the United States wasn’t actually in California like many believe? Nope…it was in Dahlonega, Georgia. And to celebrate, they have a Fall festival every year. It’s your typical Fall deal with grossly delicious fried food & sugary treats (Two words. Carb-ease & Fibotrim. Guess that’s really 3 words.),arts & crafts, clogging, arm wrestling competitions, & sketchy carnival rides. But, you get to see lots of friends and we always know a ton of people there, so it feel s a little like a family reunion in the place that brought us together.

A few years back my college softball coach decided to celebrate alumni weekend during Gold Rush since so many former players come up that weekend. I took Jonathan and the boys to their Papa’s house and headed over for a while. LOVED getting to see some teammates and tour the new facility.! If you ever have a chance to check it out, their field & field house looks like something the pros would have. And they WERE NCAA Div II NATIONAL CHAMPIONS last year, so they totally deserve it. I’m super proud to be part of the alumni of such an elite, classy, and winning program.

These girls were some serious ballllllas. (And me, well….I helped the team GPA! Haa!!) We also happen to be a serious boy mom club. I think between the few of us that were there we have like 15 boys or something crazy! Looks like our legends will have to live on in a baseball diamond.

After catching up with the girls for a little while, I headed back to get everyone so we could go walk around town. I totally forgot my good camera, but we got some cute pics with my cell.

Jimmy, Jon, & Jade took Jase (whew, that is a mouthful of J’s!) to the little fair while I fed Kade in the grocery store bathroom. Story of my life.

I was surprised to see how brave he was riding all the rides, but if ya can’t tell, he had the time of his life. {I love that is says BUTLER in the background!}

Kade was dreaming of the day he gets to ride all these rides like big bro.

Jase is so lucky to have such a fun & thoughtful Aunt Jade who invests so much into them. She loves our boys and they LOVE her!

This is my favorite picture from the day! Hilarious!!

He had to play the fishing game so he could win a light up sword. Mission accomplished. It broke after about 4 seconds.

I’m just not even going to tell you what he’s eating here. Funnel cake.

Jase walked around the whole time and I pushed Kade in his stroller or wore him in his carrier. Y’all, he is seriously the most laid back & happiest baby. He slept some while we were walking around, but spent most of his time doing this right here…

Our final endeavor at Gold Rush was this slide. Jase rode last year with Jonathan too. This year he was big enough to go down it by himself after Jade helped him climb up. Not gonna lie…had to channel my inner “cool mom” and not let helicopter mom come out.  Have I told y’all that I do a lot of praying? Well, I do.

We headed back to the house to play for a little while before going home. Jimmy & Jade are always so good about playing with Jase. He loved playing in the sand!! Jimmy tried talking Jonathan into bringing some home for him to play with, but Jon wasn’t having any part of that.

I love rockin on their front porch. It’s so crazy to think I used to run past their front porch alllll the time in college before I ever knew them (I was TERRIFIED of their dog!), & the whole time my future husband, baby daddy, & his family was right inside. God knew.

Does he not look like such a big boy?

We sure missed Donna this year. Here is a sweet picture of them at Gold Rush last year. I really miss her, and it breaks my heart to think of her missing out on so much. I have to choose to focus on all the good memories so I don’t get too upset.


Such a fun weekend with friends and family!

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