Monday, October 19, 2015

Washington Farms Fun with Friends

This Fall weather, y’all….it is GORGEOUS!!

We have a sweet little group of mommy friends and kiddos that we get together with a couple times a week. Megan is our fearless leader and usually does the planning for us. Columbus Day was also “homeshcool day” at Washington Farms, so we decided to take the kiddos. There is SO MUCH for them to do and they all had a blast! Special thanks to Grammy for watching Kade (worked out perfectly because her house is on the way) so he could nap well and I could spend some quality solo time focused on Jase.

The morning started out cool but it ended up warming up and was just a beautiful day.


We tried to get them all together for a picture on the rocking chair, but somebody was a little nervous and didn’t want to sit back on it. (Ahem….Jase.) All these little blondie boys….and poor Selah is outnumbered.


My nieces and nephews were on Fall Break, so I brought a few of them too. Carsyn & Morgen are always such a big help with the littles! Jase LOVES spending time with his cousins!


Selah is so brave!


Jase was in heaven with all the tractors.


Do you guys remember Josiah?He is the most precious little answered prayer and SUCH a great little guy. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness with this little heart warrior.


The pretty Brownlee gals.


They had a blast on the little tractor ride. Somehow I forgot pics of the piggy races we went to next.


Love that our sweet kiddos get to grow up together. Jase always wants to hold hands. Levi is a year (almost exactly) older than Jase, but still plays with him & held his hand.


Playing games.


My cutie patootie niece Presley! So cute in her little Halloween outfit.


My sister Tammie has a heart of gold. So thankful for all she does for everyone in our family. Both of my sisters are drop anything and do everything they can to help you kind of people. We could all learn from their example.


He wouldn’t jump without me. This is one reason it’s really important to me to stay in shape- I want to be able to run & play & chase & keep up with all my kiddos.


The kids loved the petting zoo. He was very gentle.


Well if that’s just not the cutest little conductor!


Mr. Independent (Jase) really wanted to ride this by himself. I told him he could NOT stand up no matter what and may or may not have followed that train during both of its laps around the field. He did great though and obeyed.


He loved this slide! There were lots of big kids around cheering him on. He loves older kids. (He thinks he is grown.)


Okay, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I was a little bit anxious about some of this. I try not to be a helicopter mom because I don’t think that’s healthy for kids, but Jonathan and I both are pretty cautious. I had to do a little bit of “letting go” (deep breathing & praying) while Jase played.


Handsome boys are already well trained by mamarazzi to pose for photos.


Corn=brilliant!! We have contemplated a sand box because Jase loves to play in it, but sand.gets.everywhere! Corn is so much easier to clean up, but still just as fun & cheap. So, that just may be daddy’s next project.

I absolutely adore this sweet photo series in the corn. He had a ball! I just love that he is such JOY.


The girls had a blast too.


Sweet babes.


Time for our annual pumpkin patch visit later this week. Can’t wait for Jase to pick out a pumpkin this year!


Such a fun day! So thankful for sweet memories with friends. Fall is the BEST!

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