Monday, February 28, 2011

ONE Marriage Conference: Day 2 (Morning Session)

Morning Session:
We began with some awesome worship.  Check out this video, which is the song Claire sang at our wedding. BEAUTIFUL!
After opening our hearts through worship, Lisa Bevere brought the house down. She was FABULOUS.

Much like Jentzen, this 50 year old mother of 4 boys & grandmother (who did NOT look 50!) was hilarious and REAL. Lisa's message had the greatest impact on me.  Check out the notes from her session:
-The fall of man originated the battle of the sexes.
*men went from dominion to domination
*women went from influence to manipulation
-There was never meant to be a power struggle. Marriage was meant to be a power union.
-John 1:27-31
-Men and women BOTH need to be whole in order to reproduce effectively. It's simple math. If you start multiplying fractions, you are dividing. (so true, right?)
- We need to become experts in one another's STRENGTHS rather than experts in one another's WEAKNESSES.
-People grow in the likeness of the love they are sown.  People will grow when you build up their strengths....we guard our weaknesses.
-Don't point out weaknesses. If someone entrusts you with their weakness, return it to them as strength (this is my fave!).
-If the house of God is going to work, we need both MEN & WOMEN.
-Men provide structure. They guard the house.
-Women provide nurture. They guard the heart.
-Stop using you strengths against each other. Instead, use your strengths to build each other up.
-Men who love their women celebrate them.
-Submission is strength meeting strength. (Sub means under, mission means assignment, so we are under assignment to love each other well.)
-2 Cor 5:19-20

The biggest lesson I took from this message was that I need to use my words to edify Big Jon, not tear him down. When I get my feelings hurt, I immediately get defensive and am like a pit bull- straight for the throat. Why? That's so ridiculous, immature, and insecure of me. I need to focus on his strengths and build him up; for that is what I'm called to do as a Godly wife.

My favorite moment of the morning is when Lisa had us face our spouse and repeat some apologies/promises to them. I agreed wholeheartedly with what she said, and I couldn't help it...the tears started flowing. I truly am sorry for all the times I have not spoken edifying words to Jon; for the times I have not been supportive and built him up with my words. What a sweet, precious man the Lord has blessed me with, and for him I am so very thankful.

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Tracey said...

WOW!!! What an amazing title and such powerful I sit here reading your blog, I am so happy for the wife your are becoming
and the marriage you are going to have...all because of GOD and all because you listened...

How many times I have thought God is speaking to me and I am not listening, well I take that back I listen but don't always respond...

Your life is going to be soooooo blessed because you exciting it is for me, your mama to see you and Jonathan excel
in your spiritial lives...What great things God has planned for the two of you...

I love-love the song you picked for your wedding "You Are For Me" how strong are the amazing...

I love to read your blogs,even as I sit here crying, as I read them, tears of joy for you and the amazing woman you are!!!
I still am adjusting to you being
how sweet the sound...
With love and admiration, Mama