Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oops...I bought my own V-Day gift!

I am NOT big on Valentine's Day.  I think it is such a ridiculous and commercialized holiday, so I don't really like the idea of spending big money on each other.  I get the idea....a special day to tell the people in your life how much they mean to you.  So maybe a heartfelt card or love note or one of my infamous poems, but no official gifts. My mom keeps saying "You have do something! This is your first Valentine's Day!" Actually, it's our 5th; but I do get that it's our first 'MARRIED' Valentine's Day (which makes it really different?). I told Jonathan I didn't want anything, and I mean that. I'm not one of "those girls" who says it but is inadvertently expecting a gift in spite of claims not to want anything.  Anyway, a few weekends ago we were at the Mall of Ga and passed the cute wholesale home decor store by Dick's. There was a big mirror in the window display that I fell in LOVE with! I knew it'd be expensive, but I told Jonathan how much I liked it.

This is the only pic I could find, and ya can't see the whole thing, but isn't it gorgeous? (Yes, the giant mirror against the back wall!)
I went to the mall yesterday and told myself if it was under $200 I would buy it (and I knew that was a shot in the dark!).  IT WAS!!!! Score! Actually, two of the mirrors have a little tiny crack  so it was 70% off.  Sweet.  I know, the glass could split and shatter, but it can be replaced....remember, I told you Jonathan can fix anything! And if we're careful it'll be ok!

I texted Big Jon to tell him I bought it. Turns out, it's what he planned to buy me for Valentine's Day! Ha! Great minds think alike, I guess...I bought it for myself! So, we, meaning HE, is going to pick it up on Saturday. We will store it in my parents basement I suppose....along with all of our ofter wedding gifts that are DYING to be let out of the package and released into their new home! Haha!

I am SO into decorating my home right now, which is ironic because we haven't found one yet. And technically, besides the mirror, I haven't bought anything for it. SO, I guess in reality I'm into the thought of decorating my future home.  Chelsi & I were talking on the phone the other day and she was saying how she can't even visualize what my house will look like.  I lived in an on-campus apartment for 2 years in college, which already came with a couch and basic furniture. I was the one who did any/all decorating and accessorizing, but I had to make it match the ugly couch that came in the apartment, so you couldn't get a REAL feel for my style. I lived with a roommate for the last two years, and she was already graduated and working full time, so our townhouse was her "home" and she had the majority of it decorated.  Let's just say I am BEYOND excited  and majorly anxious to start from scratch, having the opportunity to choose every decorative color, detail, & embellishment. And thankfully I'm married to Mr. Fix-It who can totally make all my upgrade dreams come true! Stay tuned....hopefully in the next few months I'll have a posts like "FINALLY- Our New HOME" and "Decorating & Designing with Danielle." Kinda gotta ring to it, huh?

Till then (thank you, Racheal, for teaching me how to correctly spell the word 'till' in Coach Daniels' 12th grade economics class! ha!) this is my inspiration, and the closest thing around to "my style."  Or what I hope my style is, anyway!  Try not to drool....she's fabulous!
Meet my inspiration: The Nester

Oh, and happy Valentine's day to me from me! Ha! I love my new mirror!!!


Emily said...

LOVE the mirror! can't WAIT To see your style :) i'm sure i'll LOVE it!!!

Mama’s Minute said...

I am soooo happy you got it! I told you they were surprisingly reasonable!! :) I can't wait to see your NEW home as well!