Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Big CHOP: Before

I like to grow my hair out super long, then chop it into a short little bob.  I have given it to Cuts For Cancer & Locks of Love, but the deal with that is they don't take processed hair (hello, highlights!) so I had to use a natural, vegetable-based dye before I could cut it.  I really just want to stay blonde this time.  So, I have been growing my hair out since last March (for the wedding and photo shoot), and now it's FINALLY time for the big CHOP!  YAY!!  I have an appointment and I'm gettin' my haircut after school today.  I'll definitely post pics, but here are the "BEFORE":
(Ignore my makeup...this was after the photo shoot. Check out the long hair!)
 I'm going to save millions on hair products & hours getting ready (okay, maybe a little exxaggerated)! I'll be a new woman! Ha!!