Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gracie!

We celebrated my niece Gracie's birthday tonight with some bowling, cake, pizza, and presents. She has so much sass and personality- she's hysterical! Check out little miss priss!!
Sharing with sister, Chloe.
The birthday girl & Aunt Danielle! (She's sportin a Bieber shirt! AND I have just realized that I want one of the "I heart JB" shirts because my hubby & the Bieb share initials!)

 And I'm not trying to brag (because I have put my fiercely competitive side behind me), but please click ont the pic below and check out the winner of the bowling game!  D, with 146 {the WINNER} stands for Danielle, which is me, just in case you were wondering. And I totally would have had higher than that if I didn't bomb my last bowl!
 Happy 5th Birthday, Gracie!!


Emily said...

umm her shirt is the same one I wore on Christmas morning for my tacky pjs hahahahaha

Stephanie said...

We had such a wonderful time! I love when all the family can get together!