Friday, February 4, 2011


I was SO crazy busy around the holidays this year that I never made it around to sending out Christmas cards.  I typically send out cards with a message, but was excited to create ones this year with our pic on it like everyone else sends out- so cute, right? (It's lame to do that before you're married, so this was the first year I could actually do it!) Between work, school, church, and shopping, I didn't make it happen...and then I had an idea! My coach's wife (in college) sent out Valentine's Day cards with her kids pictures and they were adorable, so I decided that's what I'd do!

They haven't arrived yet, but this is what they look like:
I'm happy with how they turned out....and I hope everyone appreciates the "love" for Valentine's Day! (We sent our love at Christmas too, just not through a card!)

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Ira S. said...

Danielle, the card looks beautiful. You said they haven't arrived yet, and when they do, you will of course sign, stuff, stamp and mail them.

I use an online system that does all that automatically, and it costs me much less than what I used to pay the printer, and I do it a whole lot faster, therefore, I never miss important holidays, birthdays or other events. I use it in my personal and business life.

It even lets me upload pictures, my real signature, and I can make each card look like it was made for only that person, but it can be used for a single card, or, my whole Holiday card mailing list.

Please try it out for free - on me!

Happy Valentine's Day.


Emily said...

can't wait to see one in person ;)

Dana said...

I love my card! We sweet!