Monday, September 27, 2010

Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette Party

 Dana, my lovely matron of honor & BFF, hosted my lingerie shower and bachelorette party Saturday night.  Yep, busy, busy day!  Her home is SO beautiful!!!  Of course....she is seriuously one of the most "together" people I know.  She and her mom are creative genuiuses...hostess gurus!  Their shower was awesome!  The house was decorated so cute....see?
 We opened gifts first.  Sorry, you're not going to get all thr pics from that.  I'll tell you though that Jonathan will really enjoy every gift I received.  My face probably stayed red during the entire gift-opening session! 
After that we ate the DELICIOUS food....some great Paula Dean recipes in there!
And of course a  precious cake especially made from the kitchen of Mrs. Mary (Dana's super talented mom)!
  Chelsea made some cupcakes, but I won't post pictures of those.

After eating it was time to paint.  My good friend Dusti (whose used to teach with me at Davis) came over from the Tipsy Canvas to help us create a monogrammed masterpiece. 
 It was interesting to see all the different levels of artists in the room- from my sister Steph, whose not particularly into painting and probably hates me for always making her paint with me,
to Chelsi, who is really artistic and enjoys painting regularly,
to Katie, who was an art major and is ridiculously talented!
 Em was stressed out the whole time....and asked MANY questions, of course. 
 Keri made a sweet one for baby Asher!  The other moms all made one for their kids, too.  :)
They all looked GREAT!! Aren't you impressed?
Most people left around 11 or 11:30. Chelsea, Laura, Emily, Dana, Rachael, & I hung around for some girl talk. 

I seriously had SUCH a blast!! I was a little sad to see it all come to an end, as this was my last shower.  However, it couldn't have ended with anything better!  I love my sweet, sweet girls!  And Jon will love them too when he sees the gifts they gave me on the honeymoon.... ;)

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Emily said...

i'm lovin the concentration face pictures :) and that you didn't mention MY natural artistic talents :) it was SUCH a wonderful night! it was so great that i'm straight up depressed today that i don't live up here bc i am JEALOUS that you get to have such an AWESOME group of girl friends!!!