Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sisters' Shower- Cherry Blossom

I have never been to a more detail-oriented, well-thought out, creative shower than the one my mom and sisters threw for me this past Saturday!  It was unbelievable! Here is a pic of my lovely hostess':

(From L-R: Ragan, Tammie, Steph, Mama, Terry)
 Ragan thought up the idea to have a Japanese cherry blossom theme, and they completly ran with the idea.  It was precious.  Seriously, I have never seen anything like it.  Everything was done in black and hot pink....My dad built some low tables and my mom made oversized floor pillows so people could eat on the floor. 

They hung Japanese lanterns & umbrellas everywhere and there were several authentic oriental dishes. 

They made letters with our initials & to spell out "I DO"...

There were even some giant banners hanging with mine and Jonathan's names in mandarin Chinese, & one in the middle that said "double happiness." 
 I loved the favors; chocolate dipped fortune cookies decorated with sprinkles and some authentic chopsticks that were tied with a ribbon with mine & Jon's name & wedding date on them.
There were 72 guests!  WOW!!  I LOVED the guestlist.  I had lots of family, classmates from elementary, high school, & college, girls I have played softball with throughout the years, & friends from my old church.  It was SO great to see everyone and I wish I could have spent more time with everyone indivudally, but I really appreciated everyone that was there.  And it was like Christmas with all those presents!  I really got some BEAUTIFUL gifts!!
One of my favorite gifts....our family Bible!
From my true!
One game we played throughout the shower was the "name game."  Everyone in attendance recieved a neckalace, and if you caught anyone saying my name you could steal their neckalace from them and wear it.  At the end of the shower, the person with the most neckalaces got a prize (Way to go, Karen!).  We played another game where I put on an apron with several kitchen utensils hanging from it, walked around the room for 1 minute, and everyone had to recall from memory everything that was hanging from me.  The winner of that game (Shout out to Kelly & Linda) got a prize. Everytime  I got a gift card to the movies, Melting Pot, & GNC.  Do my sisters know me well or what? That's the three most perfect things I can think of! Haha :) (I know, I'm weird!) Rainey women tend to get a little bossy.  Can you tell by the faces?

(What is up with the water? I have it in my hand in every pic, at all times, & I'm holding it up like it's a prize!)
I feel so beyond loved.  My mom and sisters are so dear to me & they have always made me feel so special, but they really outdid themselves with this one.  Love you girls!  Thank you for everything.  These are truy some special memories I will always cherish.

Gotta give a shout out my Mom- one of the best women you will ever meet! :) Love you, Mama!



Rachael said...

You look gorgeous in these! Girl.. it WAS the best shower I have ever been to! I loved it, and I love your family!

Emily said...

I agree with Rachael!!! I was planning on commenting and saying it was the best shower ever and that you have the sweetest family ever but she beat me to it :) Love you!

Tammie said...


We love you so very much!!! I am so glad you enjoyed your day!!! We wanted to make sure that every detail was perfect!! As I post this, it is 2 weeks until your Wedding Day, I can't believe it will be here before we know it!! You are going to have such a beautiful wedding day and a great life together!!! You are both so rock solid in your Faith in God and in your love for each other!!

I love you!!!