Thursday, September 2, 2010

1 month out...

We're getting married one month from today! ONLY 1 month!!!!

 Wow, this engagement has really flown by, but I am so glad we chose this October for our wedding.  Fall is a great time to get married, and although it was stressful at times only having 7 months to plan, we both wouldn't have had it it any other way.  We are READY!! 

Here's what I have left to do (I have delegated responsilbities to others who may still have bigger to-do lists):
*finalize gifts (bridesmaids, groomsmens, for shower hostess', etc.)
*finalize plans with caterer, photographer, & music/sound guy
*outline the reception
*hair/make-up run through

I have enjoyed the self-discovery process of wedding planning.  It's interesting to me how traditional I am.  I tried my best to get away from being so traditional in everything (I know that can get boring), but I just can't help's what I like and it's what I want for our wedding day.   We do have a few little unique things goin' on, but not many.  And I'm very happy with it.  I'm ready for this day, one month from now, to see it all come together.

A huge shout to all those people I mentioned earlier that I've been delegating to...they're troopers.

1 month from today I'll be Mrs. Jonathan Butler!!


Emily said...

what madecha decide to go private? yay for ONE MONTH LEFT!!! i was just updating my status to say that too...I'm PUMPED!

Sprinkles' and Popsicle's Mom said...

What a lucky man he is! So excited for both of you! Can't wait to see your beautiful self walk down the aisle!

Rachael said...

I'm done with my duty!