Monday, September 27, 2010

School Shower

I knew after I graduated college I needed to carefully and prayerfully choose where I work.  I wanted to be surrounded by positive, happy, loving, Godly people, so I waited on God's timing (didn't go directly into teaching) until I found that place.  After a year of waiting, praying, and teaching lots of Jazzercise and pitching lessons, the Lord placed me Davis Middle School.  I work with the BEST people in the world and am fortunate to work with some of my very best friends.  Everyone at Davis is so loving, supportive, and encouraging.  I have received so many kind words & thoughtful cards and e-mails throughout the engagement, and I am truly thankful to be working in such a great environment with such wonderful co-workers.

My beautiful bridesmaid Laura, who is a jam-up business teacher, FCA leader, FBLA advisor, & b-ball coach here at Davis headed up my school shower with the help of Mrs. Abercrombie & the rest of the connections folks.  It was awesome!  We always have showers in the media center after school.  It was decorated beautifully and the food, punch, and cake were awesome!!  Chocolate covered strawberries, homemade cheese straws, veggie pizza, chicken salad, taco dip, and was so elaborate!  They even had a corsage for me that matched the cake.  Everything in all pink, of course!  I couldn't believe how many teachers and friends came, and the gifts were so awesome! They finished out my dishes set....I was SO especially excited about that!!  Everything was more than I expected and I truly am so blessed. 

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