Thursday, September 16, 2010

Couple's Shower

Two of my fabulous bridesmaids, Chelsea & Laura, hosted a couple's shower for us last Saturday night. (The night after the family shower.....busy, but super fun day!)  The shower was at Brian & Chelsea's house in Murrayville....I just love their house! Chelsi & Emily hung out with me and my parents after the other shower and we all rode together.

Here are the two  lovely hostess'...

 The couples who came?
*James & Tracey Rainey
*Michael & Ragan Rainey
*Jamie & Stephanie Cook
*Greg & Tammie Smith
*Eddie & Terry Rainey
*Brian Adams & Laura Carlyle
*Brian & Chelsea Hall
*Brad & Angie Ledford
*Kevin & Lori Thompson
*Matthew & Heather Greenway
*Jay & Crissy Ivey
*Chelsi Logeman (We missed you, Chad!)
*Zack Anderson (We missed you, Kate!)
*Emily Parker & Rachael Copponex- hahaha, wouldn't it have been funny if I introduced y'all as a couple?? 

My big bro, Micheael...

Brad & Angie (probably laughing at the girls trying to figure out the game!)
The Greenways
The guys grilled out for us- hamburgers & hotdogs- and we had a little cookout.  Cole slaw, veggies (especially for me!), chips & dip, & of course....homemade icecream!!  SO good!  I think Laura made it...yum!  P.S. It's really hard to have your 'best body ever' when there is such good food at all these showers!

After we ate, we played the Newlywed game.  It was hysterical watching Chelsea & Laura try to explain it & figure out how to ask us the questions....they kept having "timeouts." Hahha...

Anyway, Jon & I each answered a set of questions earlier in the week & had to guess what the other answered.  If we missed the questions, we had to chew a piece of bubble gum (real bubble gum- NOT sugar free chewing gum....I could just FEEL a cavity coming on!). Obviously I did NOT want to miss anything.  I think we impressed everyone when we got most of the questions correct- (we've been dating for over 4 years...we know each other pretty well!) We each missed two... I didn't know that he answered the most embarassing thing he has ever done around me is "poot."  (Who knew he was embarassed by it?!?! I sure can't tell seeing as how he does it all the time, particularly in the car with the windows up!)  I also missed that he would be a pro athlete if he could be a famous person for a day.  I guessed Gerard Butler.

Trying to keep the gum from touching my teeth....Jon laughing about who knows what?!

 He DID know where our first kiss was (Zack's couch), where we met (Lumpkin Co HS parking lot), and that the first movie we watched was some random DVD rental with Jennifer Aniston.  I knew his favorite color was grey & favorite comfort food is Little Debbies- & he knew my comfort food is anything with sugar! (He got that answer right almost word for word!)  He also knew my dream job is to own a gym.
The boys....

The gifts were great.  A lot of Home Depot type stuff for Jonathan (gift cards, tool sets, indoor thermometer, etc.), some BBQ sets, an awesome monogrammed cooler, a personlized sign with our last name & a Bible verse on it, super cute monogrammed coffee mugs & coasters, and a gorgeous set of dishes.  We are so grateful to be so showered with such thoughtful gifts.

By the end of the night, everyone had left except, Brian & Chelsea (duh, it's their house!), Laura & Brian, and me, Rach, & Em.  Us girls has a BLAST laughing and talking in the kitchen!  The 5 of us hit it off so well we decided we're going to take a girls' trip together this summer.  Seriously....I so needed that good quality girl time with them.  We laughed & laughed & laughed!

Chelsea & Laura did such a good job getting everything together. Somehow these ladies managed to make it to my first shower, with awesome gifts, look beautiful, & still pull off a rockin' shower a couple hours later!  I LOVE them!


Rachael said...

I need a little * by my name since I basically crashed the party. Wow... pictures of me REALLY motivate me to want to go to the gym. Do you think it would help? Is that even a question? And duh.....! Emily and I ARE a couple, don't tell Zach, but I don't think Greg would care. You did get some CUTE stuff, and the hot dogs and hamburgers were good, I can attest to both since I ate both! HA! The game was awesome, I was beyond impressed with how well you knew each other! THANK YOU for being such a great friend, and introducing me to YOUR great friends. Will you share? Love you!

Emily said...

um you forgot to add that you also got an AWESOME chip dip serving tray!!! :)
I was editing my pics to post (soon I promise) and there is one of me and rach alone from the 1st shower and I thought to myself "we'd make a hott lesbian couple" haha then I read this and I guess we already are one!!!
I LOVED Laura and Chelsea!!! Loved loved loved! ANd I'd LOVE a girls trip! You know I'm ALWAYS down for anything vacation related :)

memorieshappen said...

It makes me so sad that I missed this! I was photographing a wedding! Um...I need to be included in the girl's trip, PLEASE!!!! Love you and sooo happy for you!