Monday, September 20, 2010

Showered by Hopewell

Our church is the BEST!!  I'm not really is. :)  I cannot say enough about Hopewell.....We have the best staff, members, preacher (& preacher's wife!), choir, youth, etc.  I am SO thankful for all the friends we have made there, the training that Jonathan & I have been given (through Sunday school, pre-marital counseling, retreats, & Bible studies), & the encouragement and support we have recieved throughout our engagement. 
Chelsea is one of my best friends, but fortunately a fellow church member as well, and she offered to head up our church shower.  She put a LOT of work into it....and it had a GREAT turnout (it should have...our picture was posted all throughout the church & the shower was announced in front of both services!).  :)
She used the middle school youth room, which is where Jonathan & I spend the majority of our time- we both teach a middle school Sunday school class and we work with the youth on Wednesday nights.  It looked AWESOME!!
Some of my very favorite people came by....

& we got some seriously AWESOME gifts!

Although the fellowship was my favorite part, the cake was delicious & came in a close 2nd....

And the punch -Aunt Laney's recipe(Laura's darling mom) was a special request of mine that Chelsea made the night before at midnight.....yum! 
Chels did an awesome job putting it all together and journaling the gifts for me in my "special book."
Thank you to everyone who helped to "shower" us!

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Emily said...

jonathan looks EXTREMELY good in these pics (love your hair that way always look so perfect!)!!! it looks like a BEAUTIFUL shower for sure!!! wish I could have been there :)