Monday, September 27, 2010

Bridal Luncheon

This is the event I have been looking forward to the very most out of all of the wedding festivities.  Although everything has been a blast, I don't really like being the center of attention (anymore), and I'd MUCH rather give presents than receive them!! So....this was perfect.

I woke up early Saturday morning and Mom & I went to have my hair and make-up run through, both of which I was extremely pleased with (shout out to Total Image Salon in Oakwood!).  Mom got her haircut too and it looked awesome.  After that I met my favorite ladies in the world at Chateau Elan for the luncheon.....finally, my chance to spoil them! 
                                I REALLY love to give presents and pride myself on being a great "gift giver," so I've been really pumped about this for awhile!  We ate at the Versailles restaurant at the Inn of Chateau Elan, which is super fancy.  The lunch was delicious, & the dessert even better.  If you don't believe me, ask Em- she tried them all!  :) 
After that it was present time! Yayyy!!  I started with my sweet flower girls.  I think they loved their basket of goodies....Barbies, hairbands, candy, all kinds of cute little girliestuff....

Next was the bridesmaids & junior bridesmaids!  My bridesmaids are the their gifts had to show the magnitude of my appreciation for all of their efforts and support!  I put their gifts in hot pink canvas bags embroidered with their name, and the inside was stuffed with lots of goodies. 
 Here is each bridesmaid with their bag before they opened!  Aren't they gorgeous?  (The girls, not the bags!)

We will wear these cute spa towel wraps while we are getting ready.  I thought it would make cute pictures! I love the zebra ribbon & bows, and of course they are personalized with each girl's initial.
I also gave them their "wedding jewelry" warpped in a zebra box with a cute pin that had their initial on it!  
Not done yet! There was also candy, a photo album, gift card for a pedicure, and a card thanking them for being such great friends and bridesmaids and so very supportive.  All of these things were placed inside a smaller canvas bag with their name on it.  Told ya, I'm a good gift giver! :)

Lovely Rachael, who has also been a huge help in so many ways throughout this wedding process, was given two picture frames,  two books, a guardian angel, and a notepad.  I loved her being there and being part of everything!  Check out the happy tears...
Next I gave my lovely sisters, who have seriously done SOOOO much throughout all this, their gifts.  Seriously, I wouldn't have been able to pull all this off without them.  Their gifts were "Sisters" books with pictures of all of us sisters throughout the years.  It had "sisters" quotes and Bible verses that were very fitting.  I also wrote them each an indivual letter telling them how much they mean to me and some special memories I share with them.  I also gave them gift cards for pedicures, and we are going on Thursday night for some last minute girl time!
    Finally, I gave mom her gift.  I couldn't wait for this one!  I have mom a "Mother" magnet- seems cheezy but it has the perfect message.  I also created a scrapbook for her filled with old pictures, cards, and letters I have made and given her throughout the years.
  It had stuff all the way back from kindergarten in there, like my handprints, to the card I have her this past Mother's Day. I thought it would be cool to have it all in one place so she could just pull the pages out and read the card any time she wanted.  (I made Dad a similar scrapbook- they both loved them!).  AND....since she has worked harder than anyone, she deserves some pampering.  However, I didn't want her to have to do it alone, SO I so kindly bought me and her massages and facials at the Chateau Elan Spa.  We have appointments for this Friday! I am so excited! I really love that kind of stuff, but I am most excited to spend some last minute quality time with my dear, sweet, precious Mama before the wedding.  She has been such a rock throughout all of this. 
They also gave me the coolest gift as well! I know, spoiled right? I get a gift at the bridal luncheon I am hosting?!?  It was the most precious recipe book filled with pictures and recipes submitted by friends and family! I know it must have taken hours upon hours to create this, and I am so thankful for this special gift! It will definitely be put to good use after I get married and start cooking again.  I am excited!  Truly a gift that I will always cherish...
Afterwards we had a photo shoot on the stairs....duh!  Some of the pictures turned out really well.  Ladies, you can print these off and put them in your album!
My side of the bridal party!
                                                        The greatest woman on the planet.
 My sweet M&M...
                                                                        All the Rainey girls....
With all the girls....(just in the order I uploaded them)

Beautiful Chels....her smile just radiates, doesn't it?
 Love my Tay! Thanks for being there!
 Em lookin like a hottie! FYI: we have the same "good side", & being the sacrificial friend I am I let her take pics with hers!
Longest running friend, Chelsi! Isn't her outfit SO cute?
 Rachael is a doll!!!!
 My Katie!  So her!
 Kindred spirits.  Laura has specific instructions not to outshine the bride!
 Sweet, gorgeous Dana! Great minds think alike on the attire!
 Beth is SO photogenic! I love this pic of her!!
Love to you all!! Thanks for sharing in this special day with me.


Emily said...

LOVE that picture of Chelsi during the pretty! also love the one of myself, of course. :) I also love the one of Taylor laughing and think Beth is beyond photogenic! I want to steal dana's camera!!!! i LOVE the gifts you got us! Zach was mad because it's one more thing to have to fit in the car on the way home hahaha I think we're gonna look ADORABLE gettin ready sat morning! Thank you for treating us all to such a special morning! the food was super fancy so i hardcore ate those desserts bc fancy desserts ROCK!

Kelly Ford said...

So sweet! you ARE A great gift giver!!! :-)
I've loved following your life via the blog as you have geared up for your big day... praying for blessings for you and your HUSBAND! But then, The Lord has already given us the greatest blessings of all: wonderful family, fantastic life partners and Himself through His life and death. Wow. And its apparent that you are not left unaware of any of these blessings :-)