Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rainey Girls' Bonding Time

The Thursday night before the rehearsal dinner, Mom, Tammie, Ragan & I went to the nail salon for some last minute girl time before the wedding.  We missed Steph (boo!), but were appreciative that she didn't come share the stomach bug that was going around her house.  She and I shared lots of air hugs and kisses over the weekend, from a distance. :)  We had a blast talking and laughing.  Ragan & Tammie had pedicures and mom & I got manicures.  I decided to go Bridezilla on everyone & make everyone get, Tammie & I got our eyebrows done & Ragan had her upper lip (she's going to kill me for posting this!).  It was seriously HYSTERICAL watching Mom get her eyebrows waxed...I almost peed in my pants watching her nervous reaction.  When she is anxious/nervous about something, she turns into a giggly chatterbox.  It's hysterical to watch!  Her & the little wax lady were BFF- it was precious. 

After nails/waxes we had dinner at the Italian restaurant down the street.  They were already crying by the time I finished blessing the food....geez, talk about some emotional women, us Rainey girls are for sure! 

Had a blast spending some last minute quality time with my beautiful mom and sisters- missed you Steph!


Rachael said...

LOL oh man I wish I could have seen that! Ragan- girl I got your back, I wax my lip and I am proud of it!! :) When I was pregnant with Macy I had my cheeks waxed because I got some fine white hairs on my jaw line. That junks gotta go!!

Ragan said...

Where are the pics???? I know your mom got some good ones! I wanted to see my "red socks"! That was a good time and I still have my pedi! Rach-I was the "man" in the group..Danielle was like"I am going to get my eyebrows waxed and you are gonna get your mustache ,right???" Real subtle.

Emily said...

ugh I have straight up MAN HAIRS on my beyond annoying!!!