Friday, July 17, 2015

Kade’s 4th Week

Hi Kade! You turned 4 weeks old on Sunday, July 12th. Almost a MONTH old…I can hardly believe it! This is all about your sweet fourth week.

**My phone has been out of storage for a while so I didn’t get many pictures this week.

Weight: We go back for a checkup this week & I’m anxious to see how much you’ve grown. According to our scale you’re well over 9 1/2 lbs now & you are SO long!


Health: You definitely have sensitive skin and it doesn’t take much for it to flare up.

Dr. Carey thought she heard your hip clicking a little at your last checkup, so we are going to recheck it since Jase had some hip issues early on.

Your little booty gets red quickly too so we let you air out a good bit and use our special concoction to get it to clear up quickly. (Equal parts Lotrimin, Neosporin, Butt Paste, & Hydrocortisone cream- works like a charm!)

Sleep: You have put yourself on a pretty good schedule. I give you your final feeding (a dream feed) around 11:30 pm and you usually wake up once between 12- 6:30/7.  You take a great nap around 11 am, and the rest of them you are usually being held. We had Vacation Bible School this week from 6:30- 8:45 each night & you got to tag along. Your big bro had a BLAST!!  To be completely honest, I’m dreading starting BabyWise and that’s part of why I have been putting it off. I will probably just be more flexible with it this time because I pretty much stayed at home most of Jase’s first year and I know as we add more kiddos to the mix that just isn’t going to work.


What Kade is up to: You LOVE to be held!! You don’t like being put in your car seat but you are fine once you’re in there. (You like your paci when we ride in the car though.)

You really like to be help upright and you can hold your head up really well. You have a very strong nECK

You are opening your eyes really big! You don’t look quite as much like Jase when you open your eyes, but when you are snoozing y’all could be twins.

PostPartum: I stopped bleeding/wearing pads this week. Trying to do Kegels when I remember. I am SO ready to exercise but am going to wait a little longer. 2 more weeks till my checkup. My hair is growing super fast. I feel pretty much all the way back to normal now and the night sweats have eased up some too. I’m about 4 lbs from pre-preg weight and can wear some pre-pregnancy clothes...but I am having a tough time finding clothes that fit well.  I do still have a tummy and my boobs are big from nursing, so everything fits weird & I’m just not comfortable in my clothes yet. {Awesome tee to support Hannah at Pulsera People}

Big Brother Jase: Jase sure loves you!!! The first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning and Daddy brings him downstairs is run to find you to give you a big kiss on the head. I think both of us being home means he gets a lot of attention still, so we haven’t had any jealousy issues at all. My only concern is that Jase always wants to “hold you brother” and tries to pick you up. And he’s also in a throwing phase, so we are praying you aren’t on the other end of that. Jase loves to help out with you by getting your paci and a blanket for you. He talks to you really sweet and always wants lay his head on you, so I’m trying to teach him to be very, very gentle. You guys are already the sweetest brothers.


Thoughts: Time is FLYING! It’s almost the 14th and you’ll be a month old!! You are definitely a sweet, angel baby. We are so thankful for you and I just LOVE being your mommy!

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